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Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Ok John, you’ve got my vote.  Just don’t fuck it up.

BessieZ71 Update…

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Back on the 7th, this is what the engine bay looked like.  Beat ass engine, grease, grime, ick.

A little Lestoil, a little pressure wash, and lots of scrubbing later… Holy crap, there’s a white spot!

Just wasn’t white enough though, didn’t have that showroom shine.  Hell, I don’t think it had a showroom shine in ’89…  So I spent some time masking off the parts that shouldn’t be white…

This is after 2 coats of white paint, same color the rest of the truck will get.  Tomorrow the clear coat goes on, then I mask off the white, pull out the old fender wells and tires, then get to sealing and painting the frame with a nice gloss black.

More to come…

Came to a realization today…

Monday, August 25th, 2008

John McCain:

Col. Saul Tigh:

I knew it. John McCain is a frakking toaster.

Go looking for something to complain about…

Monday, August 25th, 2008

…and you’ll always find it.

I had to bring the VW to the local dealership a month or two back because it was making a noise in turns. After 4 visits, I finally got someone at the dealership to experience the same problem – and they ‘fixed’ it.

I used quotations because well, in the process of the repairs it would appear that they also screwed up the camber so bad that my tires were completely bald in oh… a month or two. So I ended up going to Sears yesterday to get a new set of Kumho Solus tires put on. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the V-Rated Conti’s, and generally have better experiences with the H-rated variety.

I’m hoping that these tires hold me until the lease is up, then I’ll decide whether to return the car or buy it.

A few pics…

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Almost there…

This is what VROOM looks like…


Friday, August 22nd, 2008

My usual IRC server has gone to a better place, in the mean time I set up an IRCD here at to fill the gap – if you’re so inclined, fire up your IRC client and connect to on port 6667.  We’re all in #chat!

Pineapple Express – Funniest Film of 2008.

Monday, August 18th, 2008

That Seth Rogan guy – he’s good.

With exception to the 40 Year Old Virgin, there hasn’t been a single movie he was in that not only was a laugh riot – but also had a good moral statement on it.  The statement for Pineapple Express?  If you don’t smoke weed, you’re an effing superhero.  Watch it, tell me I’m wrong.

The plot is a little all over the place, in some points hinting of Tarantino, while others are simply the pure slapstick comedy which is wholly LACKING from modern cinema.  You can only tell the same dick and fart joke so many times before you’re found wondering why you just paid $30 to hear it yet again.

Pineapple Express doesn’t do that, it’s funny, original, and IMHO – the best comedy of 2008.

And yes, I know I suck at movie reviews, I’d rather not have cancer.

What a night-mare…

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Got the headers installed on the motor yesterday, what a pain in the ASS. The driver’s side headers went right on.  The passenger side needed some significant filing in the bolt passages, and then after we put it together realized that the oil dipstick tube didn’t have the right clearance necessary to install it.  Ended up having to back the header off one last time to get it in there.

Started out the day with a trip to the local boneyard, hoping to get a few intake manifold bolts for my new motor (lost one in the sandblaster).  When I get there I tell the woman what I need to get, and she flips out.  She gets her foreman over and thats when I find out that they take each and every motor and send them off to exporters, so I can’t take any parts off of them.  Even bolts.  Talk about idiotic, they can’t tell me there wasn’t a blown motor or an old 350 sitting around that I could take a bolt from.

So I end up at Roxbury Automotive, tell them what I need, and within 5 minutes I’ve got a set of bolts in my hand, taken off a motor rotting in the yard.  How effing hard was that?  Won’t waste my time with Spechts anymore after that crap.

Should get my big Autozone shipment tomorrow, then get back to work on Wednesday on the truck.  I finished degreasing the engine bay so we can get to painting it then, and in the mean time get all the new sensors hooked up on the new motor and finally start putting the girl back together!  WOOT!

Those white strip people…

Friday, August 15th, 2008

I really can’t stand white strip people.

Nothing against them personally, and my teeth are hardly pearly white, but every time I see someone on television who smiles and they’ve got this little white area surrounded by yellow – I can only wonder why they don’t just go to the dentist and get the entire mouth done, or simply brush more.  WHO KNOWS.

That’s compounded of course by annoying ads, in this case a TV ad for the latest Dell laptop which goes through a series of photos with some white strip guy posing with the same blonde in several Myspace style self-shots, only to crop her out and replace her with a brunette on his new Dell.

Tack on the whole implication of a guy cutting his ex out of a photo and then finding the next one from that cropped shot – only to create even more self-shots with the same new girl (implication is he’s an unoriginal ASSHAT) – and we’ve got a very annoying advertisement that makes me miss the pothead they had years ago.

Well, that sucks.

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Got the inner fender wells for the Chevy today, and to my dismay the metal had ripples in it.  I’ll take a wild guess that my Taiwanese bretheren stamped these out at 4:30pm on a Friday.  Not sure if anyone at LMC actually looked at them either, as the rippling is pretty bad.

Called them up shortly after i inspected them, they’re sending out a new pair (after checking them) and told me to scrap the ones I got.  I may try to bang out the ripples but most likely I’ll just send them to the scrap yard.

I did get the flywheel and one of the autozone sensors yesterday, and I also discovered that I botched up my email address on the original order which is why I never got any order confirmation…. Still, tomorrow I hope to get the old fender wells removed, finish detailing the engine bay, and then get the truck back up on the lift to clean up a few areas of the undercarriage.  Maybe a trip to the local boneyard to get a few intake manifold bolts as well (one of them has gone missing).  The Mr.Gasket bolts weren’t case hardened steal which allowed them to stretch slightly after torquing down.  So we ended up removing all of those and installing the originals after some cleanup.

Anyhoo… Later.