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Good marketing…

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Tonight I saw the best commercial I have seen in some time.

White background, guy looking at a porno mag…

Flips it sideways to look at some mystery centerfold.

Flips a few pages.

Drops the magazine, looks at the camera and says “Yep, still gay.”

It was an ad for a dating site – apparently a little more open to alternative lifestyles than others. Still, it had me – your average ordinary heterosexual white male – laughing his ass off. Course if I was gay I wouldn’t use the Internet – I’d just go to the East Village.

Go 24

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

24 and 48 led the way out of Talladega today, my favorite track, my favorite teams.

One thing I gotta say, is that Nascar should use all that spiffy camera technology to determine who exactly was chucking cans onto the track and ban them from Nascar races FOR LIFE. That sort of shit is disgusting and tarnishes both the sport and the fans.

24 has more wins than the 3 now, GET OVER IT.


Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

If anyone happens to get a chance to try the Arizona Green Tea energy drink…

If you enjoy the taste of Budweiser mixed with tea and sweet & low – you’ll love it. Honestly, I think it tastes like crap. I nearly coated the dashboard in the VeeDub with my first sip. No energy drink short of Monster really tastes good IMHO – but damn, these people didn’t even try. Quite a surprise considering how much I enjoy everything else they make.

Fire them…

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

That, or hire back Imus.

CBS Radio Show Hosts Suspended After Prank Call

A couple of NY DJ’s decided to single out Asians in recent phone prank, and have been suspended for it. If CBS has any backbone, they’ll fire them – or hire back Don Imus. It is obvious to anything with a pulse and even some folks I’m convinced lack one – that the fiasco with Imus was a blatant over-reaction at the behest of Al Sharpton and his race-baiting cabal.

According to the 2000 Census, 36 million Americans descend from Africa. About 12 million Americans descend from Asia.

Here we have yet another radio show degrading a racial minority, a minority even smaller in number than the group Al Sharpton supports… I ask you – where’s the outrage? Should they seek an apology from the restaurant? Maybe George Takei should hold a press conference calling for their firing.

Or maybe… just maybe… we can all learn to take a joke – even stupid ones.

F.E.A.R. [****-]

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Solid first person shooter, traditional graphics and lighting for the genre, easy controls and a cookie cutter plot.

Doom. It set the standard for the first person shooter and made ID Software a household name.

Doom 3. Made me wish the world ended in 1995. Outstanding graphics, soundtrack, gameplay – big defect was the video card support… biggest defect was the flashlight. A game that was made to highlight the strengths of modern hardware limited to a 3 inch circle of light.

Someone who helped develop FEAR played Doom 3. They played it a LOT. They played it enough to want to release the game that Doom 3 should have been – and by all means they most certainly did. The flash-light is back, and absolutely necessary, however it is built in to the game that the flashlight can be operated while a weapon is in hand… Even better – I’d say about 10% of the game requires the flashlight.

Accuracy isn’t important. Aim in the general direction and the bad guy gets dead. Big bad guys need more bullets – and don’t waste your time on head shots. Grenades are completely ineffective unless you nail the guy head on or due to some software glitch he can’t escape the blast radius.

Point A, get a target. Point B, target isn’t there. In the mean time, you’ve accidentally run back to where you started and have to plod through a quiet landscape – only knowing that you’re in new territory when a bullet grazes you. Toss in a few horror movie staples ala Max Payne’s nightmare levels, and you have FEAR.

The FPS has evolved. Stealth and accuracy are hallmarks. There might be some folks who still appreciate a point and shoot – and they’ll love this game. I’ll admit I’m enjoying the simplicity to an extent as well – a game that is part Doom 3, part Max Payne, and part (generic military based first person shooter) is an equation that if done right will always entertain.

After all is said and done though… I’ll remember Doom, Quake, and Max Payne… Fear? Just another game in the pile.


Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

Long story short, the crowd of folks I hung out with drastically changed nearly 10 years ago for various reason I don’t plan on getting in to here. Sure, I still stay in contact with a few of the people I knew but for the most part they’re background.

Anyhow, this one guy decided that I made a good target for ridicule. That’s right, little old me, ranting and raving and occasionally bitching about my personal life – was worthy of ridicule. Now I try not to over-think things, most times tending towards the Ockham’s razor way of thinking – that the most simple solution is usually the right one.

Now I don’t get many hits on this site anymore – back in the day I’d clear a cool 20K a month (long before I stated bouncing names and URL’s around). While I still get a respectable number of hits per month -this entire blog is mainly for me and a few dedicated individuals who still find some interest in what I have to say.

I figure, the guy went off on me (mind you, I hadn’t seen or spoken to him in years) so I’d not only mention his site – but link to it. Thus, I’d be sharing hits. Really kinda lame. I even attempted to ask him “What the hell?” But some folks just aren’t worth understanding… At this point I just chalk it up to penis envy.

All that said, at the time I set up a few security blocks on my site – one that would send his referrals to Zombo and one that wouldn’t let anyone from his ISP view the site. I had no way of tracking whether it was successful or not until now. As of right now I get a few hits a week of the guy trying to view the page.

Can’t say I really care – but it’s worth a laugh.

Really…kinda stupid.

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

On my way back from Bushkill Falls today, I stopped at a small flea market off of Route 206 in NJ and besides an antique Polaroid camera… I also picked up a handgun. Not a full blown ‘bang, you’re dead’ handgun that I’d need a waiting list and a bunch of people to vouch for my sanity handgun… This one is made of plastic and referred to as an “airsoft” gun. It fires 6mm plastic BB’s with a spring.

Now the stupid part of this – is that it LOOKS just like a real gun. CYMA P-698 shows the exact one I picked up for $5 at the flea market. Well, minus the florescent orange which is apparently a legal requirement. Also at the market were replicas of 1911’s, MP-40’s, and so on. The selection was huge, and if a little kid got a hold of one we could only imagine the result with the current state of affairs in this country.

Should they ban this sort of thing? I can’t say. As easy as it was to obtain one without the paint on the barrel, anybody could simply paint a real Glock pink and get the same result. It’s not a toy – despite the marketing and price. This gun can probably only kill the owner – and that’s only if they’re stupid enough to point it at someone.

Helloooooooooo Spring!

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Decided to ring in the new season’s beautiful sunshine and 80 degree temperatures with a trip down to Bushkill, PA’s “Bushkill Falls.” It could not have been a more beautiful day – maybe a little greener – but I’ll give it another week or so. I’d never heard of Bushkill before a friend recommended it a few weeks back. After paying the $9 admittance fee, we had the choice of 3 paths – a 15 minute path, a 45 minute path, and a 2.5 hour path. Yes, I was lazy and took the 45 minute path, but as the photos below show – there was no lack of just plain breathtaking views of nature.

I figure next month I’ll make another run down and try out the 2.5 hour path for ‘serious hikers’ as the sign explained. Anyone interested in coming along? Check out The Niagara of Pennsylvania in the mean time, and enjoy the photos I’ve shared below.


So there was a flaw in the system…

Friday, April 20th, 2007

The VT shooter bought his guns legally – because the process in place to prevent identified nutbags from purchasing a gun failed.

Larry King: ‘Unfair’ Treatment of Owner of Gun Store That Sold to Virginia Tech Killer

Turns out he lied on the part of the form where one would identify themselves as a nutbag – big surprise.

So while legislators eager for a few more votes from the ‘take my money because I can’t fight back’ lobby will call for greater controls – I’m left to ask “why did the system fail?” “Why was the letter of the law not enforced?” It looks like in this case, the only agency that was doing its job right was in fact the gun shop. We cannot hold them responsible if the government control which they must and – did – follow, failed.

Wakeup already!

Friday, April 20th, 2007

Get into the office this morning around 7:30, still a bit sleepy. Go into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee… Open up the cabinet, get a fresh packet of Green Mountain… Tear it open, pour it into my cup… Walk back to my desk… 10 minutes later I take a sip and… It wasn’t quite what I intended.

Maybe I should buy that caffeinated shower soap again. Can’t get any simpler than that.