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How much is 84 million dollars worth?

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Australian Teen Cracks Government Internet Filter

Now the fact a 16 year old cracked it isn’t the best part – the fact that Australian taxpayers footed an $84,000,000 (that’s 84 MILLION) bill to pay for something that a 16 year old could crack.  The purpose of the filter was to provide parents with a “free” option to protect their yutes from the evils of the Internet.

My advice to parents when it comes to protecting their children from the Internet?  It’s called eyes.  Install the computer in the living room or den where parents will almost always be present, control the login times, and if necessary install a 3rd party filter.  When I was 14 and got the Internet (over 10 years ago) one of the first things I did was look up boobs.  Why?  I was in a room far away from the living room and my parents.  Who knows what I could have gotten into if I was only starting up today in the same situation.

The fact that the Government duped the people for $84 million is no surprise, after all my government is in debt to the tune of 8 trillion dollars and they still need more money from evil rich people like me to pay for their bullshit programs.  It’s the responsibility of the Government to protect the people from bullets, not breasts.  Get a clue people.

That’s right, I’m talking politics again.  Universal Disdain wasn’t getting much traffic so I’m uniting the content here, and redirecting that domain here as well.

What dreams may come…

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Had some crazy dreams so far this week.

On Monday, I had a dream that I’d either joined or been drafted to the military, and was going through boot camp.  Everything was vivid, from the drill sergeants to the other recruits, going through boot in a city/urban environment – not the usual military base setup one would see in the movies.

This morning, I had a couple of dreams stacked together, the one that stands out involves Sylvester Stallone in the role of a mad scientist/artist who would tag innocents with a tracking device so if they tried to escape, they’d be chased down by World of Warcraft characters and detonated.  I ended up in his facility which was a maroon house on a hill, almost looked like a gas station from the outside.  I’m walking around looking at all the cut up people (pretty grotesque shit) and as I realize that they’re all still alive I black out.  I wake up on his carving table, and the sedatives wear off while his back is turned – so I trigger the ‘escapee’ tracking device in my arm, stab the crap out of him, then run off as the building is stormed by spiders, ravagers, and other creatures from the World of Warcraft – blowing the building to pieces.

No more Coke Zero before bed I think.

3 Simple rules for surviving a traffic jam…

Monday, August 27th, 2007

So today I’m heading back to Rockland from Westchester, and the Thruway is completely bumper to bumper.  I hop back off to 119 thinking I might either get around it or just head up to the Bear Mountain bridge.  Long story short, I ended up stuck on the bridge.

Rule 1 of a traffic jam – be courteous.  Merging on, I made eye contact with a Mercedes driver, pointed in front of him, and he nodded to let me in.

So I flip over to 530am and pick up that a tractor trailer (ended up being a flatbed) was disabled on the bridge and as a result the 2 right lanes were shut down.  So I move my way to the left and settle on the center-left lane.  To my left is a total jackass in a green Chevy van with Jersey plates…  He’s impatient.  He can’t believe that this entire traffic jam is keeping HIM from where he should be.

Rule 2 of a traffic jam – be patient.  I was fine with this guy on the left of me.  I did my normal thing, I let a buffer of a few car-lengths build in front of me and then just rolled forward at idle.  Well this guy saw the opportunity and lurched into me.  No turn signal.  No mirror checking until we nearly had the mating of superior German engineering with a piece of shit minivan from Jersey.  I get past, and he’s behind me now.

I continue patiently going with the flow of traffic as he floors it and slams on the brakes behind me, flailing his hands and shouting.  Same thing he was doing behind the Mustang in the left lane.  I wait for an opportunity, and get left.  He floors it and slams on the brakes behind another car.  I pass him on the left, and when traffic again stops – glare right at him.  He looks at me and I just motion “bring it.”  Head locks forward, and he ceases his previous activity immediately.

Queue stereotypical statement about crazies and guns – I’m covered.  Next topic.

Turns out the tractor trailer was a diesel flatbed, and it ended up being towed off the bridge with the brakes applied enough to have the rear axles smoking as it left the span.  Traffic cleared, c’est la vie.

Rule 3 – Just stick to your route.  Pick a lane and stay, pick a route and stay.  Any shortcut is bound to have more delays, it’s Murphy’s law after all.  I pull off the Thruway as I saw northbound stalled again due to construction.  No more than 5 minutes later I’m stopped again.  Some idiot managed to spin their car into the median and WRAP it around a tree.

I really loathe driving out that way.  Too many retards.

Steven Seagal… who knew?

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

One of my personal favorite action movie actors from the past 20 years has been Steven Seagal.  He’s a big badass that probably knows a few dozen ways to kill a man.  Sure, I’ve heard stories from detractors that he doesn’t really know martial arts, and he was essentially choreographed to do his fight scenes…

So after watching one of his lesser known titles, “Belly of The Beast” today, I looked it up on the Internet.

Aikido Master, 7th Dan (degree).

Who knew?  I love the Internet.

Deli still holds the lead when it comes to breakfast…

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Living as close to Jersey as I do, one of my favorite breakfast treats is known as the “Taylor Ham, Egg, & Cheese.” Taylor Ham, otherwise known as Pork Roll (to people who simply will never get it) is this salty mass of fat and ham created in the 19th century by a wonderful man in Trenton, NJ.

Anyone who has had one, has rarely disliked it – and will be hooked for life.

That said, I tend to judge a deli by how well it makes this staple of life AS WE KNOW IT. A while back I raved about the local QuickChek – well they slipped up. While they use thicker slices than the local deli, they use those unrecognizable egg patties normally created with yellow egg powder and water, and usually frozen.

Central Deli? Thin slices and real egg. Do I get more at QuickChek? Technically. I get 2 eggs and 2 thick slices of Taylor ham where the Central Deli offers a similar amount of Taylor ham with only 1 fresh egg. I’ll take the single fresh egg. Hell, next time I’ll order one with two eggs.

I’d think that a business which is expanding out of Jersey would actually know how to make a proper breakfast sandwich without cutting corners!

Yes – I’m serious, you don’t fuck with a Sysadmin’s breakfast!

So I’m watching television last night…

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Sunday night is always a crap-shoot as to whether or not I’ll stay up long enough to watch the 4400 and Dead Zone, last night thankfully the writers of the Dead Zone made the decision for me…  About halfway through, after I’d realized that not only did they replace the actor playing Johnny’s son, but also that of his nemesis (as well as changing him from one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse to a good guy)…  The kid is doing a report on tree’s, and here comes the former nemesis – current Vice President of the USA going on a tangent about global warming.


Who needs the network to kill a show when including idiotic politics will do it for me?  Consider the shark jumped.


Monday, August 20th, 2007

So it’s raining out in Michigan and NASCAR is delayed – great.  Fall is coming up, and I’m sitting here at the computer wondering when my favorite television shows will start up.  The first one I check?  Jericho.

Now Jericho was a great show – based in a world where the US has suffered a massive nuclear attack, and ordinary people are forced to survive by any means necessary – as well as co-exist.  Picture Lost, but in Kansas.  The plot and acting was outstanding, every week I looked forward to seeing the latest episode.  I made a point to blog here about it, as well as tell my friends, and get more viewers.

In November of ’06, CBS had the bright idea to take Jericho off the air until February – apparently due to low ratings.  Who knew that reruns of worlds wackiest low-resolution videos from the Internet could garner greater ratings than both Jericho AND the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric!  So it’s off the air for 3 months, they bring it back into the same time-slot as American Idol – AND THEN THEY FREAKING CANCEL IT DUE TO LOW RATINGS.

Now American Idol is the subject of an entirely different rant – the fact that people still actively watch it being the greatest detriment to the future of humanity since the invention of the atomic bomb.

Jericho was canceled in May of ’06, only to be brought back in June of ’06 due to the outcry of fans.  As a pittance CBS ordered 7 more episodes of the show for 2007, to be used as a ‘mid-season replacement.’

Now I can’t speak for everyone, but I have a life.  While I was curious about when my favorite television shows would return to air – I’m surely not going to plan my life around it.  CBS is like any other old-industry broadcast network at this point – they’re equivalent to a blind homosexual male trying to find something they like at the nudie bar simply by feeling around in the darkness.

This isn’t the first time the overall skittish nature of old-industry networks like CBS, NBC, and FOX have killed quality television only to replace it with things that not even a Chimpanzee in a lab experiment would watch.  When Jericho returns, I’ll definitely make a point to catch the 7 episodes and pray that CBS’s tinkering hasn’t completely sunk it…  but I won’t hold my breath.

Who knows, maybe a real network (FX, Spike, TNT) will pick it up, lord knows they’ve been kicking the snot out of CBSNBCABC for years.

The classics never die, and there are less every year.

Monday, August 20th, 2007

This Saturday I woke up early and decided to watch a movie. I took a dive into my aging DVD collection and pulled out Terminator 2, Judgement Day. Instead of watching the special edition with all the cut scenes, I chose to experience the original theatrical release in all its 5.1 glory. After watching the movie, I sat and wonders why Terminator 3 had to stink so bad – how my last theatrical memory of the Cyberdyne Systems’ war machines had to be so laughable.

Get this – in 1991, there were 33 films released to theaters. Of that 33, about 1/3rd were remakes, sequels, and just a re-telling of an old story. Sure, there were some outstanding releases that year – in fact I can’t think of a single movie on the list that didn’t suck.

This year? Are you sitting down? According to stats published on the Internet, 660 films are being released to theaters this year. Yeah, you read that right – 660. Now whether straight to DVD and international titles are mixed in to that number, I don’t know. Still – the most telling number here is 40. 40 is the number of obvious remakes, sequels, and re-tellings of old stories that I could spot while flipping through the list.

They charge us $20 for 2 tickets, almost another $20 for snacks, pump out more movies than at any time in history (and that number shows no sign of stopping) and what does big Hollywood offer us? Enough sequels and remakes to have covered every screen in every theater for the duration of 1991.

I’ve said it a thousand times – modern entertainment stinks. Everything is a polished CGI masterpeice remake of someone else’s work hoping to cash in on yet another dying franchise. If there was ever any sign indicating massive failure in the industry, it’s that they’ve got an over 2000% increase in output and have to CON the CONsumer into watching absolute stinkers just to meet their bottom line.

I miss 1991.

Movie releases for 1991
Movie releases for 2007

(Note: Derek pointed out that my numbers may have been a wee bit off, but they still support my overall opinion that Hollywood == Crap. :P)

Not handicapped enough…

Monday, August 20th, 2007

I can’t help but mull over the irony of being tailgated to work today by a driver with a handicapped placard.

Leaving PI, she passed one car in her bright red Impala, and then caught up to me.  I was doing 50mph, and there was moderate oncoming traffic, so this poor disabled individual couldn’t pass.  She tailgated me all the way into Goshen, only backing off when a Goshen police car passed us.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are plenty of people who NEED those placards in order to get the best parking spot.  However – I also believe that anyone who gets a traffic violation not related to their handicap should have the placard revoked.

Sorry folks, but if you’re well enough to speed and tailgate – you can park in the back of the lot like the rest of us.

Not sure if this is legit…

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

But the fact it is actually believable is a crying shame…

Metallica Sues Red Octane/Activision & Harmonix for Copyright Infringement

Apparently Activision licensed the song One by Metallica for use in its upcoming Guitar Hero III release.

Now they’re being sued for it.  Again, I can’t verify this, it’s not on an actual news site… but I think this is a wise move for Metallica if it is true.  Simply put, One is a great song.  If the yutes of America discovered that Metallica was actually once capable of making great music – it might wedge a spanner in the continuing downward spiral that has ensued ever since Hetfield stopped drinking.

Frankly, I don’t believe Metallica is able to release a groundbreaking Metal record like the old days.  The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, they keep true to the music that made them…  Metallica has abandoned it, and their fans for nearly 2 decades now.

St.Anger might as well have been a plane crash in Mississippi, cos nothing short of divine intervention will get them back on top.