Oh yeah, Uh huh.

Last night I drove down to the Jefferson Diner to meet up with some friends, in the process I found out I had a turn-signal out. So I swapped a brake light with the turn signal (figuring it’d be safer) and headed for Wal-Mart to get a new bulb. Course, no sooner did I get within distance of Wal-Mart than I get pulled over for…a brake light being out. The guy was cool about it, after I explained it happened 20 minutes ago and that I swapped it with the turn signal for safety. Course, for every good experience… Coming home from the diner I was passing through Hamburg, NJ, and when I stopped to hang a left onto route 23 north, I saw a Hardyston cop sitting at the traffic light a couple hundred feet down the road. Normally that wouldn’t concern me, however his light was green, and he was simply sitting there waiting for me. I pull out and no sooner do I reach the speed limit of 35 mph, then he is about a car length off my rear bumper. I maintain my speed and for the most part ignore the guy, as I come to the end of the 35mph zone he rushes up on my rear bumper then backs way off. What a nitwit. I honestly haven’t had anyone do the ‘ride close till they do something stupid’ thing to me in a while.

I caught a blip about NASA planning to launch another Sunbeam disintegrating toaster oven into orbit. Apparently a crack was discovered in the insulation around the fuel tank, “NASA concluded the crack, near a non-cryogenic (low temperature) area, was a minor imperfection and did not need repair.” Last time they said that, they Needed Another Seven Astronauts. Seriously folks, with NASA’s recent track record, if a bird SHIT on the insulation they should fix it. Good to see our tax dollars are well spent at one of the largest black holes of government subsidy in America.

Finally had the chance to sleep with my windows open last night, the fresh air knocked me out cold. I love Spring. Makes me feel like lifting my shirt and flashing people in diner parking lots. Hah.

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