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Gettin’ Serviced…

Friday, April 29th, 2005

Well the Dodge hit 90K miles today, still running strong as ever, but time was due for a little routine maintenance. For starters, I got an oil change and a tire rotation. They keep asking if I want the ‘high mileage’ oil. I figure maybe after 100K I’ll consider it or go Synthetic. Then I see them rotating the tires, they make a point to show me some scratches on one wheel so I don’t blame them. I then notice that they’re installing my unidirectional tires wrong. I point this out and they promptly fix the problem. Then I make sure they haven’t added any air to the tires past 30psi. Anything higher and the tires start to go bald quicker than the first row at a Bingo hall. The tires were still warm from the drive over so they didn’t make any changes. I had also wanted them to do a flush and fill on the transmission, however they don’t swap the filter out when they do that. The service department at Warwick Dodge however will do the flush and fill, as well as swap the filter for a haughty $200 fee. I’ve always dropped the pan, drained the fluid, swapped the filter, and added new fluid. I never considered the full flush/clean/fill where they actually replace all 16 quarts of fluid, but figured ‘why not.’ So 45 minutes turned into an hour, then 1.5 hours. When the guy finally finishes it, after hearing the service department make fun of the mistakes the quick-lube has made (they called it the Spooky-Lube), the guy tells me he added air to my tires, that they were low. He tells me he inflated the tires to 35lbs. I just about flip my shit, tell him “DON’T YOU READ THE DOOR? THE FIELD SERVICE MANUAL?” He lets the air back down to 30lbs after I make it clear that the R/T Intrepid and the ES Intrepid are two entirely different cars. When I first picked this car up, every place I had it serviced put 35lbs in the tires, which resulted in a brand new set of bald Good-Years after 12K miles. Now I watch it religiously as these tires are EXPENSIVE (225 series 17” tires are never cheap) and I don’t feel like swapping them out every 20K miles. I guess you really can’t win, every dealership I go to either makes mistakes or is full of idiots. So far Warwick Dodge has done right by me, but today I left just plain annoyed. Car still runs nice though. Suresky’s is alright, but they act like I have no clue about my car. 6 months ago they told me I needed new brakes because “they were shot.” At 70K miles they told me the car was due for a timing belt (which is due to be changed at 100K miles along with the water pump). Thankfully the guy got used to me bringing my car there for service and realized I wasn’t buying any of the sales pitches. The pinnacle of stupidity still lies with Franklin Sussex Auto Mall who tried to tell me that my screaming power-steering pump ‘was normal.’ Tell that to someone who hasn’t owned 4 different Chrysler’s and maybe they’ll believe it. On top of all that, I walked over to Bagel Time at the Shop Rite Plaza in Warwick, asked for an onion bagel with lochs and cream cheese. They gave me a bagel with lochs flavored cream cheese. I just took my bagel, shook my head, and left. TGIF.

Adventure? Excitement? A Jedi craves not these things…

Thursday, April 28th, 2005

So this week has been fucking ludicrous. First the situation on Monday. Then last night I’m at the gym, doing pretty well, and my right hand starts throbbing. Mind you, I’m at the point where the top-level of my bench-press is 170-190lbs. I haven’t done this well or looked this good in awhile. Last time I was headed in this direction, I ended up with a severe case of tendonitis in my right hand, which essentially put me out of commission as far as weight lifting and made going to the gym a joke. I’m not going to go just to do cardio, I wanna drop some fuckin’ plates. So I figure I’ll get some workout gloves, maybe they’ll help.
I picked up Fight Night Round 2 as well as Midnight Club 3, haven’t had much of a chance to play them much yet cos I’ve been so busy. So far Midnight Club 3 is a vast improvement in the series, I won’t say it surpasses NFSU2 just yet. The graphics are decent, a little more pixilated than I’d prefer, but the handling is vastly improved. That and I can start out with an SRT-4 while listening to the new NIN single, so I can’t complain too much. Fight Night Round 2 I’ve been playing for a bit now as a rental, it is an overwhelming improvement to the first game in just about every facet. However I do find the fighter-creation maybe a little too complicated now. I like the idea that if I spent the time I could re-create an actual person in the game, but there should be a simple set of options available as well. I also like the fact that the opponents don’t give up so easily. The graphics are as close to photorealistic as I have seen on the Xbox, the soundtrack again disappoints as it fails to allow any customization. I’m sorry, but if my fighter is a tall skinny white guy with a Mohawk, I want to enter to some Pantera, not Lil Jon. I did squeeze in watching Blade 3 Trinity last night, which was a good movie as long as you can forget how good the first one was. I feel they went a little too far on the comic relief, and there were far too many plot holes. IE, if Dracula never had to evolve, then why can he split his face open like the vampires in the 2nd Blade movie? Overall it was a good movie, it just could have been done much better. I wouldn’t buy it, but a $3 rental isn’t out of the question.
On my way out last night, I hit an ATM and just about had a heart attack when my savings account was significantly SHORT. My checking was just as short. Apparently my bank did an upgrade to their systems without a fallback plan, or any plan whatsoever, they managed to kill the Internet banking, bill pay, as well as fuck up the ATMS. I can get money, but the balance reported is wrong. Assholes.
Last night I’m heading home from the supermarket and there is torrential downpour/thunderstorm ripping through northern Jersey. I’m on my way in to Glenwood, doing about 45mph in the rain, and before I have a chance to slow down for the 30mph zone, I hit about 2 inches of packed hailstones. The car proceeds to go sideways, but miraculously I kept it on the road long enough to get control. I can’t imagine what it must have looked like when the hail was falling though… Glad I missed it.
I leave for work today, and whatever roadwork they were doing yesterday AT RUSH HOUR they decided to do today AT RUSH HOUR. I get to the end of my road and there is a line of cars extending towards the quarry. Easily a 30 minute wait. I ended up late to work yesterday cos of these assholes. So I spin the car around and take the long way, only to get stuck behind a fucking schoolbus. What the hell is with parents DRIVING THEIR KID TO THE END OF THE DRIVEWAY OR THEIR STREET so they can catch the bus? Shit, I had to walk half a mile to my bus stop regardless of weather or the fuckhead bully that was waiting for me. No wonder the kids today are such fucking pussies. So I manage to get past the bus and make it to work…15 MINUTES FUCKING LATE AGAIN.
Then today, I’m working under a desk at the office, proceed to get out from under it just enough to ram my head through a drawer and nearly bend the desktop. Hooray for another concussion. Got to fill out my first accident report too!
Can the weekend start now? Please?

Ok, Bad Bad Bad Day.

Monday, April 25th, 2005

I’d have to say if I had a choice, I’d like to have skipped today. Started well enough. I caught up on most of the piddle projects at work so I had a chance to get some real work done. Then I go into the server closet and see a warning light on the mail server. The one of the RAID drives has failed. So I let everyone know I’m taking it down, shut it off, swap the drive, and boot. The drive isn’t detected, and the RAID controller immediately begins to rebuild the array as a RAID-1. Not only does it do that, it blows away the data, completely. So I have to waste nearly 3 hours rebuilding the RAID, and restoring it from backup, and then getting the fucking thing to boot without hanging (turned out to be part of the virus scanner. Best part of it all, was calling Dell and hearing from a top-level technician that what has happened, has never happened before with the server or RAID controller we use. Tomorrow better go better or I’m just gonna become a professional drinker.

Interesting so far…but

Saturday, April 23rd, 2005

I’m watching this movie, “Birth” with Nicole Kidman. Anyhow, its still playing, interesting movie with one exception. Kidman’s haircut, and her overall look. It’s pretty distracting. Looks like someone I used to know… Not sure I can finish watching this…

Ok, finished. What the hell is with this string of movies that appear to be good, but in actuality fall flat in the last 1/4 of the movie?

Save you the trouble, the kid isn’t her husband, he read love letters discarded by a mistress, and she’s fucking nuts.

God is a small price to pay.

Saturday, April 23rd, 2005

In a move that’ll likely have Moonbats around the country dancing a jig of glee… Some idiot in the Principals office at a school in Colorado decided to eviscerate God from the Pledge of Allegiance and replace the word with “your belief system.” Now folks, I’ve discussed this many times before, there is no place in the US Constitution where there is a single mention of a “Seperation of Church and State.” The line is actually culled from a writing of Thomas Jefferson, and invoked anytime a Moonbat feels like picking on people with common sense or a firm grasp of reality. There’s nothing wrong with believing in a higher-power at all, unless you’re attempting to slowly shave away freedom from the heart of our society. Our nation was built on the belief that our liberty is given to us by a higher power, God, Allah, etc… When that is gone, when God has been eliminated from that equation, anyone can step in and say with little incredulity “I gave you freedom, or your freedom comes from the Government.” Moonbats think nothing of it, they think they’re sticking it to the establishment, that they’re being anti, that they’re getting back at all those little Goddies. In reality all they’re doing is paving the way for tyranny. Mark my words folks, the last day God is spoken, is the last day we all speak in freedom, whether you believe or not.

Altered Pledge of Allegiance stuns students


Thursday, April 21st, 2005

Decided to go to Burger King for a breakfast sandwich today, instead of the Sausage Croissandwich staple, I decided to try their new Western Omelette Croissandwich. My friends, when I tell you not to waste your time on something, I mean it. Don’t waste your time on this. All the thing is, is a Ham croissandwich (not even the thicker cut of ham that a normal one has, but a slice like you’d find on sub) plus onions. THAT’S NOT A FUCKING WESTERN OMELETTE! A real western omelette has Peppers and onions, AND THEY’RE IN THE EGG, NOT ON TOP OF IT. Fucking corporate scum. Oh yea, and has anyone else noticed how they’ve been increasing the size and doubling up the servings of their breakfast sandwiches? If I survive the morning with this mass of rotting meat and egg product in my stomach, I vow to *never* waste my time there again.

Oh spare me. They shoulda shot her.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

I really have no sympathy for this moron. She’s 30, she’s diabetic, and she’s complaining that Police beat her up. A motorist first called police to report an erratic driver, who proceeded to try and outrun police. When police got beside her car, she floored it, eventually flying across a yard and into a tree. After the accident, Police still had no idea what was going on, they smashed out her window and pulled her from the car. I’ll put money down that this woman will sue the Police. From the story:

She said she understands police have a dangerous job but doesn’t know how they could react that way without more facts in hand. “That hopefully they’ll be more attentive and pay more attention to the clues.”

Boo fucking hoo. She’s 30. She’s been a diabetic most of her life. She knows how to treat it. It’s her fault that this happened, not the Police. She should be sued for gross negligence. What if she had killed someone? “Oh, I’m sorry your child is dead, but I’m diabetic.” If you’re not responding to Police trying to pull you over, in all likelihood you’re trying to run from them for one reason or another. I don’t see how or why anybody should feel sorry for this idiot.

Diabetic driver talks about incident

People suck.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

So I meander over to the sales department today…

“So Sam, how’s the giiiiiiiiiiiiirl?” I pause for a moment, trying to find reason behind their repeated and idiotic attemps to get me to fit into some cliche.

“Uh…my friend is fine.”
“Friend? Right. Seemed awfully cozy.”

I swear, why can’t people mind their own business? Why can’t a guy hang out with a close friend of the opposite sex, have a good time, and not be forced into some cliche of how people THINK I should be?

One thing I’ve learned over the course of the past 10 years is that relationships suck. They build you to immeasurable heights only to drop you down on your head so hard you break wind in China. The way I am now, and have been for pretty much the past 2 years, I’m happy, I’m content, I’m happy, I’m content. I never hit any extraordinary highs, so I never really fall to any extraordinary lows.

I think what annoys people the most is that I can defy definition, reject labels, and how I feel about some people is more real and true than anything they could ever comprehend.

LACC Can Kiss My Ass

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

In my line of work I’m constantly looking for the best price on hardware and software. To that end, one of my greatest assets has been a site called “” The way it works is, companies pay to be listed on Pricegrabber, you can search the site and get multiple listings for various products. For the most part, I try to go with companies that I either recognize or have used before when ordering parts, hardware, software, etc… Occasionally I’ll give a company a shot if the reviews aren’t that bad (every company gets a bad review sooner or later). Well I doubt I’ll be doing that again any time soon. I was updating some servers here, and part of the process involved updating the hard disks from 18gb to 73gb SCSI drives. The parts are pretty hard to come by for a reasonable price, but a company called LA Computer Center had them listed for $347 a pop. I ordered 4 back on February 22nd. The drives came in 3 different shipments, and when I had received all of them on March 2nd, I realized one of them was the wrong model. Instead of a U160 drive, they sent me the faster and more expensive U320 model. It wouldn’t work in the server, so on March 4th I requested an RMA (authorization to send the part back for the correct model. On March 16th they finally got around to responding to my RMA request. FedEx shows the part as being received on March 22nd. LACC then emails me on the 23rd saying I sent them the wrong part. Mind you, the 3 correct U160 drives were sitting on my desk. After finally drilling into their little pea brains that the drive I sent was the right one, they promised to send me the right one. It’s now April 19th, I’ve emailed them at least a half dozen times and have gotten no response. Every time I call I end up in the endless loop menu system (pick customer service, end up being prompted to make a selection 2 minutes later) or I get some Hispanic woman who first tells me that their single solitary Customer Service rep is on the line. I’ve sat on hold for a half hour twice trying to get this woman on the line. On 3 occasions I’ve been promised a callback, and have never gotten one. At this point, I’m so aggravated I just want the drive or the money back, either or will satisfy me. So I send them one final email where I reference everything, and end it with a direct threat to call the Attorney General of both California and New York to get this resolved. Not only did I email them, I also faxed them. So around 1pm I call them. Again, their CS rep is on another line. I’m giving her an hour to call me back. If she doesn’t, boy o boy there’s going to be Hell to pay. So heed my warning folks, if you ever have the opportunity to buy something from the LA Computer Center – Save yourself the trouble and don’t.

*UPDATE* After my tirade towards them, they shipped me back the samed fucking drive I sent them. Kicker is, I decided to remove the drive from the hot-swap enclosure, and sure enough it is a U160 drive. If these fucking nitwits had bothered to install it into the correct enclosure, this whole mess could have been avoided. Once again folks, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.

For Pete’s Sake… What moron designed this lot!?

Monday, April 18th, 2005

The corporate park where I work has quite possibly the worst fucking layout I’ve ever had to deal with when it comes to parking and traffic control. For starters, the tenants across the street who use all of 3 spots complain and park their cars over 3 spots if God forbid someone from my office dares to step onto their turf. On top of that, there’s a real estate office for the county next door to it, and at least once a week they have a meeting which results in the entire parking lot becoming packed so that people who actually work here can’t park anywhere near there own office. So today I clock out for lunch at noon, get in my car, and before I back into the road I check to see if anyone is coming. I see a car coming so I wait. One car becomes 30 and I sit there for 15 fucking minutes as these assholes who not only dominate the lot now take over the main exit. On top of that, the UPS guy takes up half the street with his truck. Finally after 15 minutes and contemplating a dive out of the car with my baseball bat to clear a path, a carlength opens up behind me and I immediately put the Dodge’s fat ass into the road. At this point I don’t care if I’m holding anyone up. I see some woman in an SUV flipping out because now she can’t cut around the UPS truck. On top of that, a minivan across the way has seized the opportunity to pull out and is trying to get around me. I decide not to move, to hold my position trying to get out of there. Course, that apparently pissed off the moron in the minivan who proceeds to start backing into me. I nail the gas and get out of there only to be stuck behind 10 more cars trying to leave the lot. They seriously need a 2nd entrance to that place, or a bigger central parking lot.