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Ok, enough MySpace…

Saturday, October 29th, 2005

So far I’ve put in 2 requests to cancel my MySpace account and have gotten no-where. Apparently I am supposed to get a confirmation email to confirm my decision, as of yet I haven’t gotten anything and its a little annoying because I want out. It was fun while it lasted but I waste a little too much time there. Besides, I’m trying to cut the amount of technology I use in my off time, so every little bit helps.

Should be able to remove the cast off my hand and forearm the Monday after next. The sooner the better. My skin is dry and itchy, and I am allergic to just about every moisturizer on the market (glycerin). I can’t really wash the hand so the skin has steadily been drying up. Once the cast is off, I need to band the pinkie and index fingers together so to get them moving like they should again. Hopefully any rotational deviation is minimal so everything still works like it used to.

Went out to see Saw II yesterday, wasn’t better or worse than the first, I’d say it definitely ranks up there. All the fodder for Jigsaw is up to par, even when they start dropping. Still, one of the highlights that really carried the movie was:

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Who managed to keep her nipples popping out of her shirt in just about every scene. I’m shallow, I’ll admit it. Still, Saw 2 is never short on gore or suspense, another one of those films which seems to have a goal of evolving the horror genre which it does expertly while staying true to its roots.

Went to the Forest of Fear last night in Sterling Forest, what a fucking waste of time and money. $18 to get in, a few Carnie rides and games, and a 40 minute line to the lamest fucking hauntest house I’ve ever seen. Sure the sets were great, but the acting blew. They’d be well advised to contact the Castle Grill in Hamburg, NJ for a list of their previous Haunted Castle employees, might have a better chance of not just scaring the little girls. They had a smaller area which mainly consisted of a smoke filled maze. Didn’t scare me either. Mind you I appreciate a good scare, but for $18 I expect to at least get a chill beyond what the outside air caused.

Then this morning at 9:30am, FUCKING TELEMARKETER. I need to buy a new TeleZapper.


Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

I’ve seen some pretty extreme, painful, and downright stupid videos on the Internet… This has to be one of the worst. Anyone know the story on it? What I know so far is that some dipstick was leaning out of the back seat of a moving car to smack a kid on a bike. He loses his balance and well, oncoming traffic ensures Karmic balance…

Watch the video!

Dumbest things you’ve done with…

Monday, October 24th, 2005

Gonna try something new here, get some direct feedback from my readers. I always get a laugh when someone does something dumb, so if this works out, every week/month I will have a new post where I finish the line “The dumbest things you’ve done with…” add a few of my own, and leave the rest to you folks.

This week: The dumbest things you’ve done with… a car.

1. Put the car into neutral so I could avoid some bees, sent it hurtling through 2 neighbors yards and a fence before it parked in a tree.
2. Tried to pull a 180, instead hung a 90 into a yield sign trying to show off to my buddy in his Taurus.
3. Took my ’86 Buick Turbo for a spin without registration or insurance, lost the brakes at 85mph and made it into my driveway by the grace of God without incident.
4. Took out both passenger doors on my 1 month old Intrepid R/T when I grazed a phone pole…Then tried fixing it myself.

I’m sure I can think up more, but there’s a start, can you top it?

Where’s the common courtesy?

Sunday, October 23rd, 2005

Now while I’m one of th emerry few who still believes that respect must be earned, it does not mean that I am discourteous. I am courteous until I am given a reason to be discourteous. This morning my gf and I decided to go to IHOP, we get there, are walking in, when the asshole in front of us looks back, sees us, and lets the door shut. Guy just held it for his family, no reason he couldnt have held it long enough for me to grab it.

Tonight I’m at a local bar. Theyve got a barback running around picking up empty drinks. Guy grabs mine before I’m done with it, it’s a double and there was at least 1/3 left. So I go catch up with him, get his attention, and tell him (shouting due to the band playing) “NEXT TIME YOU TAKE SOMEONES DRINK MAKE SURE THEYRE DONE WITH IT FIRST.” He responds “Ok, I will” and that is that. But no, this bald fuck next to me decides to butt in, tell me to calm down, that its a Saturday night and everyone is trying to have a good time, that I should’nt take it so seriously.

WHAT THE FUCK? Part of being courteous, is minding your own fucking business. Responses ran through my mind then I finally got him to lean in “Do you hear the loud band playing?” “Yes” “Did you think for a moment that I could have been shouting so the guy could hear me over them? I’m not pissed off, just annoyed, mind your own business.” So the guy offers to buy me a drink and I walked off. The barback actually got me a new drink which was fine… but where is the simple damned courtesy? I said what I had to, the guy heard me, and I was turning to walk off. Keep your fucking mouth shut and drink your drink.


Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

I can’t quite say I have ever seen a movie where afterwards, everyone had the same confused look on their face. Decided to see the movie “Stay” today to avoid the rain for a bit, I honestly think this movie is quite possibly the biggest mind-fuck I’ve seen yet. The movie opens up with Henry, a disturbed college student recovering from a violent car accident where his mother and father were killed, showing up to find that his usual shrink isn’t there. Instead, Sam, played by Ewan MacGregor is there, and after Henry reveals his decision to commit suicide, makes it his mission to help Henry. Sounds simple enough, but then things get weird… Time loops, Henry can predict the future, and people thought to be dead seemingly are not. The acting makes the best of the plot which for lack of a better description is completely off its fucking rocker. It almost seems like an M Night Shamalayan type film, only his are actually easy to follow and don’t confuse the viewer much. The twist at the end really isn’t all that groundbreaking, it makes an attempt to satisfy the curiosity and cure the confusion, but fails thoroughly. Feel free to check it out, but I’d recommend waiting a few months and renting it, so you can watch if a few times like I will to see if this movie was really brilliant or still just a confusing failure.

Now look what you did!

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

If its any sign of the state of Open Source software, I un-installed my copy of Microsoft Office XP last night and am drafting this very post with a free and perfectly legal copy of It’s not perfect and lacks a bit of the functionality of Microsoft Office, but the benefits by far outweigh the penalties which are few and far between.

Looks like there may be some hope on the new apartment horizon as I continue to look and rule out potential new homes. Last Sunday I checked out a 1 bedroom apartment in the top floor of a home built in the 1850s. It was quite a cozy place, which inside needed a bit of TLC. On the outside the place looked laughable. Paint peeling, weeds everywhere, spiderwebs and dirt on everything. I had driven past on Saturday to get a peek at the place and made half my decision to not rent it then. What set my decision in place? Inside, I would have to share the kitchen and dining room with the owner while she was there. I would have to walk through her part of the house to get to the upstairs loft. The bathroom did have a claw-foot bathtub but no shower equipment. For a house so old, it was quite modern with water filtration, radiant heat, upgraded appliances, etc… But for $750/mo plus utilities, I couldn’t justify having to share. Tack on the fact she broke a cardinal rule of making money in America…avoid politics. Now I wouldn’t mind that she appeared to be a Liberal tree-hugger college professor, but when out of the blue she broke into a short diatribe about wars and oil, I decided to get out.

A few days later when I called back to inform her I was not interested, she has asked why and for suggestions and that was when I outlined my reasoning. Now mind you IF the apartment had a private entrance, was cut off from the rest of the house, and had its own kitchen, I would have given it stronger consideration. The whole political commentary didn’t help. Now mind you, I can handle a hearty debate of ideas, but a home is a haven from all things…or it should be. If I had to go home every night and in the process of winding down have to face the blind political black hole Leftist thought, I’d be tempted to commit myself. Sure, I know some of you are thinking “well she has a right to say what she wants” and you would be right. However, as of yet there is no controlling legal authority which says she has a right to be heard, or that I have to listen. I check my politics at the blog.

This site and its sister domain will be down for maintenance in a few hours… I’m removing the HUGE heatsink and fan from my system which requires me to pull out all peripherals including the mainboard to unbolt it. It cools the system quite a bit, unnecessarily so…it didn’t get that hot with the stock one on. It’s also fucking loud and I’m a bit tired of hearing it. L8r.

Batman Begins

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

4th time I’ve seen this, first 3 were in the theaters, twice in the same day. There are some films which simply are too big for any screen yet made, and by far this latest chapter in the cinematic saga of Batman is one of them. Whether your screen is 27″ or 270″, this movie kicks ass, there are none better dare I say it, and its about time someone (Bale) did the role justice. I’m eagerly anticipating the next chapter (2008).

An Update from The Bat Cave

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

So on Friday night at about 8:30 I found myself in the care of the fine folks over at St.Anthony’s Hospital in Warwick, managed to break the metacarpal in my right hand. Spent the weekend bandaged up, had it set on Monday and hopefully it will be healed in about a month.

Been nearly 2 weeks since I have hung out with any of my friends, girlfriend excluded of course… Not sure if I’ve vanished or they have, I’ve spoken to a few but for the most part I’m starting to feel like a ghost here… Plans get changed, calls never get returned, etc… I should be used to the outcast role by now I guess. If anyone needs me, I’m the guy in the dank apartment with the 5lb cast on his hand.

My bro’s band will be playing on Saturday evening at GW’s in Chester with Replica, all are invited and encouraged to join the party, it’s always an wild time.

Hand hurts, that’s it for today, later folks.

when it rains….

Friday, October 14th, 2005

i break my right hand.

ttm is on hiatus for a while.

sorry folks.


Friday, October 14th, 2005

Roof is still leaking. Won’t sleep in my own bedroom tonight AGAIN. Hooray for another night on the futon. Doesn’t help the whole sleeping thing if I’m out cold and Real Sex comes on HBO. That’ll give ya some interesting dreams.

Stopped by Mountain Creek. Should have bought a condo years ago. I’m kicking myself now every time I think about a friend who picked up a real nice one for like $80K, now $130K gets a studio. Riiiiight. I saw their version of a studio apartment. It’s a little bigger than my living room. I have a small fucking living room. The guy seemed more interested in getting me to rent, not really discussing that I want to buy. Even coming up with some “1 percent rule” as far as how much it’ll cost me per month to actually own a place… mortgage plus utils, etc… Did a little looking around and I can’t believe that a 150K mortage is gonna cost me $1500 a month. I’ll definitely have to look around a bit once I get a pre-approval, as after the past 3 years if I can avoid renting, I most happily will. While there we discussed one of his clients who was buying a condo to rent out, likely asking $850 a month, another studio but apparently bigger than the last one.

This won’t be easy, but God willing next year I’ll be owning my own home.