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How much is 84 million dollars worth?

Australian Teen Cracks Government Internet Filter Now the fact a 16 year old cracked it isn’t the best part – the fact that Australian taxpayers footed an $84,000,000 (that’s 84 MILLION) bill to pay for something that a 16 year … Continue reading

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What dreams may come…

Had some crazy dreams so far this week. On Monday, I had a dream that I’d either joined or been drafted to the military, and was going through boot camp.  Everything was vivid, from the drill sergeants to the other … Continue reading

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3 Simple rules for surviving a traffic jam…

So today I’m heading back to Rockland from Westchester, and the Thruway is completely bumper to bumper.  I hop back off to 119 thinking I might either get around it or just head up to the Bear Mountain bridge.  Long … Continue reading

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Steven Seagal… who knew?

One of my personal favorite action movie actors from the past 20 years has been Steven Seagal.  He’s a big badass that probably knows a few dozen ways to kill a man.  Sure, I’ve heard stories from detractors that he … Continue reading

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Deli still holds the lead when it comes to breakfast…

Living as close to Jersey as I do, one of my favorite breakfast treats is known as the “Taylor Ham, Egg, & Cheese.” Taylor Ham, otherwise known as Pork Roll (to people who simply will never get it) is this … Continue reading

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So I’m watching television last night…

Sunday night is always a crap-shoot as to whether or not I’ll stay up long enough to watch the 4400 and Dead Zone, last night thankfully the writers of the Dead Zone made the decision for me…  About halfway through, … Continue reading

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So it’s raining out in Michigan and NASCAR is delayed – great.  Fall is coming up, and I’m sitting here at the computer wondering when my favorite television shows will start up.  The first one I check?  Jericho. Now Jericho … Continue reading

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The classics never die, and there are less every year.

This Saturday I woke up early and decided to watch a movie. I took a dive into my aging DVD collection and pulled out Terminator 2, Judgement Day. Instead of watching the special edition with all the cut scenes, I … Continue reading

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Not handicapped enough…

I can’t help but mull over the irony of being tailgated to work today by a driver with a handicapped placard. Leaving PI, she passed one car in her bright red Impala, and then caught up to me.  I was … Continue reading

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Not sure if this is legit…

But the fact it is actually believable is a crying shame… Metallica Sues Red Octane/Activision & Harmonix for Copyright Infringement Apparently Activision licensed the song One by Metallica for use in its upcoming Guitar Hero III release. Now they’re being … Continue reading

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