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Moonbats makes me laugh…

Sunday, March 27th, 2005

I tell ya folks, when the Left isn’t in power, they provide some of the best entertainment you will ever hope to find. I’ll hand it to them, they know how to make me laugh. Case in point? “Sam Klimery” (I could make a f*cking childish comment at this point, but I digress). ‘Ol Sam created a little device which when installed onto any cable line, will disable the television’s ability to display the Fox News channel. Now folks, I’ve been witness to the Left’s propensity to silence or shout-out opposition instead of actually providing a valid argument, and this is nothing new. The fact that he’s created this device, and actually gotten nearly 100 disgruntled Kerry voters to buy it, is simply amazing. I mean seriously, how hard is it to change the channel? Is it so hard for a moonbat just to hit the clicker without government subsidizing it? Apparently, the guy has no problem with left-wing bias in the media, but say something nice about GW or our troops…SILENCE! If Mr.Klimery could create a device capable of blocking faked memos (check the bottom of the article for some wonderful backpeddling), he’d truly be helping his party instead of just cashing in on its lowest common denominator ala Michael Moore or even Dan Rather.

Device lets you out-Fox your TV

Bastards and Bloggers…

Friday, March 25th, 2005

Just got finished reading a story on FoxNews that disgusted me. It’s about this lame ass excuse for an American who fled to Canada the moment he realized he was headed into Iraq. He first tried to flee prior to being sent to Afghanistan, and once a tour in Iraq became inevitable he ran for his pansy little life. I’m sure he didn’t have a problem siphoning American dollars into his pocket for pay and education, the moment it came time to fulfill the deal, he ran quoting enough cliché about the war to make even the New York Times fear covering it. I’m serious folks, if you have absolutely no desire to go to war, don’t join the military. There are other ways to fund your trip to any bastion of Leftist ideaology otherwise known as one of America’s fine learning institutions, without disgracing your country, the men and women who wear the uniform, and making an absolute fool of yourself. People who desert deserve just one thing, a double tap to the back of the head with the bill for time and equipment going to the family.

Canada Denies Refugee Status to U.S. GI

As for those Canadian f*cks, who are they gonna run to the moment something blows up in Montreal? Sure as hell won’t be the French.

Last but not least, what the f*ck happened to Free Speech? I just read that my right to blog here almost evaporated due to my propensity to support the Republican party from these pages. Why? Campaign Finance Reform. Why the hell was the legislation even attempted!? I tell ya, with places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Russia delving into Democracy, the last bastions of fasicm in this country (otherwise known as the courts and their Liberal supporters in Congress) are going out of their way to eviscerate our freedoms. It’s bad enough that due to the FCC I can’t listen to Opie & Anthony, or soon Howard Stern without paying extra, now my simple right to express myself online is threatened. All you blue-state f*ckers and blue voters can kiss my ass. If you want to live in a country where everyone thinks like you, move to China. Communism seems to be working well for them, of course if it wasn’t we’d never hear about it anyhow. Perfect blue-world.

Bloggers narrowly dodge federal crackdown


Thursday, March 24th, 2005

Last night I stopped at the service station for some orange juice, decided to get a lotto ticket. I didn’t do the quick pick like I usually do, instead I just randomly selected a bunch of numbers. Drawing last night got me 3 out of 6 numbers, I won a dollar! Wow! That’s the most I’ve ever won in the lotto…haha.

What is it about snow that brings out the idiots?

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005

I leave work around 6pm, roads are complete shit (big suprise)… Make it to Pulaski, no traffic, I’m doing between 30 and 40mph most of the way home. I end up catching up to a line of cars doing 10mph…why? Someone up front is ill-prepared for the weather. That also gave me the opportunity to see one of my favorite types of drivers…the All Wheel Driver…nearly cause a head-on collision. The guy was in a Subaru Outback, and proceeds to pass the 3rd or 4th car in line while going up a hill (not even close to a passing zone). As he pulls out, traffic starts approaching in the other lane. Instead of pulling back in, he proceeds to pass 1 car and then pull in, averting a collision by about 20 feet…or a carlength. The kicker? The guys driveway was just over the hill, about 150 feet on the left. He nearly caused a head-on collision just to crest the hill and pull off. Ass.

What a bunch of idiots…

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

In a shining illustration of exactly why so many Americans should just drown in a bucket, the Daily News apparently had some sort of ‘scratch and win’ contest… Well the number they printed as the ‘winning’ number was the wrong one, and as a result a ton of people won an absurd amount of money. Apparently just 1 number was off, it should have been a 12, when in actuality it was 13. Leave it to the freeloading pricks of New York City to stand on line for HOURS (or at least long enough for a news camera to get some juicy footage) over a freebie. NBC was even reporting that people had already started spending the money, buying a car, etc… How the hell is that the Daily News’s problem? Yea, they f*cked up, so what? I tell you, I am really sick of the freebie generation. Mind you, I don’t mind a freebie now and again, but just the same these idiots would have been better going to work instead of standing outside a news agency begging for free money. Jesus. Have some self respect you f**king children!

Daily News’ scratch ‘n mistake

You’re so LOST

Sunday, March 20th, 2005

Here we go AGAIN
We walk this road ONE LAST TIME
How can you ACT THIS WAY
You hang on LIKE HE CARES

You’re so LOST NOW
You’re not HAPPY
You’re not LIVING
You’re so LOST NOW

Always complaining ABOUT HIM
Grind and whore when HE’S NOT THERE
Time has come TO CALL YOU OUT
No more HIDING

You’re so LOST NOW
You’re not HAPPY
You’re not LOVING
You’re so LOST NOW

What of this MAKES ME A CHILD
Before I will LIVE LIKE YOU

You’re so LOST NOW
You are LYING
You’re so LOST NOW

I Know Who I Am

Sunday, March 20th, 2005

know who I am
Can you say the same about yourself
I speak loud and irritate
When the truth comes I don’t hesitate

I know I am
I know I am
I know I am
I know I’m not

There is no time for apathy here
Know thyself is no cliché
When the time comes I will embrace
The freedom that it brings

I know I am
I know I am
I know I am
I know I’m not

No need to whisper if you never lie
You only mumble as I contrive
I’m alone here, no eyes on my back
As you twist and hide I rise

I know I am
I know I can
I know I will
I know who I am


Untitled 050315

Tuesday, March 15th, 2005

I take a deep breath, turn my back again;
Like so many times before, I fight to refrain.
How can I look away, when I see you falling?
I may be too late to catch you, but I’m done stalling.

I’m in your face now, and calling the game.
This truth won’t end on account of your pain.
You’re better than all this – why can’t you see
what the respect you deny has brought upon me?

I haven’t been chosen, know where I stand,
the ones whom you cherish still fall for your scam.
You don’t know respect–I pray that you learn,
Cos although I’ve changed, for you I still burn.

Why have you done this? Why don’t you care?
Were you truly happy, your love would be there.
Over your shoulder, eyes within yours,
At least respect he who covets your flaws.

I can’t teach this lesson, my time has long passed.
You’ll live and you’ll learn a regret that shall last.
All the faces you hide, all the truth you deny…
Left with nothing but strangers to fall for your lie.

– Edited by ‘mi

Until The Dawn of Day

Sunday, March 6th, 2005

I’m laying in bed, and staring at the ceiling
Afraid to close my eyes again for I know of what I will be dreaming
There is far too much going on in my mind to bring any semblance of order
Through all the love I deny, all I want is one, just one, to long for.

All these endless questions surround my waking thoughts
Why am I still here, not why did I get here, I’m wearing what I’ve wrought.
What I know right now is that I am sick of being alone
Every night I fall asleep in a cold bed, wondering where she’s gone

I’ve done my best to burn my baggage and tear away the chains
Every day I try to hope, and cling to what remains
All I want is just one person I can love more than I have
It’s been so long since I felt it, I don’t know if I can.

I don’t need to fall in love yet, I’d be happy just to feel
The slightest distraction, the faintest attraction, something purely real
Every time I think I find it, they eventually run away
So I’m left here staring at the ceiling, until the dawn of day