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Ah, Biology…

Thursday, December 31st, 1998

Ok, I’m flipping through Yahoo’s “Oddly Enough” section, and read something that really popped my pimple. Apparently, 9 statues of Joseph (Jesus’s step-dad), were stolen from nativity scenes in western Belgium. Now, that is not what irked me. Notes left in the cribs called for “self-determination (for women), to artificial insemination, to voluntary single motherhood and to … immaculate conception…” All I can say is, huh? Voluntary single motherhood? So they’re basically trying to say they don’t need men to raise a child, so why should they need a man to concieve a child. I’m sorry, but biology works that special way for a reason. Children benefit from both a mother and a father, any individual who knowingly deprives their child from the other parent (with exception to abusive situations) is in my mind committing an act of cruelty! As for immaculate conception, the last individual to be born by that was Jesus Christ, and so far every individual since who has claimed to be the next coming of Christ was either murdered or killed a bunch of innocent people. I don’t think he’ll be around any time soon, every time he supposedly pops up we kill the guy. Ah, religion, one way or another I end up talking about it, no matter how much I try not to. Later folks.


Wednesday, December 30th, 1998

(NYPost)  If you are in the area of 5th Avenue and 46th Street in New York City, you may want to avoid the Dunkin Donuts there. In the wee hours of the morning, a NY Post photographer clicked a few pics of a mouse sitting on one donut and eating another. Best part is, the reporter came back later and told everybody as they were eating those same donuts. What resulted were a large number of disgusted customers, and an upcoming health inspection. I don’t know about you, but I find mice to be cute little critters who are just dealing with the industrialization of their natural homes…Still, as much as I care, they even glance at my donut they’re eating a mallot.

Some Myth….

Wednesday, December 30th, 1998

(GameSpot)  If any of you folks have a copy of Myth II on your machine, do NOT uninstall it. The game has been recalled by its company, Bungee Software, due to the fact that if you install the game to a directory other than the default, when uninstalled it will wipe out your hard drive, deleting all the files on it. If you need to remove it, drag the folder to the recycle bin and wipe it out that way. I guess if you have a copy, bring it back to where you picked it up…how many of us actually keep software reciepts? Heh, this should stink for awhile.


Tuesday, December 29th, 1998

Here’s what I am working on right now, 1st, a weekly RealAudio or MP3 radio show, where you can actually hear me rant for the first time, LIVE-ish on the net! Well, I figure if I can get rid of the stu stu stuttering problem, I have when I read the script I wrote up…heck, I may just ad lib it. Anyhow, I’m working on that and my music page. So don’t give up on me yet folks! The lack of updates is due to the number of people who are on vaction for the first time and/or buying new PC’s this time of year. Since my job is to troubleshoot their problems, i’m busy as !@#$.


Sunday, December 27th, 1998

(Metal Edge)  I just heard some AMAZING news. DAMN YANKEES is putting out a new album! You can find that news and more at Metal Edge’s website.

What The!?

Sunday, December 27th, 1998

(NYPost)  I had to read this article twice for it to sink in. New York City has created legislation to prohibit individuals under the age of 19 from purchasing laser pointers. I’ve got 3 of ’em. Adding fuel to the fire, a father of 3 was murdered in his apartment, shot to death, because his son had “dotted” a group of kids with his laser pointer a day earlier. The kids…scratch that, the murderous little bastards, stormed the door of the boy’s apartment, when the father forced the door shut, they fired 3 shots through the door, killing the man.

Who here thinks we shouldn’t fry those little punks? To heck with lethal injection, drop them on the 3rd rail during rush-hour.

Due to the stupidity of those criminals, and that boy who shined in the first place, a father is dead 2 days after Christmas. Happy Holidays folks.


Sunday, December 27th, 1998

i like yer new layout for the main news page.. i also forgot to tell ya when you changed it, but the driving page looks awesome now with the tire tread thing goin on..

i am so disgusted with the way the media is handling this whole clinton thing, since day one its been democraTV, and the one source the WORLD looks to for news: CNN is the Communist News Network or something along those lines.. its all BS and mind games they play.. like Drudge pointed out: talks about impeachment split screened with bombs going off in Iraq = mental picture/subliminal message that impeachment is bombed/no more..

sheesh.. i am physically EMBARRASSED (sp) when i watch tv now, i turn my head in DISGUST as the democrats spew this crud of partisnship, BULL! democrats have nearly no conservatives who crossed the voting line, but repubs had tons.. sheesh.. and thats only one point..

and to top it off, most republicans on the tube BS the whole thing and state the obvious that clinton b0rked up yadda yadda and that he should be punished for his sexual exploits and some say impeachment and trial is not the answer.. HELLO REPUBLICANS! the whole thing is NOT about his sexual exploits, its about lies and coverups.. he is not guilty yet, he has not gone under trial, and HE MUST GO UNDER TRIAL because IT IS FUCKING WRITIN IN THE CONSTITUTION WHICH IS GIVING YOU YOUR JOB! arg! hehehe i got a tad carried away..



Sunday, December 27th, 1998

I picked up Rob Halford’s new CD, well not NEW new, but since I didn’t have it, it is new to me. ANYHOW. I didn’t really care for it. While he did work with Trent Reznor, I think Halford shouldn’t give up blazing riffs and thunderous drums. The first track was a BLATANT Reznor vocal impersonation, totally unlike Halford. The rest of the album’s vocals sound almost adolescent, like you’d expect to see one of the Hanson trio on vocals instead of Rob. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rob Halford’s vocals, but on this album they didn’t even come CLOSE to previous efforts. The music on the album is another thing, Reznor does yet another superb job. I don’t have a favorite track yet, as the more I listen to the CD, the less I like it. Halford, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

Where do I find this crap?

Sunday, December 27th, 1998

(Assassin, ShockWave)  Well I found this link on Some sick individual set up a bunch of Shockwave Flash scenarios where you get to kill people. Thats right, you get to drop the Titanic on Leonardo’s head, you get to bomb the hell out of Saddam Hussein, and you even get to poison Jenny McCarthy. Don’t think I’m serious? Follow the link. If you don’t have Macromedia Shockwave, download and set it up prior to visiting that site.


Sunday, December 27th, 1998

I’ve had that Dilbert link at the bottom of my page for a few months now, recently I’ve been checking out the site religiously. If you get a chance, check out todays comic. Ah, that brings back memories…