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Break out the tin-foil hats folks…

Drivers Befuddled By Area Of Bermuda Triangle Parking That Renders Car Remotes Useless Mysterious force blocks car remotes in Yonkers I heard about this on the radio yesterday – basically there’s an area in Yonkers where the signals from keyless … Continue reading

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The NYC Nanny

Anyone with at least one half of their brain still functioning knows that drinking something packed with sugar, sodium, and other chemicals only Walter White could translate too much can’t be good for you.  Anyone who has stopped drinking soda … Continue reading

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And the real lunacy begins…

Already saw a bunch of absolute retards trying to tie the Colorado shooting to a comment that Limbaugh made (jokingly) comparing the character Bane to Bain Capital…  Yeah. Now I’m seeing backlash in the form of people trying (even Conservative … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Tech Support

I have a bad habit.  If I’m out and about, and pick up a wireless network on my phone, I try to poke around.  It’s amazing how many people set up a wireless network and just forget about it, or … Continue reading

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First road trip on the bike…

Last Tuesday night I decided to catch up with the rest of my family down at OBX.  The catch was, OBX is around 600 miles from here, and generally takes 10-12 hours to reach.  Since I’ve been riding for a … Continue reading

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