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Yuppie Scum.

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

I had some errands to run this morning, so I found myself in downtown Warwick. They’ve made some changes around Stanley-Deming park, ala cutting the speed limit to 25mph as well as making the nearby cross-street a 4 way stop. Anyhow, I’m not in the best of moods this morning, there’s a lot of crap going on in my life at the moment and generally speaking – it’s given me a rather short fuse.

So I’m on South Street, heading towards town, and this ponce in a green CRV runs the stop signs by the park and speeds off. I catch up to him further down South Street only to see him run the stop sign pulling on to Main St. So I’m still behind the guy, and by the post office he pulls hard right, I pass, then he pulls hard left right behind me. I shake my head looking into the rearview and he mouths something at me.

Parking brake goes on.

Seatbelt comes off.

Door opens.

I walk back to the guy and I don’t shout – I simply state that he “ran two stop signs, one down by the park in the 25mph zone.” He says “What? I didn’t hear you.” So I repeat. “Is that why you were following me?” he asked…

“I wasn’t following you, but you did annoy the shit out of me.”

On my way out of town he stayed FAR back from me. I honestly wasn’t going to make a deal out of it, I wasn’t tailgating him, but once he started to play games with me I honestly didn’t feel like having some jerk on a power trip ruin my morning commute.

Back story – I got hit by a car down there when I was 13 because some dickhead was in a rush, and then they ran off while all the Police were focused on the parade going through the town. So when it comes to bolting through stop signs or speeding through the park – I’M A LITTLE SENSITIVE TO THE ISSUE.

Damn if I don’t feel fucking great right now though. 🙂

<dukewk_> marlin: most ridiculous is that getting out of your car isnow considered an act of road rage
<dukewk_> even if you just get out and stand there… and the currentlaws now have road rage now one notch better than hate crime
<Jim_> marlin: in a word, awesome
<dukewk_> which i never understood anyway… one guy beats another guy half to death – not a problem when they’re the same race, but a HUGE problem if they aren’t
<dukewk_> marlin: but you expect more from mini-suv drivers?
<marlin> well i just wasn’t going to let this continue to escalate
<marlin> cos if he started playing more games i was going to lose my temper
<marlin> so i just made it abundantly clear that he’s a paranoid asshole, and he shouldn’t play games with big men in volkswagens
* Jim_/#chat thinks “road rage? no officer, I was going to give him a
citizans arrest for multiple infractions on the law, but I decided
to let him off with a warning”.

FS: 2005 Volkswagen GTI

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

I’m looking to sell my 2005 Volkswagen GTI.  It’s the 1.8T 5-speed model with 43,000 miles and gets a steady 29mpg.  There’s a small scratch on the driver’s door, but besides that it is in perfect condition.  Monsoon sound system, airbags, alloy rims, no rust, bone stock – nothing has been modified.  I’m looking to get bought out of it, so I’m asking $15,000.  That will cover my cost of paying it off.  I’ll have pictures up soon.  If you’re interested, drop me a line at

Weekend in Review

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Not a bad weekend all in all, Friday night I ended up taking the 4×4 down to the Vernon Inn for a beer and some wings.  As usual, NY did a crap job on the roads, and in NJ you could barely tell we had a major snowstorm.  At the Inn, the lot was filled with 4×4’s, inside where plow drivers and the like – and we all watched in disbelief the show “My Big Redneck Wedding” on CMT.  Not to mention, “Trick my Truck” aka Pimp my Ride for tractor trailers.  I was only out for a little bit, but it was enough to shake off the cabin fever and clear my head.

Saturday was pretty uneventful, nearly burned the place down as my vacuum’s rotating brush jammed up, melted, and started dumping out a lot of really vile smelling smoke.  Headed out to Wal-Mart to buy a new Hoover.  I can’t believe how much crap this thing pulled out of my carpets.  I thought my old one was decent, the new is a bag-less and the debris cup was nearly filled just by vacuuming the living room and bedroom.  At this point I’m convinced my apartment just hemorages dust.  After I got that cleaning out of the way, I tore apart my bedroom to start its annual cleaning, and then moved on to work on my brownie recipe.  Added just the right amount of cayenne pepper – these are the best brownies I’ve ever made.  After all that, I found my way to QXT’s down in Newark for an evening of drunken debauchery.  That’s always tons of fun.  The fact it was closed the prior night had it packed on Saturday, plenty of people and plenty of dancing.  Just one thing though, the glow stick people, just give it up, you look stupid.

Sunday I kicked back, played some video games, and then proceeded to start shred-fest 2008.  I basically pick a day and go through all my old documents, bank statements, etc… stuff I don’t need anymore – and shred the fuck out of them.  Then spent a good couple hours cleaning my bedroom, living room and kitchen are next.   Also had to put in some hours at the office, a stack of new layer-3 switches and a few programming updates that had to be done after hours.

Not a bad weekend, but I know i’m in trouble if I’m getting choked up at the end of Buffy season 2. Hoping the foggy brain and fake laughs will take their leave this week.

There’s a hole in the world…

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

Besides being one of my favorite episodes of the series “Angel” that line has been looping through my head the past couple weeks, over and over again. There’s a hole in my world. There’s a hole in me.

For a long time I’ve tried to fill it. Fill it with toys, fill it with distraction, friends, and for more than a few lucky years – love. Of course, toys and distractions are easier to obtain and keep than friends or love.

I’ve been through my share of both. It seems that just when I think I know what I’m doing, that I know what I want and I’m ready to take the next step in this funny little life of mine – the hole gets deeper, wider, and just more empty.

I’m not a generally happy person. I keep to myself for the most part and try not to affect those around me too much if I can’t. But still, I’ve got a mouth on me, and while it has the glorious ability to fill a room with laughter – it hasn’t done much to fill the hole in me.

Not much I’ve done has filled the hole, I just go on, do my own thing, and take life a day at a time. Dare to dream? I’d lie if I said I don’t have dreams, but my biggest problem is resting my trust in another person to help them come true.

Recently I was on a set track. I had a house and a wedding on the way, a few months down the road I would have found my dreams realized. Then the hole got bigger. Sadly, it was too big for both of us to handle, and it all came to an abrupt end. It happens.

Most of my peers reacted with shock, my family was shocked, I finally escaped the disbelief in time to find myself here in my little apartment, alone again, wondering what the heck this silly little world has in store for me next.

I really have no idea. Stability is not a theme in my life, either I mix it up through my own impatience or it just gets tossed into a shaker glass beyond my control. I’ve been fairly numb lately on the outside – but inside I can still hear part of me scream at this unplanned foreclosure of my latest dream.

So be it, I’m not to find satisfaction or peace just by sitting idly by and waiting for it to come along and land in my lap. Too long I’ve just taken what fate has granted without question. So here I go again, to quote my favorite singer. To anyone who’s worried – don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be alright.

I always am. I’ve still got my dreams.

I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams.

What the KOOK!?

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Now I’ve always found Rolling Stone to be a fairly kookie magazine, on par with fine periodicals such as MAD and the National Inquirer.  Tonight I got my latest forced issue and the headline reads: “BRITNEY SPEARS: Inside an American Tragedy.”

Yes, this is the same magazine written by folks who think 9/11 was perpetrated by Dick Cheney as an explosives test before he personally took out the levee’s in New Orleans… calling Spears a National Tragedy.  I had no idea we were doing that well in Iraq.  I mean hell, FISA was renewed as all the major telecommunications providers were given amnesty for spying on their customers – and the big news story?  Roger Clemens lied to the NEW YORK TIMES.

I feel bad for Spears, I really do.  She’s always been a fine piece of tail and quite frankly I’d like to take her out for a good steak dinner some night.  That aside – an American Tragedy?  The real tragedy is that people actually buy this magazine, as well as advertise in it.

I really wish they’d lose the glossy paper as well, it’d save me the trouble of crinkling it up to use as toilet paper if it just had some more grip to begin with.

Knight Rider ’08

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

We’re treading on hallowed ground here folks, I grew up on Knight Rider.

That said – they pulled it off.

A few notes though…

The panoramic CG… sucked.  It was bad.  Really bad.  Maybe it was due to watching it on HD – but how hard is it to simply have a Mustang speed down a highway and shoot it from a helicopter?  This was the equivalent of the model car used in certain jump sequences in the old series.  Still, the old series started out without the final version of KITT even complete, so – I’ll take it.

I like how they gave subtle nods to the old show without allowing it to dominate – that’s key here.  We want to tread a new path without relying on 25 year old file footage.  I’d hope for more cameos though – more Knight, maybe even some Bonnie Barstow or even William Daniels.  It can be done – just don’t overdo it.

Last but not least, the commercials.  Maybe I’m spoiled as most of the television I view nowadays is on DVD – but I’ve had it with the amount of advertising… it is borderline ludicrous.  The Focus / Mustang ads were cute, but I can’t help but feel dirty watching most modern television series live.

Val Kilmer pulled off KITT as well.  It’s a new twist on a classic concept – some of the quirky know-it-all is still there and frankly when Mike told him to ‘shut up’ I nearly fell out of my chair.

All in all I’m hopeful.  But NBC needs to throttle down the advertising just a tinge.  Nearly every vehicle in the show worth looking at was Ford, I don’t need 5 minute commercial brakes that equate to the same show minus the plot.  Seriously.

Scratch that…

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Move is off for reasons I’m not blogging about, TTM isn’t going anywhere, neither am I.

Upcoming Hiatus…

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Looks like I’ll be taking the site down for some time towards the end of the month, and I’m not entirely sure on when it will be back up.  While I do enjoy having my own little web-server in my home, my only options out in PA are cable or fiber optic and neither have a static IP or the capability to support a full blown web server unless I drop twice the price for a business class account.

So if I don’t happen to come back – happy trails folks.

Best Terminator Yet…

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Just finished watching the latest episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles from the Fox website, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the latest episode was the best yet – and as far as the franchise goes, this series is the best yet.

For starters – they stay true to the story without being as linear as the movies.  They’re more like the comics.  Terminators are men, women, who knows – maybe at some point they’ll introduce dogs and children.  The machines are THINKING, ADAPTING, GROWING.  Both good and bad, working int he present day – and if one message is clearly evident – THE FUTURE IS NOT SET.

The performances are dead on balls accurate – the nods to the movies as well as the comics are obvious and contribute without dominating.  The next movie in the series is called Salvation.  Personally, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles IS the salvation for the franchise!  IMHO, they had better work overtime on the 4th picture, I’d had to see another Superman/Smallville situation.

You take a franchise that has undergone SIGNIFICANT plot development beyond the secure environment of a comic series or films and toss out a 90 minute turkey which could have been released 20 years ago starring Christopher Reeve – and you have a Superman/Smallville situation.  I pray that the Terminator franchise doesn’t undergo it, but just the same, I would not complain to see 7 or 8 seasons of this series if they do it RIGHT.  There are INFINITE possibilities for this storyline, the movies have only shown us a snapshot in time.  Here we have every week, live action, blood and guts, bone on steel.  I mean come on, Summer Glau literally tore the CPU from another Terminator’s head to shut him down in the last minutes of the latest episode – CAMERON CUT THAT OUT OF THE MOVIES.  I nearly fell off my seat!  It’s fantastic!

On a related note, FUCK TIVO.  Who needs it, I mean really?  At this point – who doesn’t have a broadband internet connection?  You run the wire from your video card to your television, load up the on-demand on the website, and you’ve got the episode with no commercial interruption.  Long term?  Buy the DVD’s of course, make sure those writers get their fair shake at least!  But short term, miss an episode?  FUCK TIVO.  You’ve got to schedule it, record it, play it back and manually skip the commercials.  At that point the advertisers already got paid so why the fuck should YOU have to even deal with it?

Load up the website, watch an ad or two, then watch the show without any commercial interruption.  Worked for me.  As much as I love high definition, and all the things that come with it – I’m looking to catch up with the story, I could care less that it’s not in 1080P as long as it looks good and I can watch it NOW, ON DEMAND.

On demand over the Internet folks, that’s the future – and if Hollywood keeps pumping out shows like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I have little doubt we’ll see a day where you don’t have to check the schedules to find out when your show is on, you just hit PLAY when YOU WANT TO.  Rest assured I’m ready for episode 6, this show is fucking HOT.

Something’s Rotten in The States of America.

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

So this year, the day of the primary, a news story started to circulate about the musician John Cougar Mellencamp and a disagreement with John McCain. It stemmed from McCain’s camp using a few of the Cougar’s hits during his stump speeches. Mellencamp is a Democrat, an Edwards supporter, and as we all know when it comes to wealthy Democrats – free expression is only free FOR THEM. For anyone else? Pay up.

Such was the case when Chrissie Hynde, the singer of the Pretenders found out that vast Right Wing Conspirator Rush Limbaugh was using the track “My City Was Gone” as his intro theme for 10 years. A few negotiations later, the intro song was back and Hynde had a half million dollar check from Limbaugh – per year.

Even Sean Hannity has run into this situation as for years he used “The Heart of The Matter” by Don Henley as his intro music. Henley found out, complained, and Hannity subsequently stopped using it.

At least Andrew Wilkow plays bumper music that nobody would listen to for free, let alone for royalties. I’m a little annoyed by that guy, but that’s a topic for another post.

This whole thing brings me to one of two possible conclusions…

The first is based in the fact that John McCain is not a Conservative, but a closet Socialist in an Elephant suit. Real Conservatives know this – that’s why most of us supported Ron Paul, but I digress. What better way to make McCain look like the real big media definition of a conservative than to have some elitist hypocrite attack him who hasn’t recorded anything of value since he purchased his first answering machine in 1982.

My second possible conclusion is that Mellencamp wants money. For a Liberal supporter of John Edwards to complain about McCain – but happily sign every check he gets from Chevrolet when his song is used to advertise pickup trucks with gas mileage ratings equivalent to the IQ of the average Mellencamp fan – reeks of hypocrisy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Chevrolet. I drive a Chevy pickup. Mellencamp is a sell out, an opportunist, and a hypocrite. McCain isn’t worth even a dimpled chad, he’s nothing more than Hillary Clinton with natural hair color and descended testicles. This is just another case of wealthy people trying to manipulate the public for their own benefit.