So I get home tonight and there’s a letter in the mail from my credit card company… (link). Good news, the folks I ordered the intake for my old car from, and who refused to take my return, now have 45 days to credit my account or my credit card company will credit me for them. Yay!

Passed the 1 month mark with my VW, I am still completely pleased with the car. I’ve only had one problem with it (rear wiper nozzle was clogged) but I fixed that myself. Gas mileage has averaged at 28mpg with a low of 27 and a high of 30. I’m thoroughly amazed by the fit and finish of this car. I’m sorry, but I’ve driven Dodge since I first got my license, cars which ranged from $15K to $30K brand new, which didn’t even come close. It’s hard to explain silence, but that’s exactly what my car is whether I’m doing 30, 60, or 90+mph. Only the most high-pitched noises get in. No rattles, no buzzing, just the motor when I’m on it and the whoosh of the turbo as it spools up. The handling is second to none; I thought my Neon had Go-Kart handling until I drove the GTI. The handling is un-matched, and the power is more than enough to satisfy my need for speed. I should have bought one years ago.

Funny side note, apparently while driving my old car to the transfer lot, the head-gasket blew. That’s at least $1600 to repair… And sure, while the cost of repairing the old ride surely wouldn’t approach the amount I still owe on my VW… The fact I have no stress due to, and haven’t missed any work because of my ride have been worth the investment. What’s the point of spending money on something that doesn’t satisfy? Who knows, maybe this month I’ll pay off the credit card which still has a balance due to repairing the old ride…

How about those gas prices! Couple of quick notes:
#1 Releasing oil from our strategic reserves won’t solve a gasoline refinement and distribution problem.
#2 Bush is an idiot for satiating the idiot Libs like Chuck Schumer by releasing oil that won’t solve the problem.
#3 Environmentalists should be shot with recycled bullets for being the key reason that there haven’t been any new refineries built in the USA in the past 15+ years.
#4 Repeat #3 with emphasis on the Environmentalist morons who won’t let us drill for oil in ANWR. Dependence on foreign oil is a significant problem that won’t be solved by talk about alternative energy sources. They’re up and coming, but hindering progress by attempting to force the free-market is fucking moronic. My car runs on gas. Your car runs on gas. Maybe in 10 years they won’t, but as long as we all still drive cars which run on gas, we’ll fucking need it. Got a problem? Refer to #3. I’ll be glad to provide recycled bullets if you’ll shoot yourselves with them.

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