Well after the waste of $14 I got with “Two – Voyeurs” (Rob, PLEASE don’t do that again), I got yet another gift certificate to Media Play and as usual bought 2 CD’s. This time I got Joey Belladonna’s new album. Belladonna is the ex-singer of Anthrax and his new efforts, his first self titled album and this new one, Spells of Fear, are both EXCELLENT. The guitars, drums, vocals, all fit in perfect. Each song makes me like the album more. Once again, I slipped. I rarely buy CD’s that I do not like, but I had my hopes up that Warrant’s latest effort, 1995’s UltraPhobia was up to par with previous works. It is decent, but I think it is more along the lines of Pantera crossed with Winger. Both bands I admit, I like very much… But the guitars on just about every track (minus the final track, an acoustic ballad) the guitars drown out the vocals. Jani Lane has excellent vocals, but for the most part of the album, you can’t quite hear them. That sucks. So, I’m 2 for 4 on my latest CD purchases. Guess I’m getting old… hehe.

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