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Monday, June 23rd, 2008

So George Carlin died yesterday.

All these comedians and other people are making really poniant remarks.

Personally, my only question – is when he lost control of his bowels – did a wicker swingset pop out?

Rest in peace, cocksucker.

Stupid is as… ah crap.

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Heading home from NAPA this weekend, had to get some coolant for the Chevy, and there’s this red Ford Fusion in front of me.  Now we come up on the 4 way intersection, both hanging a left.  We’re now between 2 gas stations.  The guy in the Fusion hits his left turn signal and begins to turn left.

I do what I’ve done a million times before, start to go around on the right.

Guy in the fusion must have realized fuel at the Valero was $.02 cheaper than Citgo, so without signaling he immediately breaks left, forcing me to punch the gas and go around him partially in the Valero parking lot.

I get past him, and in my rearview I see the dumbass sitting in the lane like a stick in the mud, probably wondering where the hell I came from.  Now I realized my mistake, had I been a little more patient I could have avoided the whole mess.

Still doesn’t change the fact the guy was a dumbass though.

What a tool.

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Street sweeper crushes Bronx dog

How stupid do you gotta be walking a Boston Terrier close enough to the shoulder in NYC that it gets sucked into the thing and killed? I mean seriously – ALTERNATE SIDE OF THE STREET PARKING for starters, if all the cars are on the other side, that doesn’t mean WALK ON THE STREET let along let your dogs walk on it. Secondly, it’s a STREET sweeper, not a sidewalk sweeper – but regardless – HOW STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO WALK THAT CLOSE TO THE STREET!? It’s NYC! Lastly, how does a street sweeper SPEED!?

Simple explanation – idiot dog owner got careless and as a result, his dog was killed. Do I feel bad for him? Sure, I feel about as bad for him as I do some stupid kid that palms a hot iron then cries about it. Is the city responsible? No. Will they likely forward some taxpayer dollars to this moron to shut him up? Sure.

Personally, I think the guy should get cited for not keeping a better eye on his dog, as well as for littering.


Clear the Windows XP Print Spool Manually

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Had a case where a file was printed, and immediately the spooler service started dying.

If I started the spooler, the printer objects would hang any time I tried to clean up the spool.  A reboot would result in the spooler crashing on startup, then subsequently hanging.

Quick & Dirty Method:

  1. From a CLI run NET STOP SPOOLER and wait for the spooler to stop.
  2. Navigate to the C:\Windows\System32\Spool folder and then rename the folder PRINTERS to PRINTERS.OLD.  Lastly, create a new folder named PRINTERS.
  3. Back at your CLI, run NET START SPOOLER.  The spooler for every printer on the system should be clear.

Wheel of Fortune Deluxe (Mobile)

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Don’t buy this game.

Now since the advent of smart cellphones, where one could play a game on it – one of my favorite little pass-times is to fire up a game while I’m waiting for something.  It’s rather handy, and takes a lot of the boredom out of waiting.

My list of complaints:

  1. Horrid AI.
  2. Likelihood to spin Bankrupt or Lose A Turn is too high.
  3. Mystery Wedge almost ALWAYS reveals BANKRUPT.
  4. Player 3 almost ALWAYS wins.
  5. “Daily Play” offers no re-play option.
  6. Too easy to cheat.

Now 1-4 are all linked.  If the real game had as many bankrupt’s or lose a turn’s – it’d have been off the air years ago.  The way the basic game works is that you have 2 toss-up rounds.  Both of these involve random letters being revealed in the puzzle, and the first one to buzz-in and solve it wins money.  Then we’ve got Round 1 which is your typical WOF round.  Then there’s the Jackpot round, where a jackpot builds of all the winnings each time the wheel stops, if you happen to hit the jackpot bit and solve the puzzle in the same turn – you win the jackpot.  Lastly, there’s the Mystery Round.  Real dumb.  There’s one spot on the wheel with a ‘mystery wedge’ which isn’t really a mystery, it’s most likely BANKRUPT.

One of the cooler features is the “Daily Play” function which downloads a new puzzle each day online.  The part that sucks majorly, and ruins it – is that you get 5 turns within the realm of the horrible AI to solve each round.  If you don’t get it in 5 turns, game over – no replay.

Lastly, I found this out completely by accident, it is way too easy to cheat.  Say you’re losing around?  Close the phone or hit the hang-up button.  When you restart, you’re at the beginning of the last round – that far ahead of your “opponents.”  It’s honestly the only way to finish the daily game without being Stephen Hawkings.

For $6 there are much better word games available for the Verizon mobile phone (Bookworm, Scrabble, and Scrabble Blast come to mind).  Don’t waste your time with Wheel of Fortune Deluxe.  Whoever wrote this game is an idiot.

Conservation STILL WORKS!

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Conservation WORKS!

Last time I filled up the VW was my first attempt at so called ‘hypermiling.’  Well it worked.  I went from 28mpg to 34mpg.  Filled up again today and got 34.5mpg.  Funny thing here is – I used the A/C quite a bit this time around.  Mind you, I only put 166 miles on the odometer – but I had good reason.

Scangauge 2

I’ve got a scan tool for my truck, but nothing for the car.  Since they’re different ODB versions, one wouldn’t work with the other – but in addition to that, the Scangauge 2 just has so much more to it.  For starters, it can give me up to the 2 second delay readings of things like speed, RPM, temperature, pressures… but it can also tell me my current MPG, average out my MPG for the day, as well as keep a record of my MPG over time – as well as calculate the cost per mile as well as how much I’ve actually saved by going for the ‘cheaper gas’ in Jersey.

Since it is also a fully functional ODB2 scan tool, I can also pull up error codes on the car’s computer as well as clear the pesky check engine light afterwards.  Right now I’ve got it mounted on my steering column which makes it fairly easy to monitor while keeping both eyes on the road.

I’m hoping that by using this tool – I can further improve my driving efficiency by identifying what works and more importantly – what doesn’t.

Still, the sticker on the car claimed 31MPG highway… so 34.5MPG on a 3 year old car?  Pretty cool.

Hoping to break 35MPG before the next fill up.  I gassed up next to a Prius today… as it silently pulled away I thought “Oh… I’ll show you!”

Worth a shot. 🙂

Oh stop WHINING!

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Top 10: Worst Male-Bashing Ads

I’ll agree that when it comes to advertising, unless a company is specifically trying to sell to men (well, except for Trojan condoms) – we’re generally portrayed as mindless idiots with the IQ of a donut.

Still, reading through the Top 10 at “” I could only think – what a bunch of pussies!

Yes, men are regularly bashed, but when you get right down to it – leave the BITCHING about it to women.  Sure it’s annoying, but as much as the stereotypical pounding men take in modern advertising annoys me, what annoys me more is when guys CRY about it.

I’ve complained in the past about that Trojan pig advertisement, and that’s about the extent you’ll hear me complain.  So go ahead, make fun of men while selling pizza, vacuums, ice cream, condoms, etc…  We can take care of ourselves.

See what happens the next time you complain to us that the spin cycle is broken.

Another tax? Good grief.

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

The fact that this:

Senate Republicans Block Windfall Profits Tax on Big Oil Companies

is even a story illustrates exactly WHY gas prices are so high – in short, AMERICANS ARE BLITHERING IDIOTS.

Windfall profit tax. A punitive tax. The oil companies are making TOO MUCH MONEY!!!

So tax them. What will that do, teach them a lesson? Will the gas prices magically drop overnight? Will they see the error of their greedy ways and cut the price of their product so they stay within the imaginary margins set by a group of democratically elected idiots who haven’t been able to fix Social Security in the past 50 years?

No, most likely – they’ll either produce less fuel, or pass the cost of the taxes on to the consumer and dramatically INCREASE the price of gasoline.

That’s what our government is good at though, inventing a non-solution to satisfy the knee-jerk morons of the Digg generation while the real problem is allowed to fester.

We NEED more refineries.

We NEED more domestic and friendly sources of oil.

We NEED the dollar to be STRONG so LESS dollars buys MORE oil.

Fix those 3 problems, the price of gas will go down. Hell, fix ONE of those problems and the price will go down. You will not see any politician, elected or otherwise – even attempt to tackle the real problems with REAL solutions.

Environmentalists? Politicians? They don’t give a crap that it costs me $50 to fill up my VOLKSWAGEN. They have vehicles and causes funded by other people, they don’t feel the pinch the rest of us do, which is why the only fixes they propose will be wholly ineffective and likely will make the problem worse.

I’d love to vote myself a big fat payraise so the $50 it costs to fill the VW and the $100 that it costs to fill the pickup doesn’t effect me, but sadly I’m not a politician and my income depends on the economy which is currently shit – and nobody really has any desire to fix…because they’re all RICH.

Walked into a gun shop today…

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Gander Mountain actually, I had planned on doing some target shooting this upcoming weekend.

Grabbed a box of rifle rounds.

Went to the cashier.

Dropped $10 in cash, took my receipt, and walked out the door.

Stopped at Rite-Aid to buy some more Sudafed to deal with my sinuses.

Handed over my license.

Signed a form.

Had a chat with the clerk about Government infringing our rights.

Paid for my Sudafed, took my receipt, and walked out the door.


Indiana Jones & Those Damned Kids Are On My Lawn

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

At the ripe old age of 66, Harrison Ford still manages to Wow a crowd – and with one of his defining characters.  I’ll admit, I was nervous about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull…  While I was never a die-hard fan of the series, I did enjoy the films enough to appreciate just how well everything clicked together for an Indiana Jones flick.

This time, we’re in the late 50’s and instead of Nazi’s we’ve got Russians.  We’ve also got a share of political jabs at the current state of things, but hey – Terrorists, Communists, what’s the difference?  Anyhow – this film takes a more sci-fi bend and gets away from the religious overtones of the first 3.  Smart move IMHO with current situation where pretty much all religious leaders are a bunch of flaming twats who can’t take a joke.

Marcus Brody and Henry Jones Sr make appearances as photographs on the desk of Jones, having died in the 20 year gap between the last two films.  I’m almost glad Connery wasn’t there – while the comradery between the elder Jones boys was the stuff of cinema lengend, it really didn’t have much place in this iteration.  In total, Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull stands on its own merit.

Plenty of action here, and Ford pulls it off as only Henry Jones, Jr. could.  While some of it was CGI (and very well hidden CGI I must admit) a majority of it was Harrison jumping around like he was looking for the Lost Ark again.  Chase scenes abound as well, cars, military vehicles, motorcycles through libraries – you name it.  They adhere to the basic formula which has applied to all the Indiana Jones films, but then take it in a direction which was pretty damned risky.

They pulled it off tho.  Who knew George Lucas could touch a classic franchise and NOT frack it up like a Clinton electoral campaign?  I was pleasantly surprised – with all the cinematic franchises which are either finding a rebirth or their swan-song the past few years, I can say without hesitation that Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skulls – is at the top of the heap.