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Bangkok Dangerous?

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Watched Bangkok Dangerous tonight, and the one thing that kept going through my mind was… “Wow, Gene Simmons’s acting has really improved since Runaway!”


Saturday, January 31st, 2009


Caca Del Toro

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

This is the sort of crap that makes me chuckle…

‘Che’ spurs debate, Del Toro walkout

Challenge these elites, and they fold. Every time.

Zen, and the art of misfiring German technology…

Monday, January 26th, 2009

I hadn’t driven the VW since… Thursday I think. I usually take the truck in on Friday’s, and I didn’t go anywhere this weekend. I get into it this morning, start it up, and make it nary 10 feet from my driveway before the motor starts shaking like mad. I push the gas down, hesitation. GREAT! I immediately guess that there’s a misfiring cylinder.

The check engine light came on after a minute or so, I switched my engine computer over to read the codes and get P0304… Misfire, #4 cylinder. This is when the fun starts, as it is… maybe 10F outside right now, and somewhere over the last 20 years it has become common practice to make engines look like anything BUT engines… So I take the plastic shroud off the motor, then some little plastic device, then a bit of metal which is covering the #4 cylinder, and I’m finally at the coil.

So I unplug the coil, give it a little twist, a little pull, and the damned thing comes off in my hand. It snapped off right at the top of the unit. A lovely electrical-burning type smell also joined the black scorch mark from the core of the coil to where it shorted out and snapped it.

Great. Monday, i’m just about broke, and now I need a new ignition coil for an effing VOLKSWAGEN. Can’t imagine it’s very cheap. So I go to the dealer, to my surprise it was only $25. The parts guy says “When you go to VW training, there are 2 things you do not do… badmouth the company or bring up those ignition coils.” Makes sense to me.

The coil was $25, and the pair of pliers I bought to pull out the rest of the original coil was another $20. Guess I’m not eating out this week, but at least my car is running.

Short, Sweet, Not Worth $60.

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Picked up Star Wars: The Force Unleashed via Gamefly yesterday. After 2 solid days of play – I beat it. The AI is either tedious or idiotic. The controls are overly complex only if you want your moves to be overly complex. The plot line is solid (and better than the last 4 films combined IMHO). The amount of tedium involved in the game was enough to incur outrage over satisfaction though. Tack on beating it in 2 days, I couldn’t imagine buying it new. Rent it, or buy it well used. Star Wars fans will be satisfied, but overall the game is forgettable.

That sort of day…

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009


Why I don’t care about B.Hussein Obama.

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

So I get out of a meeting today, and the entire call center is off the phones, listening to Obama’s inauguration.

I stop at the bank to cash a check, all the tellers are away from their stations, listening…

I stop at the car wash, and every car there had it cranked.

I really don’t care about B.Hussein Obama, at all. I wish him the best of luck, I truly do. I hope things get better now. But I don’t care.

See, 8 years ago, I was fooled. I bought into the hype. I was sold on the “new tone” bill of goods. I believed the “restore honor to the office” line. 8 years later, I know better. Sure, I haven’t been blown up, but lets be realistic – the economy is in tatters, I fear for my job, and generally speaking there hasn’t been much good news (actually reported).

Today, its painfully obvious that it only took 8 years of George W Bush to fool everyone else!

The true gem of all this hype, is that the people who believe in B.Hussein Obama right now – actually think they’ve got one up on people like me. The truth is, nothing has changed, nothing will change, and 8 years from now we’ll just have a new flock of sheep ready to sip the kool-aid.

It amazes me that it doesn’t matter what Government does wrong, all they need to do is put a new face on the same broken machine, and you idiots actually believe things will change.

Fair and balanced? Why bother.

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Caught a story out of Newsbusters showing that Sean Hannity’s new show “Hannity” completely trounced the competition, bringing in ratings even higher than when he had fire marshal bill as the co-host.

Maybe fair and balanced doesn’t win the race by a big enough margin. Fox News has been trouncing all the other major networks for some time (much to the chagrin of people who only watch all the other major cable news networks)… Their message of “Fair & Balanced” which generally involves covering EVERYTHING – has held them in first place.

The bump that Hannity has received after Alan Colmes left makes me seriously wonder if it is time for Fox to scrap the “Fair & Balanced” tag line and just go for it. I don’t see the idealists of the political Right losing any audience, especially with the Messiah ready to take over in… 6 days?

I’m not saying that FNC doesn’t have its share of spin, but apparently it is what the rest of us are watching while the elites are slouching towards inauguration with their noses in the air.

Congrats Sean.


Friday, January 9th, 2009

Flip on the radio this morning, listening to O&A, they’re doing the Liquid Ass bit.

I know what Liquid Ass is.

I know because I bought it MONTHS ago.

I bought it MONTHS ago because STERN did the effing bit MONTHS ago.

I really don’t care for Stern, so when my favorite show does the same effing bits, I’M STILL NOT GOING TO EFFING LIKE IT.

That… doesn’t make any frakking sense.

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

I picked up BSG Season 4.0 yesterday, and finished watching it at around 1am.

Amazing how much better that show is when I’m not playing video games while watching it!

Anyhow, so the 6 is pregnant… They’re leaning towards Tigh having done it.

My problem? He’s a Cylon. Cylons apparently cannot reproduce.

Logical Conclusion A: Someone else impregnated the 6. Baltar maybe?
Logical Conclusion 2: The final 5 are hybrids, not entirely Cylon, not entirely Human.
Logical Conclusion D: Tigh isn’t actually a Cylon.

I’m going to lean towards conclusion 2. The normal Cylons were created by man, and I’ll guess that the final 5 were created by the 13th tribe, or that the 13th tribe WERE these original hybrids, which is why they’re different.

As for who the 5th model is, it’s Galactica itself. That’s just my guess.