Well that’s a stupid feature…

I’ve been driving an ’07 Dodge Magnum SXT for the past few days, and have already run into a very odd and wholly annoying feature…

Now, any car I’ve driven, you push the turn signal stalk up and it lights the right side turn signal – and visa versa.

Not the Dodge!  You push it a little right, and it blinks 3 times and stops – and visa versa.

Push it all the way right, and it functions like a normal turn signal.  Now some times I don’t need to keep the signal on until the steering wheel resets it – several times I found myself activating the  left, then right, then left, then right turn signal just to shut the friggin thing off.  Now I just try to make sure that I push the stalk all the way until it stops so I can use it like any other car.

I can’t imagine how this is useful, or how it won’t result in the multifunction switch in the column from breaking early.

Next on the list?  How much this thing floats.  Driving home yesterday I let my attention shift for a second and when I looked back I was almost into the rear quarter panel of the car ahead of me.  I cut the wheel and chalked it up to drifting when I was distracted.  Nope – driving home several times in this 2-ton station wagon I found the car floating left and right.  Maybe it was wind, but this thing was hopping around like a Neon.

I miss my VW.

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