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Taking a brave leap back into MMO hell… and loving it.

I’ve never been big on “fantasy” type games, nor have I ever really cared for online/multiplayer games – I prefer to be a lone gunman than have to deal with other players who for the most part are unrepentant twats … Continue reading

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Android VS iOS… Round 1

Recently I decided to pick up a new Android tablet as I’d been using it on my phone for some time, and while I absolutely adore my iPad 2, I wanted to see how far Android had come as far … Continue reading

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Delving into the 2nd dimension of sandbox gameplay…

For years now I’ve had a healthy addiction to Minecraft, even going as far as developing my own mods for the game.  Still, night after night, collecting resources, building, fighting, etc… in the nearly infinite sandbox world eventually grew repetitive … Continue reading

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Current Movie List

10 Things I Hate About You 200 Cigarettes 27 Dresses 28 Days 28 Days Later 28 Weeks Later 30 Days of Night 300 50 First Dates A Bronx Tale A Christmas Story A History of Violence A Man Apart A … Continue reading

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