What a waste of life…

I’m sure everyone at this point has heard the story of the two siblings down in Jersey who took a curve too fast in the snow, wrecked, and died. Stories like this always make me wonder how the hell I made it out of my teen years alive and with a driver’s license. Maybe the extra effort my folks put in was the difference, setting an example by always wearing a seatbelt, always driving safely when the weather wasn’t great.

I’ve pulled off some pretty dick moves in my various cars and had my share of accidents. Still, when it comes to those first few years of driving – they are the most critical for a new driver. Modern driver’s education simply is not enough, sure they give you some nifty tips and make sure you can actually drive – but short of telling you what to do in a certain situation you get no real world experience. Even those pre-licensing courses, as well as drivers safety courses which work wonders on points and insurance rates aren’t adequate IMHO.

They should work out drivers licenses like they do pilot licenses. Every driver has to achieve X number of hours behind the wheel before progressing. It wouldn’t hurt to incorporate real world practice in maintaining control of a vehicle in adverse conditions either. Lastly, they should have real world night-driving tests. Some people just stink at night driving, and it makes no sense to remove the restriction simply due to age.

If more effort was put into the process by both parents, educational institutions, and the DMV – pointless wastes of life like what took place in Jersey the other day might just be avoided.

Two teen siblings killed in car crash

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