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Do your neighbor a favor… Shoot a deer.

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

As it is hunting season, I hear the environmentalist wacko masses rise to their feet with inane opposition yet again. It’s a tradition here at that I reminisce over the verbal evisceration and defeat of an environmentalist nimrod up in Highland Falls, NY a few years back.

Dear Scott, I can see how you don’t want the innocent fuzzy deer to be killed by camouflaged gunman, and I agree with you. Personally I prefer it when these anomalies of the food chain jump out in front of my brand new car and send it to the body shop for nearly $3,000 worth of repairs. My girlfriend also agrees, after all her automobile has made it to the body shop for 3 consecutive years with the same amount of repairs required. I find great pride in the fact that through our combined efforts and over $12,000 in the past 3 years we have spared the lives of 4 noble creatures from those mean recreational hunters who would never think to eat what they kill or donate the meat to organizations that feed the poor and homeless. As long as the deer and bear population is allowed to run unchecked even further, you can be assured that myself and hundreds if not thousands of other motorists in the tri-state area will do our best to spare Rudolph’s cousins the pain of death by hunting.

Now old Scott retaliated by excoriating my lack of knowledge on the topic I clearly demonstrated. Typical response by an extremist to undeniable truth… ATTACK! I was ignorant, I didn’t know the facts, I didn’t know anything about hunting, I’m running scared like the rest of the hunters… I sent a follow-up response to his argument which was ignored by the newspaper (maybe it was due to the facts I was spouting off the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website).

Dear Scott, you provided a very well thought out and mature response to my ‘stance’ when it comes to hunting. Again, I find myself agreeing with you that hunting mismanagement is probably a causal factor of the burgeoning deer population. Spurred by your quest for the truth, I took a trip to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website and have seen the light. The number of deer takes by hunters on average has been steadily increasing over the past 7 years, alongside the number of Deer Management Permits issued. Another statistic off the website shows that the number of deer-car collisions has steadily been dropping in the same time-frame! Despite the efforts of me, my girlfriend, and our cars, the hunters are still killing more innocent deer every year! While I am not a hunter, nor do I know much about hunting, I personally would like to thank you for encouraging me to seek out the facts and truth on this very sensitive issue. Obviously my proposed alternative to recreational hunting simply isn’t doing enough to stop the hunters, and like deer I don’t believe they’ll be running scared from my sub-compact sedan any time soon.

So the deer population is out of control, the more that are killed each year by hunters result in a lower number of deer-car collisions each year. Wacko environmentalists like that guy will gladly propose spending thousands of dollars per deer to neuter the animals where a slug that costs less than a dollar will accomplish the same thing, and feed the hungry.

I think I’ll make some venison chili this week. Yum! Now if anyone happens to have a copy of either Warwick Advertiser with Scott’s letters in them, I’d be GREATLY appreciative if you could provide me with the text of his letters.

Here I go again… Letter to The Editor.

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Was reading the letters to the editor in my local rag the other day, The Warwick Advertiser. A local Warwick resident is laying blame on the Federal Government for the cost of energy. My response? Don’t stop there!

Just imagine sitting in your house, in your cotton shirt and the temperature is 72 degrees. If there is a chill in the house you raise the temperature to 74 degrees. You need some exercise, so you go for a swim in your outdoor heated pool. Afterwards, you relax in your outdoor hot tub. You need to run an errand so it’s out to your heated garage for your warm car.

This is the comfort that our President, his cabinet, the Senate and Congress have. They do not worry about the high cost of oil, gas and propane to heat their houses. They are all millionaires if not billionaires. They do not give a hoot about our needs and their policy making says so. They argue with each other about stupid stuff as our state and local social services are overwhelmed.

So as they sit in warm homes I go about adjusting my thermostat to 62 degrees for the day and turning my heating system completely off at night. My cat walks around like a frozen ice cube as I wear three layers of clothes to keep warm.

My response, who knows if they’ll print it, they skipped my last one.

I understand your situation… but your vitriol and sarcasm shouldn’t be limited to the Federal Government. I’ve lived in a 100 year old farm house for a little over 3 years now. My winters are far from comfortable as the heat tends to escape my humble abode before it can warm anything. I can’t afford to live in my own home town, so this is my stepping stone to someplace more affordable. You should blame your new neighbors who’ve continuously driven up the cost of living in Warwick to the point that ordinary folks like you or I cannot afford to live there as comfortably as we would like. Don’t forget the environmentalist movement whose infinite funding prohibits further domestic energy production and forces everything to cost more. Blame the 25 RINO (Republicans In Name Only) who tanked our recent attempt at a logical energy policy which would have allowed more domestic energy production. Blame the State and Local Governments which tax our energy out of reach. There are plenty of people to blame for the current energy situation, some elected, some not, but you’re right… all their thermostats are likely set a few notches higher than ours.

Random musings…

Monday, November 28th, 2005

Love is always misunderstood.
It is a living, breathing, feeding creature with little sympathy for those who feel it.
Love can and will hurt, especially when squeezed so tight it cannot breathe.
No air, no life, no love… It’s all pretty simple to understand.
Love will tear you to shreds to survive just one more day.
It just is, it is unavoidable in all its forms.
Love doesn’t need to engulf, but it will.
All it takes is a glance, a smile, then it will not let go until you are dead.
Time will pass but pause at every eleven, to remind you it is still there.
Lover or friend, the only difference is chemicals.

Pffft….smells like roses.

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

So I heard this rumor the other night that Wal-Mart stores all over the country would be open at 5am for Black Friday (the busiest and most insane shopping day of the year) and one of the specials would be $100 off an Xbox 360. I still had the itch to get one and pondered being up that early, but in the end at 7:15am I ended up standing outside the service department at Middletown Volkswagen.

Long story short, they had my rear window replaced due to defective defroster strips, and the company tasked with replacing the window got down on their knees and blew the job. Instead of removing the window, they smashed it and peeled it out. Instead of cleaning out all the glass, they left it for me to do. So once I calmed down and removed the larger chunks, I headed off to Macaroni Grille down in Wayne, NJ with some friends for a pre-Thanksgiving feast. Thats when I realized that the drivers side door panel had been removed and reinstalled, the subsequent gap between the plastic molding and the steel frame of the door caused it to click every time I rested my arm on it. Since I normally rest my left arm on the door, this drove me insane in short order.

So this morning I get to Middletown VW, and after the service adviser lets me in I hand him a Solo cup full of the bits of shattered glass. The guy bent over backwards to help me out, took the keys and immediately had someone clean the rear of the car as well as fix my door. I was back out an hour or so after arriving, and the level of professionalism and courtesy I received from Middletown VW was unrivaled.

Can’t say the same for Triumph Auto Glass in Middletown. Years ago when I had accidentally glued the small metal bit which mounts the rear-view mirror to the windshield backwards (BM, M), they came out in their van, replaced the windshield after I had broken it, and left me with a shiny new windshield in very short order. I don’t know if this kid was in a rush or what, but you don’t do a half-assed job like that and leave shards of glass all over the car. What if I had a kid, and they cut their hands up? I wouldn’t have been at Middletown VW first thing, I would have been at my lawyers office.

All this aside, the service I’ve received from Middletown VW as well as the car itself have almost fully justified the switch from Mopar to VW.

Wax On, Waxed Off.

Friday, November 25th, 2005

360 Degrees of Fiasco.

Thursday, November 24th, 2005

So this past Tuesday the XBOX 360 came out and sold out. Kinda pissed me off at first. Now it wasn’t so bad that there wasn’t one to be found anywhere, that was expected, especially when I checked after 5pm on release day. Was I going to find one? Not fucking likely. See, what pissed me off more than anything was that just about every retailer decided to make a few bucks instead of offer just the system. It has been a common practice for years now that when a new console comes out, you get the console, a controller, and thats it. Accessories are just that, accessory. You buy extra what you need extra, controllers, memory cards, games, and so forth. The core system which was a base model sans hard-drive and included software capable of playing original Xbox titles was supposed to cost $299. The hard disk and additional software came at an extra $100 premium. The cheapest bundle I found was near $600, with some bundles exceeding $3500. FOR A FUCKING GAME SYSTEM. Now Microsoft’s plan here is the same as usual, take a loss on the system to get it out into the hands of consumers, and make the investment back on accessories and games. With the starting price of the PS3 rumored to exceed $800, someone’s going to have to save the video game industry from itself. The systems cost more than enough, the games are heading north of $60 per unit, and they expect us to buy one 3 years down the line. Might work for a $100 Sega Genesis, not for a $600-$800 console. Tack on the pride of human evolution that broke out into fisticuffs at retailers and consoles that are already crashing everywhere, I think I’ll wait a few months until they get the kinks worked out.

Hell, my Nintendo still works. Sega too. 🙂

Turkeys and Glass….

Thursday, November 24th, 2005

VW had my car on Friday to replace the rear window, hatch lock, and actuator. I had to pick it up at the glass place after it had taken all day. Up till then I was pleased with the service I got. They hooked me up with a loaner, Nissan Sentra (car had no balls, was depressing), everything was warrantied so I didn’t have to pay anything. I get to the glass place, kid is just starting to put the back door back together, glass is already in, but the wiper and inside trim panels aren’t there. I wait a few as he bangs things to place, and head on my way. I take a few tight corners and I hear a swishing sound in the back, sounds like sockets rattling around loose in the spare tire compartment. I pay it no mind until I get home, open the hatch, and hear something fall to the ground. Glass. Loose fucking glass. I had places to be so I cleaned up what I saw, spent some time today cleaning it up, effectively filled an 8oz container with glass. Looks like the dipshit who swapped out the window smashed the old one in order to remove it. Not a problem if he covers everything and cleans out the extra glass. Tack on the fact that the trim panel on my drivers door now clicks if I rest my elbow on it… Should be a fun morning tomorrow. Its bad enough I had to wait all fucking day to get my car back, but to have to clean up after shoddy work on top of it… Unfuckingbelievable.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Silly Libs.

Saturday, November 19th, 2005

This sort of thing makes me laugh. Back when all the Liberal elite in Hollywood made their stand against defending our nation, one of the Left who actually left (unlike Alec Baldwin who was misunderstood) was Johnny Depp.

Depp Says U.S. Is Like ‘Dumb Puppy,’ ‘Broken Toy’

Well I guess reality has come full circle for Mr.Depp.


What’s a matter Johnny Boy, miss the comfort and security of a country filled with gun-toting idiots whose cars and businesses haven’t been on fire for weeks, while its leaders hide in villas? Shit, even GW was at ground zero while the ground still smoked. Here’s a bit of advice, Johnny Boy, pick a country that’s actively fighting terrorism instead of sitting back in the hopes they’ll run out of things to burn. Find the biggest gated community with the most well armed security service, and fucking move there.

Then stop by my house, and while I bend over after a hearty shit, KISS MY STINKY KNOT YOU SPINELESS DOUCHEBAG.

Man, I wish one day to have enough money that I’m as oblivious as our elite members of the entertainment industry.

Chase can blow me.

Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

In July I ordered a cold air intake for my car from CarDomain. I used it for a day and sent it back. They refused the return because it was returned in “unsaleable condition” due to corrosion. The plastic was not corroded at all. They said I should complain to FedEx. I returned the part like I got it, played by their rules, and they screwed me. So I started a dispute with my creditor, after 30 days they credited me. 2 weeks later they rescind the credit, saying I should have complained to the shipper. This is how they treat a customer of 10 years? The intake is fine, I sold it 2 weeks ago to a guy in Wyoming and it’s working perfect on his Dodge. So I paid off the card on Monday, they send me a letter today saying “We noticed you made a large payment to us lately, we hope we’re not losing your business!” I hear that credit card companies will do a lot to try and keep a customer, Perhaps if they can give me my $200 back… I won’t tell them to lick my knot after I cancel the card.

Desecration all around.

Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

Letters to the editor for November 16, 2005

Nailed it. Doesn’t appear to be edited at all either, easy to compare as I posted the original here. Still, they probably could have picked a better topic than “Desecration all around.” I just hope it raises a little awareness amongst the Warwick folk who still give a damn about their home town.

I’m sure all of us think the same way, not enough of us obviously say it, or there’d still be some scenic back roads sans cookie-cutter barns.