Low Carb Ice Cream….BLECH

I’ve really gotta hand it to you low-carb diet people. I’m amazed you can pull it off. Sure, nothing but steak and eggs sounds great, but what if you need something sweet and low carb? I’ve been drinking diet soda now for the past few months, and have significantly cut my carb intake… Last night I decide to try out Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk (Sugar-Free). Well it tasted like ice-cream, but was as close as you could get to hydrated space food on this plane of existence. Seriously, how can you eat that crap? I haven’t had cotton-mouth that bad in years. I’m going to send an email over to those Commie pigs who make good ice cream and complain. I’ll admit its better than Friendly’s no-carb ice-cream, but my mouth got so dry eating this stuff I seriously thought I was going to gag.

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