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Character Assassination, nothing new.

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

I think it was last week when I started to hear about John Edward’s little problem keeping his lil toad in the correct hole. When it first broke, there was a little mention on my vast right-wing conspiracy talk radio stations – but not much more. Anyone asked about it discounted the report as being “from the Inquirer.”

Most main stream media has turned a blind eye to it, no surprise, but now Edwards’ home town paper has caught on and is reporting the story. It may start to pick up steam once Obama publicly rules out Edwards as a running mate.

It’s simple. Someone didn’t want Edwards to be in contention for Obama’s VP spot, so they released this. Factor in a cannibalistic political party, and a media still in the endorphine-induced haze of a week long Obamagasm – and they continuet o deny for the politicos so nobody has to open their mouth. After all, the longest serving Republican senator just resigned. THAT is the story.

Only thing I can think of is that the leak came from the Clinton camp, and more may continue to be produced as we get closer to the Messiah Barack Hussein Obama selecting his first Apostle… But the Clintons are back burner, and no longer the darlings of the main stream media.

A tale of drunken debauchery…

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

A few months back I got a new neighbor at my apartment complex.  Total raving drunk.  Drives drunk all the time.  Walks around drunk all the time.  I won’t give them the respect to call them an alcoholic.

Anyhow, first week, they try busting in through my back door – drunkenly confusing it for their own.

Few weeks later, they trash the bathroom because the toilet is clogged.

Few nights ago, again they’re trying to get in through my back door.

So I call the cops when they drive off drunk with a suspended license.

Cop escorts them back.

Cop leaves.

Cop returns later in plainclothes, is satisfied *cough* that there won’t be a repeat (which there has), and the drunken fucktard GETS AWAY WITH IT.

So anyone who thinks I believe that all cops are angels – think again.  I’m between a rock and a hard place as I don’t want to deal with any small town bullshit, but I don’t know how to get this drunk taken care of before they take out a family of 5 while out meandering local roads.

In the mean time, I’m trying to find a new place to live, the landlord is trying to get the drunk evicted, and apparently drunken driving winos have more rights than ME.  So if anyone happens to know any homosexual state troopers, drop me a line.

More on the Critical Masshole

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

When you’re driving, and come up on a traffic stop – do you speed up and try to go around the officer while he’s walking to or from his car? If you come up on a DWI checkpoint, do you speed up and try to go around the officers? If you come up on an inspection/registration checkpoint, do you speed up and try to go around the officer?

Probably not, if you want to keep going.

I’ve gotten some negative feedback, heavily bent against the police (big surprise). I still hold my position, if for ANY reason a police officer walks out in front of you AS OBVIOUSLY AS THE OFFICER IN THE VIDEO DID… You STOP. Could he have put his hand out? Sure. Would it have made a difference? I doubt it. Then again, a video of a cyclist coming to a complete stop and THEN getting thrown by a police officer would be a much more convincing police brutality claim IMHO.

The cyclist made a decision in the 3 seconds between when the officer saw him and began moving to intercept – to either stop or evade. He tried to evade. He tried to lean at the cop and bump the cop out of the way while accelerating. Then at the moment when it was either the cop taking the hit from the cyclist – or defending himself – the cop forced the cyclist to the ground.

I wouldn’t do that in my car let alone on a 15lb bicycle, the video is not as clear cut as its being made out against the police in the media – there IS much room for interpretation here, but as is the case with just about every incident involving a police officer – the cop is the bad guy, guilty until proven innocent.

This morning I was watching the WB11 morning news at 8am when the male anchor appended the PBA’s comments on the incident with a loud and childish “WHATEVER.” Everyone hates the cops until they’re needed. Not to say there aren’t some douchebag cops out there – but in a case like this when there are obvious factors in that video that everyone seems to be purposely ignoring – I’ll gladly give the uniform the benefit of the doubt.

Cop defends self from cocky cyclist – Cop punished.

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Last night I caught the YouTube video (on Fox 5 news) showing a bicyclist ramming into a NYPD officer and subsequently getting tossed like a rag doll.  At least that is how I saw it.  Generally, if I’m on my bike I’m looking straight ahead.  if I see a Police officer (or any other pedestrian at that) walking into my immediate path I IMMEDIATELY SLOW AND IF NECESSARY – STOP.

How stupid is this guy?  How this is seen as the cop walking up to and subsequently (without reason) throwing this guy simply illustrates a complete lack of understanding as to the scene!

Two cops in the middle of the road, perhaps there to direct traffic.  Now for whatever reason – the cop on the left looks DIRECTLY AT A SINGLE ONCOMING CYCLIST and begins to walk into his path at 22 seconds.  The cyclist, instead of slowing or stopping, PEDALS FASTER to try and get around the cop at 24 seconds, going as far as leaning his torso at the cop to try and hit him.  At 25 seconds, the cop checks the guy to the ground.

My friend, you’re a moron, and a disgrace to the cycling community.

Not to mention if you do a search on YouTube – it would appear that either there is a nationwide pandemic of police brutality on cyclists – or simply that this “Critical Mass” event attracts all riders, including anti-authority jackasses who obviously have no respect for law enforcement.

I hope this cop is fully reinstated as soon as possible, and this cyclist is buried by this video which obviously shows that the RIDER is at fault.  (Anyone forget the law that pedestrians ALWAYS have right of way?).

What A Dick.

Only mistake the Officer made IMHO is not putting his hand out in a ‘STOP’ motion. Still, I wouldn’t have done what the kid did, must be how I was raised. Not to mention – the way the camera panned just in time, makes me think the entire thing was staged. The kid tried a bump and run on the cop and lost.

That couldn’t work!

Monday, July 28th, 2008

You know, for all the talk these fuckhead politicians spout about not knowing what WILL lower the price of oil and gasoline – they seem to be pretty damned smart when it comes to knowing what WONT.

Simple fact is that the President SAID he was lifting the ban on offshore drilling, and the price of oil dropped over $20 and the cost at the pump is back below $4 on average.  If simply TALKING about increasing domestic production knocks $.50 off a gallon of gas, then I’d have to wager actually taking that sweet sweet oil out of the ground will probably DROP IT FURTHER.

Throw in a few new nuclear plants to offset all the coal/oil plants…

A few new refineries to turn American oil into American gasoline…

Nah…  That’ll never work.

Fuckheads.  They say “no, its the fact that Americans are driving less which is affecting the price of fuel.”  SO what, all of a sudden those evil oil companies are following the laws of supply and demand?  Can’t have it both ways folks.  Could it contribute?  Absolutely.  MOst importantly though, foreign sources of oil, speculators, they’re all watching to see if America will finally shut up, put up, and support themselves.

Watch the price continue to drop as the tide changes in our favor despite the gridlock and bullshit caused by our friendly neighborhood limousine riding, private jet flying democrats.  At this point I don’t care who does it, but isn’t it about time we stop arguing over what WONT cut the price and actually DO something about it?


Monday, July 28th, 2008

Just saw the first preview for W.

I guess W means Weak?

Seriously, I mean I know the Lefty kooks can’t stand the guy – and Oliver Stone is a whiz when it comes to historical revision, but seriously…  Is he just afraid that 35 years from now someone might actually release a movie about W that isn’t well…  dumb?

A scrapper, a drunk, and a fuckup – and eventually, President.  That’s the preview in its entirety and most likely (with the addition of plotlines which prove every conspiracy theory you’ve heard correct) the entire movie.

The only thing Stone’s W preview missed was Leslie Nielsen playing Dick Cheney.

Seriously – move on!

Daughtry? Sevendust? Cool!

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Was listening to my Sirius radio today when a new Sevendust track titled “The Past” came up.  I’m kinda paying attention to it, then I hear what sounds like Chris Daughtry… but it’s Sevendust.

So I send a message to my friend, and she gets a good laugh – then confirms that it is Daughtry.

Finally I do a quick search online, and catch a news report via YouTube.

Pretty good song, it’s on the Album “Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow” which has been out since April.  Time to pay a visit to iTunes!

Tour of Duty? Please.

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

I think if I hear one more person – refer to Obama’s Iraq visit as a ‘Tour of Duty’ I believe I am going to lose my lunch.

Brave men and women fight and DIE during a “tour of duty.”  They don’t ride around in air conditioned vehicles, miles away from danger, then get to return to their cushy home AT WILL.

As usual, Fox News isn’t sensationalizing the story.  Damned right wing media.  When will they fall in line?


Monday, July 21st, 2008

Got the intake manifold bolted down just in time to realize I forgot the gasket for the distributor.

So tomorrow I’ll buy a new gasket kit, clean it all up, and do it again.


Hey Gates – WTF?

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

I love my XBox 360.  I’ve had it since maybe… a year or two afte rit launched.

I’ve had a couple of friends get the RROD – was hoping it’d miss me, that i’d luck out.  It had been acting up for a while, but the only way to actually get Microsoft to fix it FOR FREE is to have the RROD.

Maybe one day – Microsoft will build something that doesn’t fail neatly into a 4 letter acronym.