Dumbest things you’ve done with…

Gonna try something new here, get some direct feedback from my readers. I always get a laugh when someone does something dumb, so if this works out, every week/month I will have a new post where I finish the line “The dumbest things you’ve done with…” add a few of my own, and leave the rest to you folks.

This week: The dumbest things you’ve done with… a car.

1. Put the car into neutral so I could avoid some bees, sent it hurtling through 2 neighbors yards and a fence before it parked in a tree.
2. Tried to pull a 180, instead hung a 90 into a yield sign trying to show off to my buddy in his Taurus.
3. Took my ’86 Buick Turbo for a spin without registration or insurance, lost the brakes at 85mph and made it into my driveway by the grace of God without incident.
4. Took out both passenger doors on my 1 month old Intrepid R/T when I grazed a phone pole…Then tried fixing it myself.

I’m sure I can think up more, but there’s a start, can you top it?

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