How Is This News?

(CNN)  In the news, 2 members of the Republican party have switched parties and became Democrats in protest of the goings on in Washington. Now, mind you these are NOT politicians, just ordinary registered voters like you and I. In this CNN story, several inexact statements are used in order to imply a mass defection from the Republican party. “Election offices…reported getting an unusual number of calls since the vote…” Can anybody please tell me what the normal number of calls into an Election office in northern California is? The CNN article convienently left this out. As a testament to the intelligence of these left-wing spin experts, the headline of the story is “Some Republicans would rather switch than impeach.” I guess CNN in all their Political spin, forgot that Clinton already has been impeached. All that is left is a trial which will decide if he will be removed from office or walk. That is the main reason the left is pushing for Censure, they know damn well Clinton won’t be found not-guilty. One of the 2 individuals who defected stated “(switching parties) That’s a good way to register my protest against what the Republicans are doing.” I don’t know about you, but if Republicans are going to abandon their party as a method of communicating with their elected Representatives…No wonder only 2 have switched, most Republicans aren’t that stupid. You don’t buy a new car if the old one makes a strange noise. You take the thing to a mechanic, or you talk to someone who knows about cars, and you get it fixed. If you don’t like what your Rep is doing, WRITE them, CALL them, E-MAIL them. All of this is publicly available information. Switching parties without even making the attempt to contact your Rep proves just one thing, ignorance. That folks, is the one thing we can’t tolerate from anybody.

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