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There is no such thing as bad press, thank you Atheism!

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Columbia restaurant gets OK to give discounts to patrons with church bulletins

Now I’ve got nothing against Atheists.  They don’t believe in any sort of God or organized religion, that’s fine by me.  What truly drives me up the wall though is when the portion of Atheists who are so inclined decide that they must impose their beliefs on others because – gasp – some people still choose to follow a religion!

In this case, a restaurant in PA has a web promotion where those who bring a current church bulletin to the restaurant would receive a discount on their Sunday purchase.  This group out of Wisconsin which has apparently pulled this crap on 30 other businesses already decided to accuse the restaurant of showing favoritism based on religion.

According to Google, there are over 20 different churches within a 1 mile radius of the restaurant – so there’s obviously a market for folks who go to church.  Should people who don’t have a bulletin get the same discount?  I don’t know.  Should people who don’t cut out the coupon from the weekly flyer for Musser’s Market still be able to buy a 48oz container of ice cream for $1.99?

Religion is only a touchy subject because folks like those behind the Freedom From Religion Foundation make it one.  I highly doubt that the folks at Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen would deny the discount to someone who brought in a bulletin or similar document from a Jewish Temple, a Muslim Mosque, or any other “religious” source.  If they did, then I’d support anyone who is crying foul.  They shouldn’t have to reword the promotion unless free speech doesn’t apply in matters of religion anymore.  In 2005, the 7th circuit court in Wisconsin declared that Atheism was in fact a religion.  That said, couldn’t they print out a current newsletter or something?  Do they even have one?

The amount of coverage that this story is getting will undoubtedly drive even more customers into the restaurant and that’s the beauty of it.  The FFRF set out to meddle, and in actuality created a rallying point for folks who are sick of their crap.  My advice?  Every local business that wants more business on Sunday should start offering a similar discount.  It obviously works, and now they’ve got Atheists providing free advertising too!

Obama himself once declared residents of Pennsylvania as bitter people clinging to their guns and religion… So it shouldn’t be a surprise when a PA business comes up with with a promotion which caters to that very demographic.  I’m honestly tempted to head out that way over the weekend to try the place out and show my support.  I may even stop in at one of the local churches and grab that free coupon too!

Here’s to you, Atheism.  Your public stance on displays of religion and people of faith over the years has provided free advertising and priceless promotion of our nations many diverse religious creeds.  Thank you for reminding us all that we still matter enough to irritate you. 🙂

Maybe Best Buy would be better off if pretentious gits just stayed home?

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Maybe Best Buy Would Compete Better If Their Employees Acknowledged Customers

The commenting system at The Consumerist has been offline since the last time mysterious hacker types caused problems… so when I see posts like this come up I’m forced to fight my desire to reach through the screen and choke the person sharing their story.

Long story short, person goes to Best Buy to purchase a tablet.  He finds what he wants on display, but can’t find the actual tablet to pick up and purchase.  So he waits about 15 minutes, watches various Best Buy employees moving about, doing their job, and grows frustrated that not a single one has come over to hold his hand.  He finally decides to break out his smartphone, thinking that one of the employees will have a moment of clarity and realize ‘Hey, this guy on his smartphone isn’t checking his email or Facebook, he’s price matching!  He’s going to buy the tablet on Amazon!  Red alert!’  Nobody came after another 8 minutes or so, and he finally went ahead with purchasing the tablet via Amazon on his phone.

Now folks, I’m no Best Buy fan boy.  I’ve had more than one experience where I wanted something that was listed as in stock, that a phone call verified was in stock, only to get there and not have it in stock.  I’ve dealt with their idiotic price-match policy which refused to cut me any slack when a competitor 10 minutes away through the Holland Tunnel could knock $500 off the TV I wanted to buy.  They’re no saints, they’re in trouble, and it’s really no secret why.

All that being said, is this guy serious?  You’re not standing in a Tesla dealership, you’re one of many consumers standing in a busy big box store with a bug up your ass thinking that some lowly blue-shirted minion should be kissing your ass instead of every other person in the store.  See, here’s the thing folks – there are businesses run by assholes, and assholes who sometimes run to businesses.  When I’m out and about, shopping at a store, do I always rely on a representative coming to me and offering assistance?  Nope.  Most times, when I’m asked – I already know what I’m looking for and where to find it.  Still, I’ve been in the same situation as this guy, where I can’t find what I’m looking for, or when I need some help – and that random offer from a rep would be a great help.

In those cases, I take a moment to realize that I’m not standing in the formal menswear department at Nordstrom, or peering through the window of a Fiat 500, I’m in a big ass department store surrounded by several dozen other nameless, faceless consumers who also may need help.  I could sit there, and get pissed off that nobody is coming over to hold my hand and tell me its all going to be OK…  I find the nearest rep in that department, and I actually ASK THEM FOR HELP.

So yes, Best Buy isn’t the best – but part of good customer service is the “good customer” – and if the original poster for this story was really hell bent on buying that tablet and having it in their hands that day, they would have found a rep and asked them for help.  The fact that they supposedly waited nearly a half hour and bought it on Amazon just tells me they’re a pretentious git who would rather have something to bitch about than expound the effort required to ensure they’d have nothing to bitch about.

I hope his delivery is delayed… twit.

Zen, and the art of the close call…

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Heading home from work today, I’m coming into Florida doing about 40mph, a couple carlengths off the Mitsubishi in front of me…  Up ahead, a UPS truck is waiting to hang a left out of a parking lot, and a tractor trailer is waiting to hang a right into the parking lot.  Then someone decides to do a courtesy stop.  Now normally, this isn’t a problem… but on a Friday afternoon when everyone is heading home from work on a busy road, it’s not too bright.

So the Pontiac stops short, and comes to a complete stop to let the UPS truck out.  The Mitsubishi behind them stops short and slams on the brakes.  I start to emergency stop behind the Mitsu, but I can’t slow fast enough, so I start to veer right and head for the grass, ready to take my first fall.  The Mitsu of course, still can’t stop in time for the Pontiac, so it starts to cut right at the same time I do, cutting me off.  I veer even harder right, into the grass.  After a bit of wobble I manage to slow and stop on the grass…  Mitsu on the grass behind me.  I slowly start to move again and the Mitsu AGAIN starts to cut me off after the Pontiac is already driving past me.

At this point I’m downright irate, so I just get on the gas and head down to turn around in the parking lot, when this jagoff puts his arms up at me like ‘WHAT THE !@#$’ – so I toot the horn, salute him, and continue on my way.

I wasn’t speeding, I wasn’t tailgating, I’ll have to work on my emergency stops a bit I think, but for the sake of all things holy, if there’s someone trying to pull out of your parking lot on a busy road at rush hour, and you have a line of cars behind you, LET THEM WAIT.

Dell Tech Support Chat

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

I cannot express how FRUSTRATING some online chat support is.  Normally I will give it a shot as my first round of getting help on an issue, some companies have a very good setup – like Checkpoint – where you contact them, and if the problem is too complex for a chat session, they’ll open a ticket for you.  Others, in this case Dell – simply vanish into the ether and end the session after waiting 20+ minutes for a response.

10:01:26 AM        System      System
You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
10:01:27 AM        System      System
Connected with AES Amanda Schreiber
10:01:31 AM        Agent      AES Amanda Schreiber
Hello, thank you for contacting Dell’s Enterprise Chat Support. My name is AES Amanda Schreiber. Once the chat session is completed, a transcript will be sent to

Please give me 2 to 3 minutes to access your system details and contact information.
10:01:39 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
10:02:36 AM        Agent      AES Amanda Schreiber
Thank you for your patience while we verified your information. Before we get started, can you please provide the following information:

1. What is the specific Operating System and version (Windows 2003, RedHat 4 , etc), and is it the 32 bit or 64 bit version?
2. What is the problem?
3. What specific steps have you taken to try and resolve it?
4. For troubleshooting purposes, are you in front of the server or remote into it?
5. What is the role of this server, is part of a SAN or Cluster?

Please answer those questions as detailed as possible, in order to help us resolve your issue in the most efficient manner possible.
10:02:50 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
operating system is fedora core 11 32-bit (not an OS issue btw)
10:03:23 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
problem is that when accessing the RAC console via the web portal, the keyboard stops working. rac/bios are at the current release version
10:03:32 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
accessing it from a windows 7 64-bit system running the latest version of java
10:03:48 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
happens regardless of browser version (firefox 4, ie9)
10:04:28 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
keyboard works fine if its booted into the OS, but after a certain number of keystrokes, no more entry is accepted, the screen is still live (for instance if i’m in the BIOS, i can see the clock still counting) but there is no response to the keyboard anymore
10:05:22 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
as far as troubleshooting, i’ve tried a few different java settings, as well as compatibility mode in the browser
10:06:22 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
server is a standalone box that i only access remotely
10:11:47 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
hello? 🙂
10:17:32 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
are you still there?
10:23:12 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
can you please confirm that you got this?
10:30:05 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
you haven’t responded in over 20 minutes, please respond.
10:35:09 AM        System      System
AES Amanda Schreiber has left this session!
10:35:09 AM        System      System
The session has ended!


I fired off an email to my account rep, and left a comment on the Dell site.  Right now I’m connected to another rep “AES Justin Ballard” who is actively responding and trying to help.  Definitely relieves some of my frustration, but still…

Ready, set, knee-jerk

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Folks, for as long as I’ve been breathing I’ve been a firm believer in the idea that Greenpeace is full of shit.

Their latest extortion campaign is focused on the mighty Unilever corporation, parent company of none other than my favorite ice cream ever created by the friendliest communists ever… Ben & Jerry.

Now while I’m sure some folks would see the rain forest as a paradise, personally I find it about as welcoming as the tundra of ANWR.  Leave it to Greenpeace to polish a turd in the name of environmental awareness.  Oh wait, I’m spending $4 a gallon on gasoline because these pricks thought tundra was paradise too.

Apparently the amount of palm oil required by Unilever to produce its Dove line of skin-care products is so detrimental to the Indonesian rain forest that it is single handedly contributing to the eventual extinction of the orangutan, forest destruction, and of course the red letter phrase of the 21st century… GLOBAL WARMING.

Now Global Warming is complete and utter bullshit. Is the climate changing? Absolutely. Anyone who expects the climate of a planet hurtling through space at 67,000 mph while orbiting a raging nuclear inferno to NOT change is a blithering IDIOT. I find that any study, story, cause, etc that relies on the mention of Global Warming to be greatly weakened if not completely discounted by the simple mention of it.

Greenpeace would be wise to drop Al Gore’s turkey and MOVE ON with things. I believe they just might have valid points as far as deforestation and effects on orangutan’s. I can’t see Indonesia having the same protections on their forests as we do here in the good ‘ol US of A, nor do I believe they have much interest in protecting the cute little orangutans.

That said – they did mention Global Warming… and quite frankly I like it warm outside, so I think I’ll buy some Dove soap and polish off a pint of Cherry Garcia afterwards.


Friday, August 10th, 2007

The list is up to 29 so far… Check it out!

The Annoyance List

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Everyone gets annoyed. For some time now I have considered setting up a master list of everything that annoys me – in the hope that once I list it here and share it with all of you, it won’t bother me as much. I will constantly update this list, and it will always be accessible by clicking the “Annoyances” category on the menu.

1. Slobs. I’m not exactly the neatest person out there, but when it comes to common area like a company break room or bathroom – clean up after yourselves.
2. Road hogs.  You know, those idiots who will cut you off only to drive slower than you or simply pull off 20 feet down the road?

3. Product security.  All it takes is a magnet to steal music, movies, or video games.  That’s right – a magnet will disable the RFID tag – it’s what they use at the checkout after all.  There’s no point to add those plastic strips which take 10 minuets to peel off and usually end up damaging the case.

4. Outsourced support.  I don’t mind it if I can understand what they are saying, but if the accent is so thick that my problem doesn’t get solved until I finally get transferred to someone I can understand – you’re not saving money.

5. Lazy support. When I call for help I expect you answer my question – don’t transfer me or pass the buck – it only wastes my time and adds to my level of regret for using YOUR product.

6. Married flirts. Why is it that when a woman gets married she finds it ok to be flirt? I’m sure married men are just as guilty, but they aren’t the ones flirting with me.  Don’t get married if you still want to play the game.

7. Anyone who lines up single file at a 3 register checkout.  If they wanted a single queue, they’d set up those annoying little pedestals with the ropes.  Don’t get all huffy when I just walk up either, it’s not my fault the concept is beyond you.

8. Exaggeration.  Give it to me straight, all exaggerating does is distract from your point – not emphasize it.

9. Pick a penny at the checkout. Yeah I’ve used them too, but it’s just an excuse for the average consumer to not carry exact change.  Either use your debit card or bring exact change, have some self respect!

10. Tip jars.  The only people who deserve tips are wait staff.  They get paid below minimum wage legally because they make up or exceed the difference with tips.  Everyone else makes at least minimum – if they depend on tips they should get a different jobs.

11. SUV’s. Just what the world needed, a way to make pickup trucks appealing to yuppies. Mass transport of offspring was safely perfected in the 80’s with the minivan.

12. SUV haters.  Gas is expensive because lack domestic production and refinement of oil – plus the Government taxes the product at every opportunity.  Drivers will be obnoxious and retarded regardless of what they drive.  Gray Pupon anyone?

13. Cell-phone users.  I don’t mind if you use your phone, but the microphones used on modern cellphones are more sensitive than the ones used to bust Nixon’s staff back in the 70’s.  In other words… DON’T SHOUT.

14. Cell-phone haters.  Some people enjoy being connected, so what?  If someone already drives like a retard and is easily distracted – a cell-phone isn’t the cause of their driving habits or worthy of hundreds of dollars of fines.

15. Hybrid cars.  Two worlds, Rudolph Diesel.

16. Me too’s. Think for yourself, come up with an idea already. I can understand the desire to just tag along but if you do – don’t bitch about it after the fact. It’s annoying.

17. Key bowls at a party. If you actually need to turn over your car keys at a party to prevent you from driving drunk, you shouldn’t be drinking – or driving. You’re an idiot.

18. Smokers. Yes, tobacco is legal and you are the willing addicts sending even more money into the Government faster than they can spend it. Yes, you are becoming more limited in where you can light up with each passing day – from the restaurant, to the bar, to your very own car. If enough of you got together and either spoke up or quit – you’d probably still be able to smoke at your desk, or the tobacco companies and the jerks in office who cash in on their product would be out of jobs.

19. Non-smokers. Look, I grew up in a smoking household. I smoked for about 5 years straight, a pack a day. Even now I might light up a smoke once every few months. I know it doesn’t smell nice to most, hell, my girlfriend is allergic to the smoke… just the same, stop whining. You might enjoy the ability to avoid smoke just about everywhere at this point, but don’t expect the trend to last long. Government will not regulate them past the point of turning a profit, when they can’t, they’ll turn on you and the rest of us will be happily smoking our cigarettes in a casket while laughing as the COPD kills us.

20. Parents who drive their kids to the bus stop. Now I don’t have a problem with a parent walking a young kid to the stop, or hanging out until the bus comes. Parents should have more involvement in their kids lives at every level. That said, nothing infuriates me more when I see everyone happily hanging out in the Escalade at the end of a driveway waiting for the bus to come. Protect, but don’t coddle. Coddled kids do drugs, get VD’s and eventually unload on their high school classmates with automatic weapons.

21. School administrators. Yes, all of them. The age of zero tolerance and buck passing has reached a climax that could only be surpassed in an internment camp. Sure, I know they’re afraid of being sued, but if they can’t make a decision then they shouldn’t be in MANAGEMENT.

22. Bicyclists who hog the road or ride against traffic. I rode a bike for years until a near death experience put my bipedal transportation habit on indefinite hiatus. That said, even without getting hit by a car I have respect for most cyclists. It doesn’t take much to keep to the shoulder, don’t ride out in the lane like you weigh 3500lbs, especially when there’s a car coming. Also, don’t ride against traffic, that’s just stupid.

23. Motorcyclists who think they’re in a game. Yes, I know you have a really fast bike – and I don’t care. If you come up on my car at double the speed limit you might as well be driving up on a wall because I’m not going to move no matter how close you get. I’ve got family members who ride… if I saw them pull this shit I’d beat the snot out of them.

24. Sysadmins who don’t document their procedures COMPLETELY.

25. Drivers who will swerve for a dead cat but hit a live one.

26. People who will walk into my office while I am obviously eating lunch, and ask me something requiring a response greater than yes/no.  I’m sorry, is my lunch interrupting your work?
27. Impatience.  If the girl at the register is taking too long, don’t start bitching or make huffy noises – just wait it out like the rest of us or fucking leave.  Either the store will replace her with someone more efficient or get her some backup if its a consistent problem.  Businesses aren’t there to lose money.

28. Anyone who actually races someone to the checkout or register.  Is there a point to walking past me to the same register?  Yes, you may end up leaving the store 5 seconds before I do – but you also may walk straight up to a closed register as I take the time to notice it and pick an open line.

29. Anyone who races another consumer in a supermarket.  Ever walk past someone just as they start to move, and they speed up to get past you?  Is there a point?  I’ve lost count of how many people whose carts have accidentally slammed into an end-cap for pulling this ridiculous shit with me.

30. When I’m standing inside a business waiting for something, say my lunch – and someone walks in and without looking stands within an inch of my face. Best part is, they just expect me to move. No ‘pardon me’ or ‘excuse me,’ they just stand right on top of me. ANNOYING.

… more to come…