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Go 48!

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Now I’d not always been a Nascar fan, or even had a favorite driver.  I first got interested in the sport back in 2000 when my at the time favorite manufacturer was rejoining the race – Dodge.  Still, I couldn’t quite latch on to any specific team so I just rooted for the manufacturer in general.

Then Jimmie Johnson came along.  I’ve gotten more grief for being a Johnson fan than I can remember anyone else – and I love it.  My fiancee got me into racing again, her excitement at the prospect of each race was contageous, and soon enough I was rooting for the 48.

How can you not root for the 48?  The guy has the positive attitude of a saint and comes off as a genuinely honest and  straightforward individial.  He’s aggressive when he needs to be, but manages to avoid the stigma of drivers like Gordon, Stewart, even that prick Montoya.  Whether he’s in the lead or chewing up the rear-view of those in the lead, Johnson has provided many of the most exciting races over the past several years.

I never thought I’d see the day where I’m sitting on the edge of my seat with 10 laps to go and my team fighting to win. To heck with football, this is raw excitement, pure energy, and the best show in town!  My only regret is I now have to wait a few months for the ’08 series to start.  Tick…Tock.

Congrats to Jimmie Johnson, Chad Knauss, and the entire Lowes #48 team for another job well done.  NOW GO DO IT AGAIN!


Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Could be just me, but I find it pretty funny that the only way a Dodge can win a race is to slam into everyone in its path.

Montoya won his first Nextel race running like a veteran, not a rookie. Personally, I can’t wait to see him spin into a wall… Bastard had me rooting for Harvick.

If the car had a 24 on it, chances are it would have been black flagged for aggressive driving.