The Right Needs to Grow a Set

The new energy bill has had some significant portions cut out due to Republican dissent and filibuster threats from the Left. Originally in the bill was drilling off the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, and ANWR. Opponents speak praises of Hybrid technology and other alternatives, well get me a hybrid that costs $3K less on average than a standard model without Government involvement and we’ll talk. I’m a little tired of my party constantly dropping to their knees and blowing any chance to push our agenda through. What the fuck are you so scared of? Don’t you get that this is why the Left keeps losing? Keep your promises, stay true to your ideas, and hold your fucking ground when challenged by nothing more than defeatism. So, 25 Republicans threatened to vote no, publish their names so that come Primary time they’re replaced by some actual Conservatives. The Right is a little too comfortable and it’s hurting the cause. Now we’re expected to believe a dime a gallon is a windfall profit worthy of a new tax on oil companies while Federal, State, and Local tack on $.62 per gallon. Since when has taxing a corporation ever saved a consumer money?

House Drops Arctic Drilling From Bill

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