So the President in his infinite wisdom decided that what the economy needs right now is more money in the hands of consumers.  To that end, he effected a new stimulus package which gives each American taxpayer who earns less than $75,000 a year anywhere from $300 to $600.  Now I knew about this when it happened, I read some newspapers and websites, as well as heard about it on the nightly news.  Even Rush Limbaugh had a segment about it.

All that said – why did the IRS need to spend $42 million dollars to notify me that I was getting $600 bucks?

Personally, I believe that if our dollar wasn’t worth less than a roll of Charmin on the world market, our Government had spending under control, and taxes were low enough – I wouldn’t need a $600 check from the Fed to help stimulate the economy.

But anyhow – that check should cover the new cylinder heads and gaskets for the pickup… so thanks George.

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