More taxes, that’s the ticket!

No economy, no society, no family, no individual has ever been taxed into prosperity – EVER.

In the best case, a tax is a way for Government to fund its function.

In the worst case, our case, a tax is a punishment for the prosperous and what enables Government inefficiency at every level.

Now that Americans are apparently driving less, the Governments aren’t making as much money.

Their solution? Tax more.

That’s right, while the cost of a gallon of gas is now in the more reasonable $1.50 range instead of $4.00, the Government has apparently felt the pinch of losing out on windfall profits. Michigan, California, and other states all plan on raising the tax on gas to make up for the shortfall.

ARE THEY KIDDING!? With the cost of a gallon of regular in Michigan around $1.60, they plan on hiking the tax burden to 18% on the wholesale cost of fuel. That would make it the highest fuel tax IN THE NATION.

You’ve done what they wanted, what they recommended! You’re driving less! You’re driving the fuel efficient cars that they forced the automakers to produce! You aren’t falling for the allure of the Red Tag Sale $55,000 dollar Cadillac Escalade anymore! How do they respond? TAX YOU MORE.

Look folks, when the raw power of this economy is unleashed – there really isn’t anything that can stop it. Sure, things are bad now, and people are justifiably shy of pulling the trigger. Only months ago, fuel was over $4. Sales in just about every industry are down. The stock market is down. Companies are going under, and we’ve got an inbound President hell bent on being the one to prove that a nation CAN be taxed into prosperity.

People aren’t sure, they’re flat out scared to death. The best thing the Government can do at this point is to STAY THE F OUT OF IT. Clean up their own house, and leave ours alone. Stop handing out our money to and buying businesses that only know how to fail. Start cutting the fat and stop taxing us to stay fat. We can come out of this situation with a renaissance, or more malaise. The key is keeping Government out of our wallets, out of our cars, and as far out of our lives as possible.

Since I doubt they’ll back off any time soon, I’ll be investing in tin foil hats. How about you?

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