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Had to laugh…

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

I posted awhile back about the Uno Attack game… Checking out my traffic stats, about 20 other unique individuals searched for it and found this site… See? I told you so.

Stating the obvious…

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

The ability to observe implies nothing more than a functioning optic nerve when it lacks an equal part of intuitive deduction.

Translation: Just because one can state the obvious means nothing unless one understands the obvious.

Normally, if one can understand the obvious, they need not state it (unless the sound of their own voice is really that stimulating).

I hurt my back playing video games…

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Holy crap… Leave it to me, mister weightlifter extraordinaire to hurt himself playing a video game. No, this wasn’t some Wii or PS3 game where I’m tossing the controller around, this was Test Drive Unlimited on the Xbox 360. There’s this race called the “Millionaire’s Race” where you lap the entire Hawaiian Island you’re on. It’s 124 miles, and if you complete the race in 60 minutes or less, you get $1,000,000. So I try it, in my brand new Enzo it took 63 minutes and at the end of the race I’ve got this knot between my shoulders that hurts so bad I can’t inhale 100%. Mind you, I sat slouched for an hour straight, tensed up.

I did the math, driving full out foot to the floor for the entire race kept my average speed at 118mph. That’s pretty embarrassing considering how often I managed to do 200mph+ without a problem… all the accidents and traffic stops added up real fast. If I can keep my average speed above 124mph I’ll win the race. I figure if I can keep my average speed around 135mph I will clear the finish line with about 5 minutes to spare. Sure there will be opportunities to drive stupidly fast, but I won’t put so much effort into top speed next time around… just making it around the island with as few accidents and stops as possible.

Selective Acceleration…

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Selective Acceleration, the technical term for jerks with performance cars who only drive fast when it means someone may pass them. Case in point, this morning I am heading towards Goshen, and at the end of the last passing zone on my road I rapidly catch up to a Mercedes Benz E320 AWD… Now I’m only doing about 60, and the guy stayed a fair jump ahead until the passing zone ended. So now I’m stuck behind this thing as he’s only doing 40mph… through the remainder of Pine Island and into Goshen. Now it’s a 35mph zone in Goshen, and as this idiot is doing 40mph I can safely say that the safety argument is moot. So we get to 17A and the guy doesn’t even stop or slow down, he rolls out onto 17A past the stop-sign like it’s not even there and gets on the gas. WTF? I pull out, my front tires fighting with the traction control to get me going, and this asshole takes off like he’s Mario freaking Andretti. So I catch a passing zone and I do what any other red blooded American would do – punch it and pass him. Mind you, when he thought there was no way I could pass him, he slowed right back down to 40mph.

Course, he found his accelerator REAL FAST once I got ahead of him… jerk.

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 25th, 2006

Merry Christmas, all.

Tis The Season

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Ran into a similar video tonight, thought I’d share my copy of the original.


Greg The Bunny

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

“What a good way to get in tight with the network, ‘oh and by the way, here’s the bill for when my asshole exploded'”

The Sunday Project

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

So a few weeks back I ordered a new toy for my employer… a 600lb monster of a UPS (battery backup for those of you from Warwick) to keep everything running when the power blips. Course, I don’t want to impose on the production environment – or affect my users in any way, shape, or form, so I decide that today, Sunday the 17th would be a fine time to do the install.

Now they say these things require 2 people to install let alone load the 120lb battery packs in. Anyone with half a brain would have asked for help, but as I have 2 quarters of a brain, I am that far ahead of the rest.

Now before I get all started, office is empty, they know the mail server is going down, so I decide to do an upgrade of the antispam server. I’d updated Declude in the past without any problem, so I did not anticipate any problems putting this new version up. You’d think I would have stopped when I saw no documentation or install instructions on the website or with the software, but then again Woody never did call the Police when he should have – did he? So that went to hell, restored the old version, and proceeded with the main project. Who the hell releases an application for sale without any documentation? I’ve got a call scheduled for Tuesday at 8:30am to go through the steps needed to get it running. I just do not get how someone can sell a product without docs… I wouldn’t have bought it if I knew there weren’t any docs yet.

So I clear all the hardware out of the rack, honestly the longest part of the job. I’ve gotta slide out the servers, unscrew the rails, remove the rails, etc… Woulda went smooth except for one of the servers got caught on the rail for some reason, and instead of dropping the server I pulled on that thing as hard as I could until the rail gave way and the server was free. Course, that left me a rail short, but I’ve got enough spare to cover me.

So I’ve got the servers out, I start sweeping up all the various crap that has fallen on the floor of the closet over the past 2 years of use. Then I set my sights on the mission at hand – the UPS. It’s 19U tall, as wide as the rack, and empty weighs about 200lbs give or take. Like I said earlier – two person job, or just 1 dumbass named Yours Truly.

So I unbolt the thing from the pallet (they don’t even use oak anymore, I’d think this thing was balsa or pine, real sturdy there), then get it onto the floor. Then I’m wondering, how the hell am I getting this 250lb contraption across the floor and into the rack? It hits me – get it onto the hand truck, and into the server room. So I do just that, and now I’ve got the rails installed for the unit, all the nuts installed in the rack, and this behemoth sitting on the hand truck which is lying down on the floor like a dolly with the handle facing the rack.

Cue MacGyver theme – I thought about how they get those big cruise ships into the sea, they slide it down some rails and into the water. Same concept, smaller scale. I’ve got the rack against the back wall, the hand truck against the rack, and I simply push the UPS down the rails and into the rack, slides off and into place like Buttah.

I get it all tightened up and start reinstalling the servers and bringing them up… Then I hear ‘tick tick tick tick’ and smell plastic burning. Great. I turn around and see smoke belching out of the monitor we use as a console for all the servers. I’d say the monitor is at least 5 to 6 years old, and it finally gave out. So I hit the power button, rip out the power cable, get the monitor cable out and then toss the thing out the door. Not the first time I’ve had a monitor/terminal go up on me, just like to take care of it BEFORE it sets off the smoke detectors.

So it’s done, took a good 6 hours to square it all away – all the batteries and VA units are installed, servers are up, took a bit more time to take care of a few small tasks easier done when the office is clear and now I get to go home. Maybe I’ll get a pic up here at some point if it won’t get me sued, as it just looks damned impressive IMHO.

Looks like a lot of fapping residue, but..

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Caught this article off /. today, referencing a story from TheRegister which is claiming that iTunes is in a fiery tailspin of destruction the likes of which haven’t been seen since the end of the last Yankee’s season.

Apparently this company gets credit card transaction info(HOW?), and has used it to determine that iTunes is fucked. This sounds a lot like the BS stories I constantly hear about Sirius and XM Satellite radio. After all, if something is working – there’s no reason to report on it, is there?

Do I think that iTunes is failing? Not likely.

Simple equation folks:
Copy of Killswitch Engage’s 2004 album “The End of Heartache” at FYE, a popular retailer: $18.99.
Copy of the same album on iTunes? $9.99. All you do not get is the pamphlet (available in digital format from iTunes), CD, and CD case, all of which cost MUCH less than $8.99. Any questions?

The simple fact is that Apple has the best online store, best interface, and IMHO the best player for digital music on the market to date. They’re proving every day that music is still profitable without raping the consumer on the backs of the artists. There’s NO REASON to pay nearly $20 in a store when something of equal or better quality can be had via iTunes for half the price.

iTunes Sales Collapsing.

It’s a crock of bull, the mainstream music industry that still depends on the overpriced and antiquated bit of media called the Compact Disc has been collapsing for over 10 years now, a fact that is largely ignored while they try to sue themselves back into profitability. I see a paycheck from the industry funding this idiotic study, and it should be taken as seriously as a cancer study funded by Philip Morris.

The most metal thing I have ever seen…

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Link proudly stolen from Derek.