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To Poughkeepsie… and beyond!

Finally got a chance to see Ted Nugent at The Chance last night, he put on a great show – he definitely lives up to the hype. For the past couple years the only time I’ve seen or heard the … Continue reading

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The Buffalo Tuna Sandwich

You heard me. It RULES. Had a thought today on the way home from my study session at the cafe… Make my typical tuna salad, but add some Jim Beam Buffalo wing sauce. Yea, I know, it sounds GROSS. Try … Continue reading

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The entertainment industry sucks.

The music industry is a joke. The movie industry is a joke. The game industry is a joke. All of them have the same way of dealing with the consumer market: 1. Produce crap. 2. Hype crap to the heights … Continue reading

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The Annoyance List

Everyone gets annoyed. For some time now I have considered setting up a master list of everything that annoys me – in the hope that once I list it here and share it with all of you, it won’t bother … Continue reading

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Hiking the Sussex Branch Trail

This past Saturday the weather was perfect for a hike… The obvious options were High Point State Park, and the portion of the AT that crosses through Vernon, NJ. When the option for the Sussex Branch Trail was discussed, it … Continue reading

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Could be just me, but I find it pretty funny that the only way a Dodge can win a race is to slam into everyone in its path. Montoya won his first Nextel race running like a veteran, not a … Continue reading

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Dumb and Dumber.

So I tried to watch Talladega Nights tonight. I made it about 25 minutes before the lack of humor just made further viewing as pointless as the idiotic double-standards of Nascar. Their selective enforcement of the rules has continuously shaped … Continue reading

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Chock Full of Nuts…


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Presenting the Lowes #48 Pontiac GTO NASCAR COT

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m spent. All done, my first skin for Forza Motorsport 2 – It’s a 2004 Pontiac GTO made to look like the current Jimmie Johnson #48 COT (Car Of Tomorrow). After driving it in-game, the handling stunk without the … Continue reading

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So what do you do…

If your favorite racing game doesn’t actually have your favorite car or driver in it? You improvise! Presenting the #48 Lowes Pontiac GTO. Still a work in progress, much of the sponsors on the actual car aren’t in the game, … Continue reading

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