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To the last gasp of Liberty…

Caught a YouTube video this morning which highlighted a protest in the UK regarding the banning of Fox Hunting, which included commentary from several residents regarding the crime rate in the UK since handguns were banned nationwide in 1997.  The … Continue reading

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

Shortly after recovering from the mess that was “Superstorm Sandy” last month, I received a call from my housemate that there was a large puddle on the floor around the water heater.  It had been working fine after I replaced … Continue reading

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An idiot’s guide to “Right to Work”

The origin of the labor union concept was to enable “collective bargaining.”  This allowed a group of employees to negotiate with their employer over wages, benefits, etc…  It kept employers from doing things which would harm the lives or livelihood … Continue reading

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PR Spells Victory for Big Government!

Yesterday I linked to a story which pointed out that the new crop of Apple iMac’s were apparently made in the USA, and that Apple is planning to relocate and/or expand its manufacturing presence within the borders of the USSA.  … Continue reading

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There is no such thing as bad press, thank you Atheism!

Columbia restaurant gets OK to give discounts to patrons with church bulletins Now I’ve got nothing against Atheists.  They don’t believe in any sort of God or organized religion, that’s fine by me.  What truly drives me up the wall … Continue reading

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Instead of falling down the fiscal cliff, lets jump it instead!

I personally believe that the fiscal cliff was a calculated move from the start.  In 2010, Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives.  This put the writing on the wall that Obama could be facing a repeat of what … Continue reading

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Far Cry 3

I’ve played the Far Cry games ever since it’s very attentive AI enemies would locate and kick my ass for making the mistake of shuffling through the not-high-enough high grass.  Since then, it’s blossomed into a full on sandbox style … Continue reading

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