Something which could have been avoided…

Picture it, Louisiana, 2005. You’re the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA for the Leftists in my audience), and a hurricane has devastated the Gulf Coast. What do you do? Ah yes, Firefighters! Put out a call to the nation’s firefighters (2,000 to be exact) who are trained in search and rescue!

The firefighters meet up in Atlanta… Days pass… People die… all the while 2,000 firefighters are receiving sensitivity training on sexual harassment and how to deal with ethnic minorities.

After all that nonsense is over… The firefighters aren’t sent to Louisiana or Mississippi… No, they’re at desks in South Carolina filling out paperwork.

No wonder the idiot in charge of FEMA was stripped of his command. We shouldn’t have stopped there. I’d say dangle him in a pool of standing water and bodies by his ankles until he drowns or passes out from the smell.

My friends, this entire nation is drowning. It’s drowning in a sea of Politically Correct bullshit that has yet again cost us innocent lives. Kanye West and other ignorant activists can blame Bush and the racist Government for all the deaths and lack of response… But it wasn’t racism or bigotry which held up the rescuers and killed all those people… It wasn’t racism or bigotry which allowed looting, rapes, murders to occur… It was our noble sense of sensitivity and political correctness. I’m not saying other mistakes were not made, obviously they were. When it comes to saving lives or sensitivity training, pick my honkey ass up off the roof and then go learn to call me Sir.

Firefighters stuck in Ga. awaiting orders

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