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The NYC Nanny

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Anyone with at least one half of their brain still functioning knows that drinking something packed with sugar, sodium, and other chemicals only Walter White could translate too much can’t be good for you.  Anyone who has stopped drinking soda outright most likely notices that within a week they’ve lost 5-10lbs of water weight because all of the sodium has finally been flushed from their system.

All that being said, I can’t help but throw up in my mouth a little when I hear ‘man on the street’ interviews where an ‘average New Yorker’ is asked about the proposed ban on soft-drinks over 16oz and actually agrees with it.  Now mind you, there are several reasons that don’t involve nanny state bullshit which justify such an action:

  • Decreasing litter.
  • Decreasing pollution by producing fewer containers over 16oz.
  • Increasing tax revenue by forcing people to buy more soft drinks in separate containers.

That’s right.  I’m of a mind that this has less to do with promoting healthy living and more to do with increasing tax revenue to the city of New York.  If Bloomberg’s plan had ANYTHING to do with health, he would have either imposed a higher tax on soft drinks, or banned them outright.

See, there are certain things that when a tax increase is proposed, people will not argue – such as cigarettes.  Try it on something a greater portion of your population enjoys and there is sure to be backlash.  Smaller sodas generally cost more per liter than larger ones (compare a 16oz bottle of Coke to a 2-liter bottle), sales tax is a percentage of the total price of the product, so by eliminating the lower cost option Bloomberg effectively increases the tax revenue by forcing people to buy more small bottles, as well as increasing the revenue from deposits.  Now while everyone knows you can take your bottle to one of those machines and get your $.05 back, how many of us actually do it?  How many people in NYC actually do it?  Exactly.

Don’t forget about the retailers… they’ll now have plenty more space on their shelves and refrigerators to store even MORE soda and greater variety… or the manufacturers that will end up selling more soda because of this ban.  Follow the money my friends, Bloomberg is just as crooked as any other politician, he’s just better and weighing the odds.

The kicker is, the only way to push this through is to accept a restriction on personal liberty – and Bloomberg isn’t an idiot.  Raising taxes in an election cycle is a mistake.  Imposing a ban at the cost of personal liberty (which the American population doesn’t seem to give a shit about) because it will supposedly improve your health… well that’s a no brainer!


And the real lunacy begins…

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Already saw a bunch of absolute retards trying to tie the Colorado shooting to a comment that Limbaugh made (jokingly) comparing the character Bane to Bain Capital…  Yeah.

Now I’m seeing backlash in the form of people trying (even Conservative pundits that I wouldn’t expect this from) to link it to the so-called ‘de-sensitivity’ to violence as a result of the violence in movies.

Give me a BREAK people.  We have had plenty of disturbingly violent cinema since the 70’s, maybe even earlier.  I said this when I was a wee teenager, and it still holds true today – the violence we see in movies and television is not the CAUSE of violence in reality, it is a REFLECTION of it.  Blaming that reflection is a copout.  Charles Manson wiped out how many people because of a song… were there calls to ban shitty music because of it?  Exactly.

The shooting was perpetrated by someone who was a complete and utter CRACK JOB.  Sure, you can call it mental illness if you want, but generally mentally ill people have the common decency to just kill THEMSELVES.  Now this ‘Joker’ (who had red hair while the movie/comic/television character had GREEN) will get to enjoy our penal system as a slew of bleeding hearts wait for the precise moment to try and get him clear of the charges based on typical bleeding heart bullshit.

Movie’s didn’t cause it, the second amendment didn’t cause it, the fact that this jackass was able to obtain a drum magazine for his AR15 didn’t cause it – he did.  If someone is neurotic enough that they plan on going out and slaughtering innocent people, it doesn’t matter whether they have a gun, knife, safety scissors, or explosives – they’re going to do it, and there isn’t a single thing we can do to stop it.

Perhaps if after the Columbine shooting, Colorado legalized conceal and carry, someone MAY have been able to take his ass out before a single innocent person was killed – but we’ll never know.  I’d rather have a legal holster and weapon on my person at all times than rely on some imaginary kinder and gentler society full of hapless Eloi just waiting for the Morlocks to come out of their underground lairs to slaughter them.

We’re fish, the world is our barrel, and the nutjobs don’t give a shit about gun laws.

An Inconvenient Brew

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

After much tooth gnashing, my office finally picked up a Keurig brewer.  I’ve had a Platinum 90 for several years now, it’s loud but reliable (newer models have near silent water pumps).  I love it because after the initial warmup, it will consistently crank out cups of coffee in about 15-20 seconds until the water reservoir runs low.  Refill it, and the steady flow of caffeinated awesomeness continues.

You could imagine my surprise when we started using the new B150 at my office that is directly fed water through a special adapter connected to our water supply – it was slower.  Much slower.  Most cups take over a minute to brew.  It’s frustrating because instead of walking in, getting a cup, and going back to work, you walk in, put in a k-cup, hit brew, and have time to add sweetener and creamer to the coffee – as well as catch up on last night’s box scores – before the coffee starts pouring out.

Being a geek, I was determined to see what was going on, why it was so slow…  From what I discovered, the boiler only holds about 4oz of water at a time.  That’s fine if you want a 4oz cup of coffee, but since most people want at least 10-12 ounces the B150 will pull in the water it needs, then heat it, then brew it.  It’s a horrible design.  Now the B150 on its own has a tank like any other Keurig pot but when you’re getting water straight from the supply – it gets bypassed for the most part.  Some water is pulled into it each time, but its only 4 ounces or so – not much.

It even has a mechanism within the tank so that it can be completely filled – and shut off – by a float switch similar to the ballcock in a toilet tank.  Here comes to most ridiculous part of this system… When the direct supply module is installed, the tank is sealed shut.  You need to remove some screws to actually access it.  I’ve manually filled the reservoir from the same supply – and the result?

Any size, 4oz to 12oz, brews within 10-15 seconds like my nearly 5 year old P90 at home.  Once the tank is empty again, it reverts back to the ridiculously slow method of feeding the boiler directly from the water supply.

I get the point of a direct-plumb kit for these, as if it worked correctly it would be a great convenience.  However, if we add up all the lost time wasted waiting for a cup of coffee to brew per user in a company and multiply that by the number of these direct-plumb kits in circulation – the amount of wasted time is unconscionable.  I went as far as contacting Keurig – they recommended I contact the vendor.  Even on the website advertising the B150, they plug it as being able to brew a new cup every 60 seconds with the direct plumb kit…

That’s not something I’d brag about considering the $50 one I can pick up at Walmart does it in 15 seconds flat.

From the… “You just can’t make this !@#$ up” file…

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Quick update – I finally took a couple minutes to actually watch the video of this woman performing on YouTube – and to be honest, I had the same exact reaction that everyone else did. It’s unbelievable. Everyone – including me – discounted this woman because she looked like an old nanny. Her voice though? I got a feeling she’s going to be raking in some money from it, it was amazing. Watching the shock of the judges as well as the audience the moment she starts singing is truly a sight to behold.

Checked over at the Communist News Network earlier and caught the following:


It might still be up, but where else will you see a headline stating “Man on trial in the killing of transgender woman” right above the latest winner of “Britains Got Talent.”

The actual story on the lovely Scottish singer can be found here.

Rice 2.0

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

So the weather’s nice, I’m trying to cut back my smoking, and I’m also getting over a cold, so I decided to take a walk around the lot here at my office. I’m walking along by a tech company in the same park, and see the following:


What you’ve got there, is a BMW 7 series, with 3 series wheels, Alpina badging, M badging, Alpina stickers on the rims, and some absolutely ridiculous exhaust tips poking way too far out of the rear bumper. It’s the German equivalent of a stereotypical rice burner. Alpina never even made an M.

For the record, this is an actual Alpina 7 series…


Seriously, rice is rice, but if you’ve got the smarts to buy a BMW – be proud of what you’ve got, don’t defile it like it’s a freaking 20 year old Civic.

Andy Hallett – RIP

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

One of my favorite television series of all time, Joss Whedon’s Angel – is something I still get to enjoy every day thanks to TNT airing episodes in order every morning from 6-8am. In fact, I haven’t even opened my DVD packs for about 3 years since I bought them.

Sad news today, Andy Hallett – otherwise known as Lorne or “The Host” from that show, and series of comics – has died in Los Angeles from heart failure at the age of 33. Honestly, out of all the characters on that show – all the actors – my favorite was Andy Hallett’s Lorne. Hallett did a wonderful job portraying the sometimes overly flamboyant green faced demon.

Angel Star Andy Hallett Dies of Heart Failure.

It’s just astonishing, and so unexpected… My condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed.

The Twlight Zone

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Ok, so I watched the movie Twilight last night, and despite MAJOR changes to the Vampire mythos that I’m used to, I enjoyed it immensely.

Generally, my experience with the genre is that they bite you, you drink their blood, and you’re turned. Sunlight makes them burst into flame, a wooden stake through the heart turns them to ash. They’re strong, fast, and have very heightened senses. They can’t enter a home without an invitation, and any symbol of religion (mainly Christianity from what I’ve seen) crosses, holy water, etc… will hurt/kill them.

Twilight pretty much took the genre, kept the basis of blood drinking and heightened abilities – and then turned it on its head. These vampires sparkle in sunlight, like they’ve gone native with a bedazzler. They don’t have fangs. Sharp teeth apparently, but no fangs. The only way to kill them is to cut them into pieces and burn the remains.

Ok, I could deal with the artistic license taken to a very popular genre. It made things interesting, but I couldn’t peel myself away from the Angel/Buffy similarities (it’s a Vampire love story for cripes sakes). The lead, Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson) pulls off an American accent very well, and nails the role too (again, someone was watching David Boreanaz on Angel to do this role). The girl, Kristen Stewart? Pretty girl, decent actress, but she has a massive flaw…











Get my drift? The girl has like 2 different facial expressions which are not a confused frown. It is absolutely distracting, and takes away from the performance.

Also, what was the deal with Jasper?

Seriously, every scene this guy was in, his expression was one of shock, amazement, or an overwhelming urge to urinate. I hope in the sequel both he and Bella overcome their Bell’s Palsey!

Overall, a good movie, despite having a Calvin Klein underwear ad feeling sometimes. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes next. Maybe I’ll read the books too, who knows.

Ready, set, knee-jerk

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Folks, for as long as I’ve been breathing I’ve been a firm believer in the idea that Greenpeace is full of shit.

Their latest extortion campaign is focused on the mighty Unilever corporation, parent company of none other than my favorite ice cream ever created by the friendliest communists ever… Ben & Jerry.

Now while I’m sure some folks would see the rain forest as a paradise, personally I find it about as welcoming as the tundra of ANWR.  Leave it to Greenpeace to polish a turd in the name of environmental awareness.  Oh wait, I’m spending $4 a gallon on gasoline because these pricks thought tundra was paradise too.

Apparently the amount of palm oil required by Unilever to produce its Dove line of skin-care products is so detrimental to the Indonesian rain forest that it is single handedly contributing to the eventual extinction of the orangutan, forest destruction, and of course the red letter phrase of the 21st century… GLOBAL WARMING.

Now Global Warming is complete and utter bullshit. Is the climate changing? Absolutely. Anyone who expects the climate of a planet hurtling through space at 67,000 mph while orbiting a raging nuclear inferno to NOT change is a blithering IDIOT. I find that any study, story, cause, etc that relies on the mention of Global Warming to be greatly weakened if not completely discounted by the simple mention of it.

Greenpeace would be wise to drop Al Gore’s turkey and MOVE ON with things. I believe they just might have valid points as far as deforestation and effects on orangutan’s. I can’t see Indonesia having the same protections on their forests as we do here in the good ‘ol US of A, nor do I believe they have much interest in protecting the cute little orangutans.

That said – they did mention Global Warming… and quite frankly I like it warm outside, so I think I’ll buy some Dove soap and polish off a pint of Cherry Garcia afterwards.

A little mod to the Chevy…

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Bessie\'s new shoes...

Next up are a new set of tie rod ends, as well as an alignment.

Some people shouldn’t own dogs!

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

This past Friday I had to save a puppy that was out in the middle of a highway gnawing at roadkill.  Today, on my way out to dinner the same dog is now sniffing the road where the roadkill was.  It’s the cutest little white puppy, I had to stop and honk for 5 minutes before it finally headed back to its house.  I’m half a mind to just take the thing next time, I’m not really a dog guy but for Christ’s sake, you don’t buy a little lapdog like that and allow it to roam near a road where people commonly tap 3 digits on the speedometer!  Have some common frakking sense!  I could take much better care of that pup, those owners should be ASHAMED.