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A good hard swat always takes out a tangled web.

Monday, January 30th, 2006

I’ve said for quite some time that the RIAA (That’s the Recording Industry Accountants of America, for those of you in Pike County, PA) has engaged in battle on a very slippery slope. Simply put, they cannot stop suing people. Maybe a few years ago when they started, they could have… But now, they literally cannot stop. If tomorrow they said “Piracy has stopped, and so have we.” They would be screwed. If tomorrow they said “We’ve decided to stop suing people.” They’d be screwed. The very moment those jerks stop suing people, they themselves will be sued straight out of business.

That being said, when I read the case of Elisa Gruebel I became elated. Elisa’s a 15 year old Avril Lavigne fan who recently was sued by the RIAA for downloading Avril Lavigne songs off the Internet. What makes this case unique however is that she’s fighting back… with the help of Avril Lavigne’s record label.

Mark my words folks, big music is a dying industry and the RIAA will soon be on the defense on an undeniably massive scale.

Lavigne label defends ‘file-sharer’

Who votes to nuke Greenpeace??? Anyone?

Monday, January 30th, 2006

What a crock of… WHO THE FUCK THINKS THIS SHIT UP? Environmentalists have been blaming everything from SUV’s to cow farts over the past 20 years for the hole in the ozone layer and mysterious global warming. Well folks, cow’s still fart free and last I saw, SUV’s still own the road.

Global Warming is an environmental fact on warm days, and a distant memory when I can see my own breath. That being said, it’s BULLSHIT. The idea that modern industry and progress has caused a hole in the ozone layer and global warming is as absurd as the idea that we can do anything to stop it.

Since the Environmentalists failed on SUV’s, failed on cow farts, they have now set their sights on asthma inhalers. That’s right folks, those of us who are unfortunate victims of asthma are now at risk of dropping dead in the name of Environmentalists and their idiotic crusade to stop a completely natural cycle from taking place.

First they plan to start on over-the-counter inhalers such as Primatine Mist, then as of 2008 you can say goodbye to Albuterol. No word of alternatives, no word of improved inhalers that do not rely on CFC propellant, none of that. They’re just going to ban inhalers that work like they banned DDT that worked, what’s a little Malaria matter?

I tell ya folks, the more our Government pays attention to a MINORITY of cultural elites in climate controlled palaces, and snot-nosed little jerks in college dormitories who consistantly align with lost causes, the worse off all of us will be.

The amount of CFC’s used has dropped significantly yet the Ozone hole happily shrinks and grows and hops around the globe like the elite environmentalist movement which is dead-set on stopping it. Is it so hard to just tell these people to shut the fuck up?

Just shoot him already.

Sunday, January 29th, 2006

Not sure how you folks feel, but I’m getting a little tired with the coverage of Saddam Hussein’s saber-rattling at his trial. It seems every other day it is covered how HE behaves, the things HE said, but what is ignored is the testimony of his endless stream of victims. IMHO he lived by the sword, as such he should die by it. Trying Hussein under a judiciary system based on our own is an outright mistake.

He needs a kangaroo court where his concerns are not considered, and anything short of an admission of guilt never reaches the airwaves. He’s no more an Iraqi citizen than an American one, and deserves neither the rights or protections guaranteed to both.

The longer this goes, the more of a joke it becomes, and the longer a ruthless tyrant is allowed to breath free air… through iron bars or not. Lets give the Butcher of Bagdhad a speedy trial, then execute him on pay-per view.

Saddam walks out in trial uproar

Long Live The ‘Snake

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

So tonight I found myself endlessly flipping the channels when my heart stopped on E! What could this be, a THS on Whitesnake? David Coverdale? I sat in disbelief as the brief history of the mighty Snake with Kitaen in tow was recounted… Then I was left to shudder as I realized it was all about Kitaen. Now folks, Kitaen’s career rolled off the hood of those Jaguars as quick as Coverdale’s talent was lost on the lemming majority of music buyers who switched from Aqua-Net to flannel upon the whim of a suicidal twenty-something in need of stainmaster carpets.

That being said, I got an email from the Whitesnake mailing list that they’re releasing a live DVD and album shortly, and I quickly pre-ordered “Whitesnake Live… In The Still of The Night” which hopefully will ship out next week. The title an obvious nod to the greatest Live album Coverdale ever released, Live… In the Heart of The City. The ‘free sample’ is a live performance of “Take Me WIth You” off their 2nd album back in 1978. Ever since I saw the Snake with the Chickenhead a few years back, I’ve been hell-bent on seeng them again with a better set-list. I love everything they ever put out, but focusing on 2 tracks from 1984 and 3 from 1987 is an absolute insult to their nearly 30 year history. I am absolutely delighted that they’re tapping the vast history behind the music and releasing an effort worthy of the fans.

Tack on the fact that David Coverdale can still sing every song in his catalog, nail every note, and you’ll know exactly why Robert Plant has been Crying in The Rain since 1987 like some lone Metallica fan who fell into a coma after Ride the Lightning and woke up in time for St.Anger.

My catalogue has changed quite a bit over the years, but my need for strong R&B based Rock & Roll has never ceased, and no artist has ever filled the void quite like David Coverdale and Whitesnake.

Just don’t get it…

Friday, January 27th, 2006

Must have been nearly 6 years ago now when I met someone I assumed was the one for me. I had dated them for about two and a half years before things fell apart and we went our separate ways. People tell me it’s not a problem to care about others, and I’m sure that for them, it is true. However when I care for someone, there’s no half-caring, when I care for someone they become a part of me… When I stop, if I can, a part is torn away.

In any event… it took almost 2 years of pain, torment, and denial before I finally had the confrontation that free’d me from my binds and let me love again. Since then, I’ve been happily dating a wonderful girl, and have been in love.

Confrontation tends to bring everything out into the open, in my case it allowed me to shrug off everything I had carried to my detriment for nearly 2 years.

I find myself conflicted, hurt, and in a position where my only option seems to be that I have to let go. But therein lies the rub. The cliche’ is, if you love someone enough, let them go. To that end, I have. I’m far beyond where I thought there was anything capable of being redeemed. Then comes the regret of a friend who is watching someone they care about behave in a way which is wholly self-destructive.

There just seems to be this ruling attitude these days that I am supposed to support my friends whether they’re being smart or stupid. Sure, in the past trying to guide someone, help them avoid a bad path has come back to bite me. But do I let the fact I did the right thing and failed force me into apathy? What kind of friend would that make me?

Then the real question is… am I really a friend at all?

I’ve gotten back into the habit of cracking jokes when I’m uncomfortable… Keep ’em laughing and they’ll never know I used to always say…

Bitten by the bug…

Monday, January 23rd, 2006

Last week I decided to make use of the 10 day World of Warcraft pass a friend of mine passed on, and it has me hooked. I’ve got every intention of picking up WoW this coming weekend and signing up to join the fray for $15 a month. Now by this point we’ve all had our dealings with virtual online communities, hotornot, myspace, etc… The failure there is that everyone has a face… Anonymity doesn’t seem to exist anymore. That being said, I see WoW (That’s World of Warcraft for those of you in Warwick, in case you missed it) is the future of the Internet. Real virtual online communities which offer a full opportunity to react in live streaming action. Sure, I might be stating the obvious to most, but for myself the realization came in that complete anonymous strangers were meeting to accomplish in-game goals… I’m more than certain these folks have also developed relationships outside the box.

Rumor has it the next version of Grand Theft Auto will offer a similar experience. I can only imagine what it would be like to interact with hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a virtual world like that… Should be a wild ride.


Friday, January 20th, 2006

So 3 years ago I had made a donation to the NYS PBA over the phone. Big mistake. Apparently when you donate over $100 to any organization like that, they sell your name and number off to anyone and everyone looking for donations for firefighter organizations, ambulance drivers, etc… I’ve since made similar donations anonymously, but the harrassment hasn’t stopped.

Sure, I’ve got a telezapper which clears away most telemarketers. I’ve also got my telephone number on the Do Not Call registry. Still, at least 3-4 times a month one of these organizations calls me, and its always the same…

It rings, Caller ID says Out of Area. I answer, silence… HELLO? Hello? HELLO? Uh, Sam?

Immediately I know who and what it is, I cut him off halfway through his introduction and ask for his name, the company’s name, and the telephone number for the company. I flat out tell the jerk that I’m on the Do Not Call Registry, and his company will be fined for this. “Well you helped us out a year ago.” No, I did not. 3 years ago I made a donation to a completely different organization, not this latest Firefighter one. So I get his information, thank him, then head over to the registry site to file a complaint.

More people should do this. Don’t just hang up, if you’re on the list, take advantage of the situation. Get the number, the name of the company, and the name of the caller. If places like these get fined enough to trump any donation they receive, they’ll be a little more selective of who they call and not use the same bullshit tactics to evoke a donation.

See what happens when a Lib paper reports the truth?

Friday, January 20th, 2006

My friends, as luck would have it I caught yet another shining example of exactly why the Democrats keep dropping the ball, losing elections and voters every day. The Democrat party has seemingly become an institution, a religion, and its followers are just as fanatical and dedicated as the Islamists who detonate themselves every day in the Middle East.

The other day, Washington Post ombudsman Debora Howell was verbally eviscerated by dedicated Liberals in the Washington Post blog system. The onslaught of name-calling and personal attacks achieved a level so great that the Post actually shut off their comment system.

What happened? What did Howell say that evoked such wrath from the Libs? She simply stated fact. Jack Abramoff paid both Democrats and Republicans. The only side of the story which had gotten any media play was the payoffs to Republicans. IMHO if any Republicans took any money which affected their decision making, they should be convicted and jailed. Still, you can’t jail Jesus Christ, Mohammed, or even Buddha.

My point being, instead of evoking outrage from the Left at the reporter and the newspaper for the mere mention of impropriety by prominent Democrats as Christian Groups would at a radio show who aired sexual intercourse in a cathedral… The outrage should be directed at those Democrats who took the money. That won’t happen of course as in the eyes of most Liberals, the Republicans are Capitalist Pigs who must be defeated by any means not involving a ballot box, and the Democrats can do no wrong.

Do they still wonder why they’re losing?

Paper Shutters Blog After Ombudsman Post
How Abramoff Spread the Wealth

Polticians suck. Political idealogy shouldn’t be an excuse for corruption. If the Republican Party is a sign of a “Culture of Corruption” it must be due to the fact they actually take responsibility for their misdeeds which generally hurt only themselves. I’m curious as to what Left is so eager to hide.


Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

Upgraded my version of Movable type and knocked out my formatting. I’ll get around to fixing it.

In the mean time, if you want to check out my old gallery or posts, click here and here.

GW is a Tyrant and a Terrorist!

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

I tell ya folks, when it comes to the outrageous statements made by the Left in this country, I rarely find myself agreeing with them. Lately, the Banana Man, Harry Belafonte has become an outspoken critic of the Bush administration, going as far as labing Bush a Tyrant and a Terrorist.

Well folks, I’d have to say I agree. George W Bush is a Tyrant and a Terrorist and a fucking Terrific President of The United States.

He’s run the Taliban out of power and destroyed the terrorist training camps of Afghanistan and Iraq. He’s forced violent murdering dictators to hide in holes in the ground. He’s put forth more effort to combat global terrorism than any American President in history by bringing freedom and liberation to people who have never truly experienced it.

To Liberals, dictators, and those who would support Islamist terror, I’m sure he comes off as a Tyrant and a Terrorist.

My friends, I wouldn’t have it any other way.