So my ankles swelled up again, my knees and hip joints ache, and I’m light-headed.

I’m so sick of this shit it isn’t funny.

Joined up with Gamefly.com the other day, figured I would try it out for a bit. It works like NetFlix. Pick the games you want to rent, keep them as long as you like for a monthly fee. If you really like the game, just click on “Keep It” and you can buy the game for around 40% less than the going price. Checking the site and comparing, most games are cheaper than EBGames or even Gamestop’s used section.

I figure even if I play the minimum 2 games per month at $20 a month, I’m saving a lot of money considering most new games which are any good cost $60 and up. There are a few that run less, but no where near $10 for the experience of playing it, beating it, and then keeping it if I really want to. I’ve been a fan of NetFlix for some time, so this should be fun.

That, and playing the latest games for $10 or less a pop (less if I play more than 2 a month) while everyone else is paying a mint.

Hopefully the doc gives me some happy pain pills today so my gaming experience is even more fun… lol.

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