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Blame the creator!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

I’m really hoping this story isn’t true…

Official is offended by Swine flu name, wants it changed.

All I can say is, if you don’t like the name of this virus… BLAME THE CREATOR.



Monday, April 27th, 2009

Got my first tick bite today, I didn’t realize it at the time when I ripped the little bastard off my side. I figured it was a scab or something, then saw a little !@#$ing tick crawling around. I think I got all of it out, and it was a deer tick, but it freaked me the F out.


Monday, April 27th, 2009

Took the truck out the other day for a drive down to Jersey, and noticed that the battery gauge was stuck at 9, and the battery light was flashing…

The plug to the voltage regulator on top of the alternator decided to fall off, and land on the exhaust header….which was blazing hot, and turned the plug into a puddle of molten plastic.

The laughs began when I started trying to find the part… Autozone, no dice. NAPA? No dice (they had a 3 wire one, where mine had only 1 wire, but I’ll get to that next). So I stop at Healey Chevy in Goshen. $75.

SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS FOR A PLUG AND A FEW INCHES OF WIRE. This isn’t a BMW, it’s a 20 year old pickup truck, with a part number so common that dozens of different models had the same exact part!

I wasn’t even going to waste my time with the local boneyard. They’re more concerned with cashing out by selling the parts to overseas refurbishing agents who re-sell us our own parts at a premium than allowing someone with an old car/truck to pick a part or two to keep their toy running.

So I stop at the Goshen NAPA, and find out after the guy made a phone call – that the 3 wire will work, I just need to use the “L” wire, and he’s also getting me an OEM unit (used)… Took all of… 5 minutes. Hopefully after a quick splice tomorrow, the Chevy will be back in fighting form, and I hope so. It still uses R12 refrigerant and cools off quicker and stronger than my 4 year old Volkswagen.

Cool. Hehehehehehe.

What new direction?

Sunday, April 26th, 2009


Rice 2.1

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

I had previously outlined some German Ricewurst in my company parking lot, well my friends – the badge-charging has gotten worse.


As you can see here, the car now dons a “bumper bully”… Otherwise known as a huge rubber mat with reflectors meant to protect your precious vehicle from being damaged by a bump. In this case, I’d say it is likely there to protect the 2 inches of extra exhaust tip hanging out the ass off this once great road warrior.


Lastly we have a shot of the latest badge chargers. First, the “Limited Edition” badging with what looks like almost… Easter themed colors. It IS April after all… Last but not least, the false louvers on the fenders now have ALPINA badges on them. Now when you’ve decided to not find a way to pump more cool, sweet air into your brakes, motor, or some other component of your finely tuned, German engineered uber auto… Why not throw another badge on it to make sure people KNOW that your fake louver was NOT made by Alpina.

Seriously. Whoever drives this car should sell it and buy a Civic… Maybe they sold their Civic to buy it. Who knows?

Pretty Frakking Cool

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Upgrade your Warner Brother’s HD-DVD discs to Blu-Ray for $5 per disc.

Not sure if this is legit yet, as I haven’t tried it – but if it is for real, it is a brilliant idea. I picked a side early in the format wars, the losing side as history would have Sony finally win an electronics argument for the first time since Betamax.

I’ve got a decent collection of HD-DVD’s, a fair number are Warner Brother’s disks, and if $5 will get me the Blu-Ray equivalent? I’m in.

Course, that means I’d have to buy a Blu-Ray player finally… Smart, very smart.

From the… “You just can’t make this !@#$ up” file…

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Quick update – I finally took a couple minutes to actually watch the video of this woman performing on YouTube – and to be honest, I had the same exact reaction that everyone else did. It’s unbelievable. Everyone – including me – discounted this woman because she looked like an old nanny. Her voice though? I got a feeling she’s going to be raking in some money from it, it was amazing. Watching the shock of the judges as well as the audience the moment she starts singing is truly a sight to behold.

Checked over at the Communist News Network earlier and caught the following:


It might still be up, but where else will you see a headline stating “Man on trial in the killing of transgender woman” right above the latest winner of “Britains Got Talent.”

The actual story on the lovely Scottish singer can be found here.

PE for the Terminator fans.

Monday, April 13th, 2009

So Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been cancelled. Apparently the last few episodes only garnered around 3.5 million viewers, which as we all know – is not enough for a network to justify anything other than even more reality television.  Screw the networks.  IMHO, the networks rarely if EVER put on a single show worth watching that isn’t some reality garbage or a simple situational comedy.  Time and again these people will take a chance, produce something dynamic and entertaining, and when it doesn’t blow away some show that 10 million bored housewives are watching – they toss it.

Anyone who caught the series finale the other night, imho, should be pissed.  This was the equivalent of having a case of PE when Carmen Electra is waiting in your bed.  The throw together an omage to the original Terminator film, sending Cameron through a prison, shooting everything up but people, and making it to the Sarah Connor to free her while missing half her face.

It’s also revealed, that the T1000 played by Shirley Manson was actually a GOOD guy all along.  No, she wasn’t working to train the AI that would become Skynet – nor was she helping to pool resources to build arial HK’s and other Skynet weaponry, no she was a good guy all along!  So was John Henry!  They were building the anti-skynet!  Now this COULD have worked, but they rushed the ending – they were forced to – by the morons in charge at Fox.

The show wraps up with an arial HK pulling a 9/11 into Manson’s office as she spreads out like a shield to protect everyone.  After which, Sarah promises to stop Skynet as John and Manson zip ahead in time, to the middle of the war.  John runs into Derek and Kyle Reese, as well as Cameron’s human counterpart, and that’s it, the series is over, leaving us all to believe that John didn’t grow up through the war – he just got zapped ahead into it with the knowledge he’s learned thus far, and is expected to lead the resistance to victory.  T3 had a better ending.

I’ll give them this, the effects were top notch, but this show was killed off way too early, and yet again is another example of why Fox should simply stop trying to compete with the CBSNBCABC as well as the cable networks.  They simply do not have the balls to persevere and carry on a show with 3.5 million viewers.  They first hand us a short 10 episode season, then cut the second season in half before restarting it in a new block next to Dollhouse.

My opinion?  Stop giving those damned ratings boxes to idiots who watch the Ghost Whisperer, or simply stop using them.  Instead of getting at least another season or two out of this story, they rush it into a wall and blow a hot sticky load of bullshit onto 3.5 million people who have faithfully followed that show in every timeslot Fox stuffed it in.  Despite all this, I’m sure Southland will make it a full season.  Why? It’s horribly predictable, just like the morons who run Fox.

If Dollhouse eats it next, I’m going to put a parental block on channel 5 and just forget the f’n password.

Another odd dream…

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Maybe it’s all this Fallout 3 I’ve been playing…

Driving up a country road, I start to see airplane wreckage on the site of the road.

Continuing on, I see more wreckage, multiple planes.

I finally stop because there’s a huge nose-cone right in the middle of the road, standing straight up, with a skull and crossbones engraved in the red paint. All around me is scattered aircraft wreckage. Apparently I’ve happened upon a huge aircraft cemetery / plane crash museum.

So I stop off and start to look around, and that’s when the storm comes in. The sky goes dark gray, near black, and the lightening comes. Someone decides to sit on the hood of my car, thinking the rubber tires would protect them, when BOOM, the car gets hit.

The guy sitting on it walks away, meanwhile blood is absolutely gushing from his legs.

My car? Toast. The wheel has been blown off, and it’s otherwise ‘done.’

Later on in the dream, the guy finally dies, and everyone is weeping.

Maybe I should stop playing Fallout 3 before bed. I have no idea where my brain is going with these dreams lately.

Southland? Rather watch South Park.

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Lost me at the first *beep*.

Seriously, The Shield set the bar as for what this show WANTS to be.

Everything is overly formulaic, the acting is horrendously stereotypical, and oh yeah, they bleep curses.

Seriously, if you’re going to curse, either use the real words or just don’t do it. The last dialogue uses the phrase ‘circle jerk’ without a beep, but they can’t say blow job? Seriously. Get your priorities straight, NBC.

Considering how horrid this show is, it will probably last 6 seasons and win an emmy. There are much better shows out there getting canceled that are actually worth my time.