I’m nervous.

I’m nervous because Wednesday morning I may wake up and the most Socialist member of Congress may just be the President.  I’m nervous because his definition of “Rich” has seemingly dropped from $250,000 per year to $50,000 per year.  I’m nervous because he plans on putting the same Government who hasn’t gotten Social Security fixed over the course of 70+ years in charge of my healthcare.  I’m nervous because in the midst of a recession, he plans on over a trillion dollars of new spending – AND more taxes.  I’m nervous because he wants to implement a civilian defense force that is as powerful and well funded as the US Military.  Waffen SS Anyone?

Spread the wealth around? Assassinate the character of dissenters? Discard media outlets who disagree? What honest self respecting American can vote for this bullshit?  If you want Hope and Change, you’ll get it, because Obama will Change everything for the worst, and everyone who voted for him who has half a brain will Hope that he is summarily defeated in the elections of 2012…

Journalism has died in 2008!  I don’t know anything about Obama besides what leaks out through talk radio, Fox News, and the Conservative blogosphere.  Still to this day there are hundreds of questions which have never been asked of the man (albeit hurled at his Republican opponents).  Both sides should have gotten the full court press during this election cycle.  Instead, Obama has gotten a pass at every turn, and I can tell you precisely why…

If Obama wins, God forbid, the fairness doctrine is soon to follow, and the main stream media’s monopoly on information is restored.  Obama has already proven that he will shape the media with an iron fist, and it will seemingly allow the most do-nothing Democrat Congress in American history to get a pass.

If he loses, it’s the story of the century.  The media’s candidate fails.  Headlines all over shall exclaim “What Happened!?” as they shudder to recover from the loss, then cover it, then perhaps even cover everything they’ve ignored over the past couple years.  If he loses, expect many stories on the racism of America, the inequality, and the need for someone to implement the Marxist ideals that Obama was denied – simply because he’s Black.

I’m hopeful that come Wednesday morning, I will get to see the chaos rain down from the Left as they wonder how putting forth the biggest hype campaign since the Blair Witch Project could have failed.  The Obama campaign is a house of cards, and I don’t expect the useful idiots who have supported him along the way to go silently into that good night.

I’m hopeful that the Hail Mary of Sarah Palin works.  McCain is a reformer, as is Palin.  If they can reign in the wasteful spending, get the tax cuts made permanent (if not EXPANDED), secure our borders and tie up Afghanistan and Iraq – I’d say we’re on the way to recovery from the Bush years.

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