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Five Finger Death Punch – The Bleeding

Monday, March 31st, 2008

I remember when all the games began.
Remember every little lie
and every last goodbye.
Promises you broke, words you choked on
and I never walked away. Its still a mystery to me

Well I’m so empty
I’m better off without you and you’re better off without me.
Well you’re so UNCLEAN!!
I’m better off without you and YOU’RE BETTER OFF WITHOUT ME!!


Paint the mirrors black (to forget you)
I still picture your face and the way you used to taste.
Roses in a glass dead and wilted.
To you this all was nothing,
everything to you is nothing

Well you’re so filthy…
I’m better off without you and you’re better off without me.
Well I’m so UGLY!!
You’rebetter off without me and I’M BETTER OFF WITHOUT!!!


As wicked as you are…you’re beautiful to me.
You’re the darkest burning star, your MY PERFECT DISEASE!


Now THAT is how an effing truck should DRIVE.

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Took a run down to my cousin’s garage today to install new shocks in my truck.  Monroe Sensatrac’s all around to replace what was already there – blue shocks that I have no idea how old they were – but they were effing shot.  See, when you drive over a bumpy road, the shock absorber is what keeps the truck from bouncing.  The front shocks were completely ravaged, I could move them by hand.  The rear shocks were still functional, but I figured there’s no point in only fixing half the job.

While we were under the truck, I checked that the ball joints were OK and had already been replaced, and the tie rods appeared to be OK as well.  Still, there’s plenty of other cleanup I have to do underneath not just limited to cleaning up the copious amounts of rust.

After we got the shocks installed, I took it out for a ride and this 20 year old truck with near 170K on the odometer drives like a new vehicle.  Bumps were nothing, rough roads were nothing, the handling was top notch.  One problem we found – which I need to get fixed sooner rather than later, was what is apparently a leaking rear end seal.

I threw in a container of STP Engine Stop Leak for the time being to see if that seals it up better for now until we can get it back on the lift.  Right now, I can’t be anything but seriously impressed with how much better the truck rides.  I even took it on one of the back roads out here in PI to give them a good workout, and the truck took it like a champ.

That’s all for today, I’m fracking exhausted and I have a domain upgrade to do tomorrow.  Cheers!

Flyer People

Friday, March 28th, 2008

I can’t stand those people who think their product or service is so fracking important that they need to drop a flyer under my windshield wiper.  Usually I just toss the flyer, I’ve never bought any product, used any service, or attended any event as a result of some flyer on my car.

That said, some enterprising individual decided to drop CATALOGS AN INCH THICK under the wipers of every car in the corporate park where I work.  I never even bothered looking at it, but it does keep my coffee table from wobbling.


So much for that pair of underwear…

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

New Whitesnake on the way… I can’t believe how heavy this shit is… I seriously… just stained my underwear.

So far I’ve just heard the track ‘Best Years’ and… No words describe how AWESOME this is. I haven’t heard the ‘Snake pump out this much heart and soul in over a decade.

MCSE 2003… WOOT!!!

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Early this month, I was looking into possibly skipping my Windows 2003 MCSE certification update and going straight to Windows 2008 certification.  Unfortunately, there’s no upgrade path for that, I would have had to take 7 tests again to get the latest certification.  So then I looked back at Windows 2003 and found out that at the end of this month, tomorrow to be exact – all the exams for Windows 2003 expire.

To say I was in a panic was an understatement, I was already amidst upgrading my office to Windows 2003 Server, and essentially put everything on hold so I could study.  I bought all the books on the upgrade path from Windows 2000 to 2003, all the Transcender practice exams and study guides, and I proceeded to give up life and at least 1/4 to 1/2 of my working day for 4 weeks straight.

The studying paid off.  2 weeks ago I passed exam 70-292, which was an MCSA exam.  Most of the stuff on the test were things I’ve already dealt with hands on, the rest I did through online study and simulation.  Today, I passed 70-296 – which to put it simply – was an absolute fracking nightmare of a test.  There was a ton of material which I’ve never had a reason to use yet in my career, so I spent a majority of my time reinforcing the concepts and procedures required.

After I went through both the Microsoft study guides, as well as the Transcender study guides, I started taking the tests.  Now the thing I learned about Microsoft Certification early on was that you can read every book, cover to cover, memorize it, and still fail the tests.  The Transcender materials are an outstanding resource as they essentially teach you how to take the tests by applying the knowledge from the books in real world situations.  I don’t believe I could have pulled this off without them.

I figure in the late spring/early summer, I will proceed with upgrading my MCSE to Windows 2008.  For now, it’s back to work -implementing what I’ve learned and getting even more hands on experience for the next go round.  I don’t think I’ll ever wait till the last minute again…

When life hands you lemons, go shopping!

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

I was a man possessed yesterday – had a very long day, with a few more on the way.  My final MCSE test is tomorrow, I have a little more studying to complete today before I’m ready.  If I land my ’03 MCSE, I get some more options to open up for me – and I won’t feel so locked in to my current state of affairs.

So I finished my practice test and headed out for a bit.  Bought some new Monroe Sensatrac shocks for the pickup, they’re not as heavy-duty as the Reflex models, but since I mainly do on-road driving with the truck – these make more sense.  I’ll be glad to rid myself of the bouncing that plagues this truck over most bumps.  I’m sure more suspension components need replacement, but I need to start somewhere.  $50 a shock, not bad.

Since I was at the mall, I ran over to Hot Topic and grabbed the latest Metropolis compilation.  Looks like they’re getting a little more diverse as far as their artists.  This set had 2 discs, one strictly electronic – the other rock.  What bothered me about the Metropolis 2006 compilation was the lack of real gritty electronic material.  I hope the new plan works out for Metropolis, but I don’t go to them for anything but electronic – and I likely never will.

Next up was Yankee Candle Co for those air fresheners.  Not the gel ones, I can’t vouch for them – but the normal candle shaped air fresheners last MONTHS.  They do a pretty good job of hiding the ‘old truck scent’ so to speak.

Then I stopped in at JC Penney’s to check out their Big & Tall selection.  All my shirts have to be 2XL cos of my shoulders from lifting, all my normal XL stuff doesn’t fit anymore.  Still my favorite clothing store – by far.  Also did something I vowed never to do again and bought a pair of Levi’s, this time I got their black cargo pants…  Last few pairs of Levi’s and even Arizona’s didn’t work out well.  The Arizona’s tore right up the back at a mixer, and the belt loops on my current pair of Levi’s have been snapping off.  Hopefully the cargo variety are a bit sturdier.

Got a haircut at the barber shop, it was like $16 for a wash and cut plus a $5 for tip.  Not bad, I usually go to DJ’s in Vernon but by th etime I got down that way, they’d have been closed.

Topped it off with a new pair of sneakers, my Avias have slowly been falling apart.  They’re amazingly comfortable but within a few weeks of buying them the soles started to peel off.  I ended up getting a pair of plain black New Balance cross trainers.  They’re just as comfortable, a bit more heel support than the Avias, but I miss my ultimate shoelaces.  I’ll have to buy some more.

After the mall, I changed into my new clothes, headed over to the Tuscan for some coffee and study time.  They had more trouble with their wi-fi as apparently a wireless user started pumping out a virus that affected Warwick Online’s own network.  I had fixed their wifi once before, as someone had set a password on it, and was randomly shutting off the DHCP server.  I’d take a wild guess that the same shithead was behind this stuff too.  Right now I’m looking to find them a good wireless router that allows for adjustment of the signal strength, and some advanced firewall functionality would be nice too…

Ended the night over at Harpoon Bay for dinner, had a swordfish & penne dinner – I would eat there every single day of the week if I could – the food is THAT good.  I’m definitely digging the bar at the new place, makes it all seem even more down to earth than they used to be at the old location.  Just pull up a seat and get to business, no need to wait for a table or anything.  One thing I miss about the old place tho – the fish on the ceiling.  There used to be these paper cutouts of various fish that were stuck up on the ceiling, and one of them looked like some sort of Ninja if you saw it the right way.  Ah well, I’ll live. 🙂

Anyhow, break is up – back to work.

Some people shouldn’t own dogs!

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

This past Friday I had to save a puppy that was out in the middle of a highway gnawing at roadkill.  Today, on my way out to dinner the same dog is now sniffing the road where the roadkill was.  It’s the cutest little white puppy, I had to stop and honk for 5 minutes before it finally headed back to its house.  I’m half a mind to just take the thing next time, I’m not really a dog guy but for Christ’s sake, you don’t buy a little lapdog like that and allow it to roam near a road where people commonly tap 3 digits on the speedometer!  Have some common frakking sense!  I could take much better care of that pup, those owners should be ASHAMED.

I say God Damn!

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Heading home from Easter dinner this evening, I ended up behind a Ducati and Harley who were going at it, at every stoplight. With one stoplight to go, a brand new Dodge Dakota SLT caught up to me in time for the last drag of the evening. When the light turned, and the bikes took off, I floored it. 350 cubic inches of Chevy thunder shook the ground and that Dodge gained NO ground on me until the very end of the merge, I won the race.

I don’t really like to drive the truck fast, it’s 20 years old, has 170K miles on the odometer, burns a quart of oil every 1500 miles, and generally – is made to haul. Still, coming up to that first light the Dakota tried to get past me on sheer momentum but the red light killed that plan. I wonder if the guy who proceeded to tailgate me before pulling off so I wouldn’t see him stop at his house (which I saw – and really don’t care) knew that his brand new Dodge was just held off by something that probably couldn’t even pass inspection.

Talk about being proud tho. I can’t wait until the weather really warms up and I can start to dig in to that truck and fix it up. Can’t see too many more drag races in its future without some significant repairs, but it’s good to know it can still put the young ones in their place. 🙂


Sunday, March 23rd, 2008


BSG – 1-3

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Just got back from Best Buy before, expected to pay over $200 to get all 3 full seasons of BSG, but was pleasantly surprised at the register when seasons 1,2.0,2.5, and 3 ran up to about $120.  Now I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

The only one that was actually marked down on the shelf was season 3, the rest were marked at full price – same for the website.  If you’re a Battlestar Galactica fan who has been waiting for the right time to buy the DVD’s – go for it.