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The futility of speed limits.

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

I’m fairly certain, that the first time I do 55mph on Pulaski Hwy I will be pulled over. Just call it Murphy’s Traffic Law.

That said, I’m a little more than irate at the complete lack of Police presence on this road.

Today I was passed by 2 cars. First, a tan Toyota RAV4 NY license plate DHV3465. This guy kept going, stupid fast. He passed me over the double yellow at 7:49am before we even reached the first passing zone. He must have cleared the 35mph zone in Goshen doing at least 70. How do I know? I TRIED TO KEEP UP! Even I’m not crazy enough to speed in certain areas.

Then I got passed by a maroon in a maroon Toyota Echo, NJ license plate LTB10V. This woman did the usual thing, WHAT I WANT TO DO, 60mph. She just sped up to 55-60mph and stayed there. She’s no real threat to society, but if there was actually something resembling enforcement on this road she SHOULD have gotten a ticket for 60 in a 45.

Lastly, I ran into a county government vehicle – the biggest hypocrites of all. These people drive vehicles with ‘official’ plates on them and think it cuts them some sort of slack or provides some special privilege. NY OFFICIAL tag L63549, vehicle #134. They ran right through the stop sign before the sporting goods place on Pulaski and kept going. That’s right, MY TAXES pay for people to speed, and those speeds to not be enforced.


Define… ‘Poetic.’

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

For the past few weeks I have been rallying against the speed limit change on Pulaski Highway, a heavily used thoroughfare between New Jersey, New York, and Interstate 86 / Highway 17. For as long as I can remember, it has been a very fast road with minimal traffic enforcement – with exception to the 35mph zone that passes through Goshen.

Due to a bad accident a couple years back, the limit was dropped last month to 45mph on a majority of the roadway. Over the course of my daily commute in both the morning and evening hours, I have yet to see 1 speed trap on Pulaski. I have on the other hand, photographed at least 1 or 2 cars from NJ, NY, NC, etc… passing in the 45mph zone.

Now the speed limit rises at the location of that bad accident, back up to 55mph. Apparently last week, in that zone, a Dodge Ram with a father and 3 children pulled out into the path of an oncoming Jeep Wrangler headed towards Pine Island from Goshen. Speed isn’t mentioned in the article – but this accident was either caused by speed, negligence, or the environment (blind curve, etc…).

Four injured in Pulaski Highway accident

Now I’m sure this will add credence to the call for lowering the speed limit for the rest of the highway. I don’t care, driving 10mph slower hasn’t affected my overall commute time negatively. However, it doesn’t matter how fast that Jeep was going – because the only people who could have slowed her down without ramming into her simply are not here and I blame those in charge.

I feel sorry for those involved, and the inevitable exploitation of this incident by opportunistic local politicians who simply don’t get it.

Drive safe, folks.

The Speed List

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Here is where I compile all the drivers I see speeding on my road and others, who disregard traffic law and public safety to get from A to B before anyone else. When possible I will get a photo of the car as the crime is committed, and I will be doing the exact speed limit at the time.

  • 7.23.2007 at 0822, Pulaski Hwy, Pine Island, NY – black Chevy Trailblazer – NY license plate HAVEF8TH sped past in the 45mph zone and just kept going, well over the posted limit. HAVEF8TH? I’ve got to have faith to drive on the same road as this guy.
  • 7.23.2007 at 0823, Pulaski Hwy, Pine Island, NY – black Nissan Sentra – NC license plate NXF2870 first tailgated the crap out of me and then passed me over the double-yellow line about 100 feet before the 45mph passing zone and just kept going. She even passed the same green landscaping trailer as the aforementioned Trailblazer, only when she did it she went straight in to oncoming traffic after the 45mph passing zone had ended and cut it so close that she had to cut off the pickup truck pulling the landscaping trailer and forced oncoming traffic to swerve. The humorous part of this is that both the Trailblazer and the Sentra pulled over together about 100 feet after this incident either because she hit him or they were meeting up on purpose. The Trailblazer eventually caught back up to me in the 35mph zone and kept his distance for the remainder of the ride.
  • 7.23.2007 at 1719 – Pulaski Hwy, Pine Island, NY – silver Toyota Matrix – NY license plate DDB5454 who managed to stay between my car and a minivan for a short time before speeding off in the heavy rain and passing the minivan in one of the 45mph passing zones. They just kept going at well over the 45mph speed limit.
  • 7.24.2007 at 0827 – Pulaski Hwy, Pine Island, NY – white Honda Civic – NJ license plate VGU538 who in lieu of being unable to pass, tailgated me so close I could not see his headlights in the rear view mirror.
  • 7.25.2007 at 0751 – Pulaski Hwy, Pine Island, NY – maroon Toyota 4Runner – NY license plate BYK2774 who decided at the last passing opportunity to pull out and pass both myself and the pickup truck behind me. Surprisingly, the Chevy behind me stayed there all the way through Pine Island, enjoying the new speed limit just as I was. However when the 4Runner peaked out and saw only one car oncoming they went for it and continued to drive away at well over the posted 45mph speed limit. It should be noted that there were at least 8 vehicles in line behind my car, they wouldn’t have caught up to me had they been doing any of the posted speed limits.
  • 7.30.2007 at 7:26am – Pulaski Hwy, Pine Island, NY – new silver Nissan Pathfinder, NY plate AFM8976. Passed me in the 45 zone, kept going. Eventually caught up in the 55mph zone where they demonstrated a keen lack of ability to maintain any speed limit.
  • 8.1.2007 at 7:49am – Pulaski Hwy, Pine Island, NY – shiny new black Saab, NY DEALER license plate 8175077. First tailgated me through the first two straightaway passing zones before finally passing me in the third right after the S-Turn and kept going on their way to Goshen, pulling off on Pumpkin Swamp for Florida. There’s a Saab dealer in Florida – I wonder what the policy is on driving home a demo, ‘eh? As I reached the end of the 45mph zone, a rusty old Subaru wagon caught up in a hurry, look at me, book-ended by morons.
  • 8.2.2007 at 7:50am – Pulaski Hwy, Pine Island, NY – early/mid 90’s green Ford Crown Victoria, NJ license plate VP403W. First saw this guy pass a car on his way into the 45mph zone in my rear view mirror, he proceeded to catch up to me at about 60mph, pass after the S-Curve before Quaker Creek, then continue off at 55-60mph. I managed to catch up to him before Pumpkin Swamp and snap this picture of the license plate.
  • 8.2.2007 at 5:29pm – Pulaski Hwy, Pine Island, NY – New GM / Chevy Pickup, fire department lights on the roof, fire department vanity plate on the front, NY license plate BYM5549. Didn’t tailgate, but decided to pass just before the end of the 45mph zone approaching Pine Island nontheless. Oddly enough, with my cruise control set to 45 he got ahead a few carlengths and continued to do 45-50mph. Why bother passing? If his lights were on I’d gladly have pulled aside – but they weren’t.

The list grows daily, my commute is about 15 minutes flat – within that span I usually see at least 2 cars passing in the 45. Since the speed limit dropped I have seen no enforcement. With the amount of traffic on that road, state and local authorities are missing out on an absolute cash cow here… Now I’ve slowed down – it’s true, but a majority of vehicles on this road still completely disregard the speed limit from the stoplight in Pine Island all the way until they reach the Goshen line.

Oddly enough…

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Last night I’m heading home from the gym, camera on the dash, and I see a white Subaru Impreza with NJ tags and a bunch of kids in it catching up. We pull in to the 55mph zone and are immediately stuck behind a farm truck with what looks like a loosely packed load of lettuce in cardboard boxes. A couple cars ahead of me just blast over the double-yellow and pass the truck. I get to the truck and a combination of blind curves/hills and oncoming traffic keep me from even looking to pass the 10mph monstrosity. So we get over to Big Island Rd and I figure I’ll just pull off and take the back roads home – NAY I was cut off.

What cut me off?

The farm truck, creeping slowly to the left with no turn signal. Now a big justification behind the speed limit drop on this road was rural traffic. Being a bicycle rider, I can fully understand the fear of having vehicles weighing 12-15 times what I do hurtle past me with little regard for my safety. To be honest though, I can’t imagine that many of these farm vehicles would be street legal outside of this road – nor would the drivers pass a simple driving test.

Every day farm trucks driving below the limit do so without the use of turn signals or hazard lights, even tractors do not have hazard lights. Heaven forbid the kids in the Subaru passed me to pass the farm truck and then ended up smashing into it because the driver didn’t use a signal before he crept left? Who’d be more at fault? Would I have justification for getting the signature of every driver who uses Pulaski Hwy to petition that all rural traffic must adhere to the same standards as the rest of us? I think we’d outnumber the residents who called for lower speeds in less than a day.

All that said – I still have no issue with the 45mph limit, just the lack of enforcement of the limit. Flash back to the same traffic yesterday, I’m now in the 45mph zone, the driver of the Subaru obviously frustrated with how I’m driving but ahead there’s a town Cop heading the same way I am. I giggle to myself hoping the Subaru will pass only to be confronted with a trunk-lid that reads POLICE. It didn’t happen though, as the Cop pulled off onto Mount Eve road instead of continuing down Pulaski. The Subaru never did pass, and definitely aired his frustration a couple of times, but either the presence of my dash cam, the previous Police sighting, or maybe just respect for the speed limit kept him from doing it.

This morning, on my way in, another Chevy Trailblazer – NJ tags, catching up to me in a hurry doing WELL over the 40mph limit stayed behind me all the way through the 45mph zone. Despite plenty of opportunities, they didn’t pass. I already knew they had no problem with speeding – so maybe it’s the dash cam, pretty cool if it was.

I’m hoping to wire my car up with a front and rear mount dash cam this weekend, figure a pair of web-cams attached to a laptop should do the trick. Then again I may just call it quits and just enjoy the drive.


The Speed List – Update

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

I’ve continued to update the list of speeders on my road, so far I’ve collected 4 speeders and one tailgater who either saw the camera or simply didn’t have enough faith in his car to actually complete a pass when I was only doing 45mph. I will keep updating the list as I spot new speeders, I’m actually hoping to get at least 10 by the end of the week, that way I can do a little rough math and maybe find a way to make an educated guess of how many people are still speeding on this road. 8 or 10 speeders might not seem like much over the course of a week, but understand that this is 1-2 speeders over the course of a 10 minute commute, which translates to a rate of around 12 speeders per hour doing at least 15mph over the limit.

Consider the number of people I personally affect by not speeding, the one or two cars which can pass me usually do, but if there are a line of cars, it is unlikely that people who were speeding will continue to do so unless many people pass me. I would suppose that my numbers are not entirely accurate as I’m not at the side of the road with a radar gun – which leads to my main point… Where is the enforcement???

Arbitrary speed limits decided without the benefit of science or law enforcement influence are an absolute waste of taxpayer dollars and will only serve to punish the decent, law abiding drivers like myself with longer commute times and also by being subjected to more aggressive drivers who simply want to keep going like they always have.

The solution is simple – if the residents of Pulaski Hwy have any commitment to their cause, they will call on law enforcement to heavily patrol the road and wipe away the reputation that it has had for as long as I have driven it – Pulaski Speedway.