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Ok, Bill – you got me.

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Dropped the Legacy off at Bill Kolb Subaru this morning after speaking with the service manager.

I figured – big dealership – I’m going to get blown off.

They gave me a loaner (gas swilling Tribeca – stereo was HORRENDOUS) – sent me on my way.  Back at work, phone rings… salesman says that they normally ‘sell the car with the keys it came with, and the new owner has to pay to order extra.’  I explained that I bought a car with keyless entry – I paid for keyless entry, and only got a valet key.  I don’t have the master key or the code tags to create one, so it doesn’t make sense to me how every other car I’ve purchased has had at least 1 master key, and one valet.  He said he’d check with his manager.

Day goes by, phone rings around 5:30, service department calls to let me know they cut the rotors, the vibration is gone, and I didn’t need new brakes (for now).  I head down, drop the loaner off, get the keys for mine and decide to check into the master key.  My salesman is busy, so I track down the sales manager – Chris.  I tell him who I am, he says ‘for all the trouble you went through in bringing your new car back, we’re ordering you a new key, thank you for your business.’

Normally – that key would cost approximately $159.  Got the brakes taken care of, and hopefully before the end of the week – I’ll have a remote for the car.

All in all – good experience so far, they made up for my inconvenience by leaps and bounds, and I’m satisfied.

That and I blew the doors off some peckerhead in an AWD Volvo while making my way through Harriman State Park before.  Hey, it’s a Subaru, what do you expect me to do? 🙂

First Bill Kolb Service Experience

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Going to keep track of the life of my Scooby here, starting with its first service appointment.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the brakes on this car (2009 Legacy 2.5i -w- 18k miles) are just about shot.  No more than 5 minutes after leaving the dealer on Saturday afternoon, the brake pedal was pulsing severely – indicating very low brakes.  I called my salesperson – Howard – who referred me to the service manager – Henry – and said that they would ‘take care of me.’  I’m hoping that means I’m not paying for these brakes, that’s what it should mean since I mentioned to Howard on more than one occasion that the brakes looked low.

Second issue, the radio reception is poor.  I can pick up a few stations, but generally speaking its hit or miss.  I don’t exactly listen to terrestrial anymore, I mainly rely on my Incredible and its Pandora app for driving music, but it *should* work.  At least talk radio still works, I need my daily Limbaugh fix. 🙂  Maybe its the solar flare from this week messing things up?  Who knows.

Last issue, I only got the valet key with the car.  Howard told me initially that it was the only key, and that a new keyless key would cost $159.  The ‘business manager’ who set up my loan was supposed to mention it – did not.  At this point I was getting a little overwhelmed with negotiating down my payment and interest rates, so I left the dealership with just the valet key.  I didn’t realize that this was the case until I read the manual, and saw that the car is supposed to have 2 ‘master’ keys with keyless entry remotes, as well as 2 tags which provide the serial number for cutting the key as well as the transponder code for programming it into the ‘immobilizer’ system.

I don’t believe I should pay for any of these issues to be resolved since I’ve only had the car since Saturday, we’ll have to wait and see.

I called the dealer at 7:54am and left a voicemail for their service manager, Henry.  I’ll be calling back again at 9am if nobody returns the call.  Fingers crossed.