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Hmm, how was YOUR WEEKEND?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

Highlight if you want to be grossed out:

Friday: Miss work. Doctors office. Sat on my ass. Adjust. Sit on my ass. Adjust.
Saturday: Sat on my ass. Adjust. Oh Hell, that’s not supposed to happen. Call doc “Go to ER if it doesn’t stop.” Sleep for 8 hours.
Sunday: Wake at 3am, go to ER. Underwent “chemical cauterization” (picture sticking a habanero pepper up your ass, then multiply the pain.) Came home. Slept another 4 hours. Went back to ER. Bought myself Kotex for the first time.
Monday: Sat on my ass. Adjusted. Sat my ass. Adjusted.
Tuesday: Miss work. Sat on my ass. Shit for the first time since last Thursday, fucker was 20″ long. Visit Surgeon’s office.

So I ask, HOW THE FUCK WAS YOUR WEEKEND? I’ll know I’m healthy again when it starts to rain.

Ok, God hates me this weekend.

Saturday, May 28th, 2005

Ok, God hates me this weekend, I’m convinced!

For starters, I’m up at 3am on Friday morning in immense amounts of pain. Didn’t get back to sleep, missed half a day of work while going to the Doctor and picking up meds. Due to everything that happened, I can’t drink, eat spicy foods, or do anything strenuous until I’m better.

So I’m pretty much stuck at home ALL FUCKING WEEKEND.

I fire up the Xbox Friday night, get pretty close to winning this race and BLAMMO, power goes out. I finish the race, then shut everything down. I go out for a few hours, have some dinner, make the mistake of betting this crazy person $20 to drink a glass of olive oil, come back home around 9:30 to find that hey, THE POWER IS STILL OUT.

The power comes back on at some point and I turn everything on (like this server) and then go to bed. Around 11:40, the power again goes out. I wake up and see that my computer is shut off, and the UPS is beeping. I didn’t think anything about it, just shut off the UPS and went back to bed.

Wake up this morning, power is back on, so I fire everything up again. I have my nice hearty bowl of fiber so I can have my daily movement, sit down and play some Xbox, and then I smell electrical burning. THere’s nothing quite like that smell. It was faint at first, then extremely strong so I stop what I’m doing and go to hunt it down.

The smell is gone, then I notice my computer is dead again. First I think the power went out, but then DUH, I have a UPS. So I turn it back on, and turn on the hardware monitor. My CPU temp rapidly goes from 40C to 65C+ so I shut it down, open it up, and find that the Vantec Tornado uber-cooling fan is uber-fucking-dead. Not only that, but the huge Thermaltake heat-sink is caked in dust, which leads me to believe that the friggin fan has been dying for awhile now, and likely when I shut everything off last night it just gave up for good.

So I take the fan off, grab a spare, clean off the heat-sink with the brush attachment on my Dremel, fire it all up and yee hah. Now of course I need a new fan, as the Cooler-Master I installed doesn’t quite push the same CFM I need to keep this monster cool. I slightly remember the Vantec box having a ‘Lifetime Warranty’ on it, so I dig up the reciept, and start filling out the RMA. Hopefully I’ll have a new fan some time this week. I like the Vantec Tornado for the obnoxious amounts of air it pushes over my heatsink. The thing would literally pick itself up off the desk when under power it was so strong.

So now, PC’s fixed, I’m slowly migrating back to my weekend getaway otherwise known as Forza Motorsport. It’s sunny otuside, the weather is beautiful, and I can’t do a DAMNED THING.

Pardon me while I kick karma in the ass…

What the FUCK.

Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

So I get back into my car after lunch today, and see an old guy in a beat up Buick Century drinking Listerine.

Not swish and spit.


Now that shit is 54 proof, you can get drunk off it.

So I call 911.

The operator says in a real mocking tone… “You called 911 to report that someone is drinking Listerine in their car?”


So she takes my name and a description of the guy and the car, and as I’m talking to her I flagged down a Sherrif’s deputy, the guy already got out of the car, I’m not sure what was done if anything afterwards but what the fuck?

Hello, Listerine, NyQuil, Vanilla Extract even, they all have alcohol and they’re all dangerous in the wrong hands. If this guy (who appeared to be in his 60s) was drunk and killed someone later on, who knows what could have happened if I didn’t call it in?

Worst part is my fucking taxes are paying for this shit. I’d seriously love to drop this bitch off at an AA meeting so she can see just what “Listerine” can do. Fucking twit.

Weekend in review…

Monday, May 23rd, 2005

Well since the 19th I’ve been on a pretty steady streak of good days. Anything which could have normally made it a “bad” day failed to have a significant effect on it. Looks like I’ve escaped the doldrums of my usual crappy days for now at least. Rode a pretty significant high all weekend, as I got through most of my workout at the gym, and then stared menacingly at the bench-press machine… “Why the Hell not” I thought. So I went over, set it to 230lbs, and nailed it 10 times. I can’t explain how good it felt to actually do that. I’m slowly reaching the point where I am maxing out all of the machines, once I do that I will move on to the free-weights. Its still a little frustrating that I can’t quite get past 90lbs on the preacher-curl, but I’m sure I’ll nail it at some point. Stopped at one of my favorite haunts to meet up with some friends from work and have dinner, had the ‘bistec Hacienda’ which was a steak layered with cheese, topped with onions and salsa, plus rice and refried beans. The Hacienda has outstanding food, service, and dude, $2.50 Corona’s all day long. How the hell can you top that? After Hacienda, I trekked down to the Vernon Inn to meet up with some more friends. I can’t believe how packed the place was. Every Friday there are more people. I remember when they first opened up the Tiki bar, I didn’t think they could fill up the expanded parking lot. Now there are people fighting for every last square foot of parking space. They also opened up the inside of the bar. Previously there was a bar behind the bar which led to some pretty tight quarters when the place was busy. Now it is easier to move around, and one doesn’t have to knock people out of the way to reach the bathroom. Rounded out the evening with a jaunt to the Sussex Queen diner. They were also absurdly busy, I guess they are on their Summer hours now. I sat and waited for about a ½ hour before finally heading back out so I could meet up with friends on Saturday for some hiking. Was a little funny at the Diner, ran past the girl who used to work at the Inn, would stare at me the whole time I was there, then once I gave her my phone # she pretended I didn’t exist and repeatedly blew me off. I really don’t know what I saw in that…LOL

The usual hike for my friends and I involves parking on route 94 in Vernon, NJ and hiking up the Appalachian trail to what is commonly known as “Pinwheel’s Vista.” I’m not certain as to the exact distance, but if you’re in decent shape the trek can be made in about a half hour. Normally, Pinwheel’s Vista is where the hike ends… Then someone suggested we go further. After the first vista there’s a small mailbox which has been sitting in the elements for God knows how long, but inside is a pen and a notepad where people can leave notes and such. I usually just drop the ‘’ domain name in there hoping to catch a few other fellow hikers online. At the mailbox there is a sign “Old AT Vista .8.” We headed out for that vista, got a bit off track, but eventually meandered over a rock-wall and past a swap, then came upon the greatest view from the mountain I have ever seen. Later on I’ll tack on a satellite photo from Google Maps, but for now, I’ll just explain that this vista is at the highest point on the mountain, and almost directly across from Maple Grange road. It’s actually hard to spot as it is on the top of the mountain. The terrain there is much more agreeable, not nearly as difficult to navigate as the boulders on the face of Pinwheel’s Vista. It’s just big, flat, and about as panoramic as you can get. From now on should I hike to the Vista, I’ll stop at Pinwheel’s to take a break as the hike itself is rather excruciating, but after I’ve gotten my wits back I’ll hike another mile or so to the real vista. After returning to our cars, we all congregated at the Vernon Inn for lunch. They definitely make the best wings in the area. I had wanted something a little more significant, but the wings held me over. I don’t think there’s a single item on their menu I don’t like. Saturday night I just kicked back with a friend and beat the shit out of people in Fight Night Round 2. After I had beaten the game with a character built like me, I created a 6’8” tall mass of muscle named Lord Bukkake who I designed to look like The Terminator. If the guy lands 4 hooks, the other fighter’s face is already cut.

Sunday was pretty laid back for the first half. I was hungry as Hell when I woke up, so I proceeded to make myself 5 pancakes, 2 eggs, and 2 strips of bacon. That held me over until lunch at Maggie’s in the Rockaway Town Square Mall in Rockaway, NJ. 2 of my friends have the same birthday, unfortunately the twat my guy friend works for decided to schedule him to work (HEY JACKASS, GET OVER TO MY HOUSE BEFORE I DRINK YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT). So the rest of us went to lunch at Maggies for the other’s 21st birthday, halfway home through West Milford I get the call that we’re going bowling in Franklin…haha. Go figure. So I head to Franklin, display my lack of bowling prowess, and in all have a good time.

Busy weekend, good weekend. Looking forward to the next one. I’m also planning a trip to the Hacienda on Friday evening after everyone is done with work. If you’re interested, drop me an Email.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make.

Thursday, May 19th, 2005

I had a good fucking day.

Yesterday I had just gotten out of the gym when I was greeted by voicemail. One of our email management servers was running real slow. I get there and run into the resident *nix guru who says that one of the DNS servers wasn’t responding. The machine in particular had a problem in the past where the NIC would fail intermittently, so I went in and tried to talk to it… no response. Nothing on the KVM either. I reboot the system, and it tries to boot off the LAN… and the hard disc is making some un Godly noises. Now this is a Domain Controller, in a Windows network if you only have 1 and it fails, you’re fucked. Thankfully I had 3. I re-tasked the roles between the other two DC’s, as well as redirected DNS and DHCP between two other boxes. It took about an hour to clean up. All in all, not a big deal.

Today I get into work fairly early, move a desk, and start hacking away at my projects. Then it strikes me… Star Wars is out. I check the listings, and pick up a $7 ticket off Fandango for the 12:20 show. 5 minutes before 12:20, I’m in the theater and watching some nifty previews. I tell ya, between the new Batman movie and the Fantastic Four, this looks to be like a memorable summer movie season. I get out of the movie around 2:40, enough time to make it back to the office and eat up the 3 hours of overtime I had… Course, I was starving at this point, I hadn’t eaten anything since my breakfast Slim Fast bar, and was likely going to have another one when I got back to hold me over until I get out of work for the day. I walk into the kitchen and well… THERE’S 8 PIZZAS SITTING THERE. Had a slice of sausage, pepperoni, and plain. Got home, had waffles for dinner, then just hung out by myself and played some games.

Tomorrow, I’m going to hit the gym, hit the bar, and hopefully – HOPEFULLY – have a good evening. It’s funny, for awhile I’ve been dropping lines onto a napkin, trying to write some poems from the mess… One line stuck with me, I already posted it once but I’ll post it again because right now it means something…

“When I’m angry an ounce of joy can move the mountains in my head”

I’ll have a review up of Star Wars Episode 3 soon. In short, go see it, it rules.

System Of A Down – Mezmerize

Wednesday, May 18th, 2005

As sure as Kiss and Barbara Streisand will keep having farewell tours as long as the rubes keep paying, I knew that when our country went to war the pundits of pop would come out in farce to embrace the anti right-wing establishment of their forepersons.

Nothing makes me gag and choke more when a band like Green Day or Incubus sells out and starts adding music to New York Times headlines. Sure, music has always had a political angle, but where was the cutting edge concepts of Queensryche back in the day? At least they did it with some semblance of talent, no cookie cutter anti-pop track to rerun on TRL to the end of time.

This brings me of course to System Of A Down. They’re quite possibly one of the best bands that suck which I’ve heard in a long time. The vocals have always been questionable as has the music, yet the more you play it the more it gets stuck in your head like the stainless steel instruments used in a lobotomy. I picked up their latest effort “Mezmerize” and I have to admit, it’s a definite progression from their last record. Still, the political-pop cliché practically screams the antiquated ideas of well, hippies in the 60s. BYOB is a very catchy tune, I like it quite a bit, but I take the lyrics no more serious than a inevitable forthcoming cover of Tiptoe Through The Tulips by Lil Jon and the Kings of Crunk.

Political opinions aside, there are plenty of catchy grooves and crunchy guitar licks all over the record, the CD is well worth the $10 I spent on it at Best Buy.

Why? I’ll tell you why…

Monday, May 16th, 2005

Despite the basis for the song, I still may pick up the new System Of A Down record… “Why do they always send the poor?” is part of their new single.


Cos the rich are too busy making fucking records and music videos which exploit the social climate to pick up a gun and join the fully volunteer fray.

The rest of us are working our little tails off making the most of freedoms provided by ‘the poor’ so we can AFFORD TO BUY YOUR OVERPRICED FUCKING ALBUMS.

Thats why, assholes.

Ya know…

Monday, May 16th, 2005

It never ceases to amaze me how many people will ride someone’s bumper and then pull right into their driveway or development. I mean seriously, what if I’m some psycho nutjob with a crate full of rabid chihuahuas? Seriously, if your road is just up ahead, there’s no need to tailgate, you won’t miss anything that won’t be a rerun, and its all better than getting a high-speed foamy mouthed puppy to the head. Thats how I see it at least.

Oh I can already tell this week will be fun…~sigh~

Monday, May 16th, 2005

On my way in this morning, didn’t have to deal with much traffic thankfully. I just had ot make it ot the laundromat in time to get my laundry done same-day. A little irony, a few months back I bitched about some Jersey wench in a red Kia, who didn’t understand the concept of doing the speed limit, and got rather irate if anyone passed her… Well I’m where Pulaski meets 17A and there she is behind a white Buick Century, waving her arms and honking like a mad woman. Could it be she finally learned how to use her gas pedal? Maybe she’s just going through ‘the change.’ Anyhow, I make it to the laundromat and drop everything off… On my way in to the strip mall there was a Goshen Police car hanging out behind the building. When I left, it was gone. I get to the intersection and the right-turn green arrow is on, so I hit the turn signal, hang a right, then hit the left turn signal and hang a left into the left lane. At the intersection was the same unit…. Well I guess my number was up for some stupid reason, cos at the traffic light by Sorrentos I see him speeding towards my rearview. Going through the light, it almost looks like he wants to pass the car on the left to get behind me (still no lights). So I hit the left signal, turn into my office complex, hit another left signal to pull onto the main road and then one more left to park the car. I don’t even go to my usual spot, I just park the car. So the guy slows down, goes not all the way to the turnaround, but turns around at the 2nd set of buildings, then waits for me to get my stuff out of the car and go into my building before he drives back out of the complex. Reminds me of the story my friend told me about her husbands experience with Goshen Police… Apparently he lived up this way, hadn’t noticed the patrol car behind him during his drive from Pizza Hut to his house, and when he got out of the car and walked up to the front door the Office asked if he was trying to ‘ditch him.’ Mind you no emergency lights were on… I’m not one to bash the Police as every time I need them they’ve been there for me. It’s a tough job, I understand that… Still, when they act peculiar like this I can’t help but wonder what’s going through their heads. I could have understanded following me if I blatantly ran a red light, was speeding or driving wrecklessly, but I wasn’t doing anything of the sort.

Can I just have one good week for a change? Please?

Workin on a new poem…

Sunday, May 15th, 2005

Haven’t pieced together yet, but one of my favorite lines is:

“When you’re angry all the time, even the glimmer of joy can move a mountain.”