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Sylvania/Consumerist RULES.

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Wow, just… Wow.

Not many things get me to say that, but when a company takes care of a consumer when the product they’ve purchased doesn’t meet expectations – I say WOW.

Last October, the headlamps on my VW started to fail. I always replace them in pairs, decided to pick up Sylvania Silverstars. I didn’t want a mix of yellow and white light either, so I picked up 2 pairs of bulbs…

Now these aren’t cheap, but they’re the same wattage as OEM and are bright as !@#$. I love them. I loved them up until 3 months later when one of the low beams failed, and the other shortly followed. I know how to swap bulbs, I know I didn’t touch the glass, so losing $40 in 3 months after the OEM’s lasted over 3 years was pretty disappointing.

I contacted OSRAM Sylvania through their website and explained the situation. A day later, they respond and tell me that they’ll replace the bulbs within a year of purchase. I didn’t have the receipt, so I sent the bulbs back along with their email last week.

Today I got 2 new pairs of H7’s for my VW in the mail. Wow. Just… Wow.

That’s easily 80 bucks worth of lighting, and they stood behind their product and took a stranger over the Internet at his word. I’m very impressed, and my faith in Sylvania products has been restored completely.

It also helped that I followed some tips from on how to properly contact a company for this sort of problem, which I’m sure helped to get the problem resolved quick.

Oscars 2009

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Watched the Oscars last night, usually skip them, but I was surprised that they actually put on a good show. High point for me? Ben Stiller’s mocking of Jaoquin Phoenix’s interview on Letterman. Seriously almost fell off the couch after that one. The musical number with Hugh Jackman and Beyonce wasn’t bad, even though Jackman’s voice really wasn’t into it (more like a broadway Wolverine). The tribute to Heath Ledger when he won the best supporting actor award was also very good. Not a dry eye in the house I could tell.  I also enjoyed the Slumdog Millionaire numbers.

One thing that bugged me about the hole night, was that for some reason a certain camera man couldn’t help but continually pan over to Al Gore Jr. Seriously, the guy looks like a reject from a NAMBLA convention. His only accomplishments in life being surviving the birth process, and topping out the speed on a Prius. I wouldn’t let a kid trick or tread at this guys house, let a lone watch the Oscars where his twisted sneer shows up more than Jessica Biel’s fine, fine, FINE body.

Wow, dumb.

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Just finished watching the movie “Blindness.”

Looked interesting from the previews.

Entire city goes blind.

People are stuffed into a sanitarium by the government to quarantine them.

Bad people are bad, good people are good.

Spoiler: Their sight comes back in the end.

After 2 hours of this movie, all I can ask is… “What the !@$ just happened?”  They never get into the ‘how’ or ‘why.’  I’m sure the intellectuals love this movie, and can pick out the various metaphors, but I don’t care.  This has got to be the stupidest thing I’ve seen on my television since I saw a live cow fly past a truck in Twister… which oddly enough is on TNT right now.

Did you miss the memo?

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Holder: US is nation of cowards on racial matters

Eric Holder has described America as a nation of cowards when it comes to race, that not enough of us talk about race issues, et al.

I don’t care about race issues, I don’t like or hate anyone based on their race. I don’t prattle on about it because it doesn’t matter to me. Sure, I’m a white guy, but what exactly am I doing wrong here? Why the !@#$ am I a coward because I don’t see people for where they came from, but for who they are? I could have sworn I was doing things right. Sure there are plenty of racists out there, but what am I supposed to do, track them down? Blow their heads off? How about I just let them churn on in their hate, let them be the EXCEPTION, not the rule. They are the exception. The majority of Americans aren’t talking about race issues because they are busy BEING AMERICANS.

From what I can tell, we had a very big conversation on race last November – did Eric Holder miss the memo?

Write the Governor!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

NY governor proposes Internet tax on downloads

I sent the following to the Governor’s office this afternoon. If you’re a NYS resident, as I am, this sort of garbage cannot be allowed and you need to let the Governor know it! The people of NY do not deserve to be punished for the mistakes that these lawmakers commit!

“Governor Paterson, the nation’s economy is in a historic recession. Both brick and mortar as well as Internet retail is suffering severely. Enacting a tax on downloads at any time is a mistake which will reward New York’s lawmakers, including yourself, for a rampant inability to do what the rest of us New Yorkers do – live on a budget! Not only will this tax encourage further wasteful spending and fiscal mismanagement in this state, it will add another nail to the coffin of an already struggling economy. Internet commerce has grown exponentially since its inception because government regulation has been minimal, if you implement such a tax, it only opens the door for greater taxation which will only serve to punish innovation and growth. Shame on you for even suggesting such a law, you should be cutting spending to eliminate these shortfalls, not adding more money to a leaking pot.”

I’m a Mac, and you smell.

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Woman In Critical Condition After Being Attacked By Chimpanzee

…and that my friends is why I always keep my effing monkey IN CHECK.

I’m a PC, and I don’t care.

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Kan. suspends income tax refunds, may miss payroll

…and that my friends, is why I don’t effing claim 0 on my W2.

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

OK, so the episode plot was a little generic.  Beyond that, the show has potential.  I believe the challenge here will be how Dusku’s acting chops can carry the role, she pretty much IS the show right now.  She’ll need to convincingly play whatever role is programmed into her each week, while Joss Whedon and his co-horts work out the glitches that periodically pop up in Dushku as far as memories which haven’t been wiped, or how they affect her current mission.

I’ve seen some reviews compare it to “My Own Worst Enemy.”  They may be similar in that we have a human being programmed like a machine to do a task… That’s where it ends though.  MOWE made the mistake of full disclosure from day one, there was no real mystery in it, and essentially what you got handed each week was a ‘fish out of water story.’

With Dollhouse, Dushku’s “Echo” is a blank.  She joined the program, had her memory wiped (or did she?) and each week she’s dropped into any number of situations with any number of memories… Each memory has its own story, its own dynamic, not to mention the mystery that is Echo herself…  Heck, tack on the underlying organization, and you have oodles of plot lines that Whedon is again expertly weaving into another round of legendary story telling and entertainment.

I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot, and am looking forward to the coming episodes.  The tie in and cross promotion of Terminator (Summer Glau) is just another perk.  Good job Mr. Whedon, keep it up.

Lets just hope the network doesn’t fuck it up like they did with Firefly and Angel now.

Dream a little dream…

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Had a dream last night where I caught up with a girl who I haven’t seen in… probably 7+ years…  Honestly, I haven’t had a dream about them in probably as long.

Later on in the dream, I’m talking to one of my friends, and mentioned my previous run-in.  I comment on how well her life is going…

So my friend looks me in the eye and asks “So when are you going to start living?”

…and then I woke up.

I just keep looping it in my head… and I wonder… Am I really living?  How will I know?

Bale was right!

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Pretty sure everyone’s heard Christian Bale going off on the Director of Photography while filming Terminator 4 at this point… Personally, I agree with him. Nothing infuriates me more when someone blindly starts screwing with my work, mind you I haven’t actually gone off on anyone as bad as he did…

But I’m not being paid millions to do my job, far from it. If someone paid me millions, and the same dipstick messed it up not once, but twice? They’d be on the floor. I’m not that mature or professional yet.

Christian Bale flips out on Terminator 4 movie set.
Techno Remix of the above.