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5 Simple Rules For Republicans To Win Elections

So we’ve got at least 4 more years of the Neo-Socialist agenda to run unchecked in America.  Taxes will rise, spending will rise, everything is going to cost more, and the best chance we had at changing direction was wasted … Continue reading

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Most Wanted? Most overstated.

Finally got my hands on Need For Speed – Most Wanted (the new one) – They decided to take an open-world route with the game ala Burnout Paradise (same developer, Criterion) – graphics and physics are great for an arcade … Continue reading

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There are few things in life which are certain…

One of them you can count on though, is that a Call of Duty title will be… AWESOME. I decided to cave on the evening of November 12th, and make an attempt to find something that could break my Minecraft … Continue reading

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