For Pete’s Sake… What moron designed this lot!?

The corporate park where I work has quite possibly the worst fucking layout I’ve ever had to deal with when it comes to parking and traffic control. For starters, the tenants across the street who use all of 3 spots complain and park their cars over 3 spots if God forbid someone from my office dares to step onto their turf. On top of that, there’s a real estate office for the county next door to it, and at least once a week they have a meeting which results in the entire parking lot becoming packed so that people who actually work here can’t park anywhere near there own office. So today I clock out for lunch at noon, get in my car, and before I back into the road I check to see if anyone is coming. I see a car coming so I wait. One car becomes 30 and I sit there for 15 fucking minutes as these assholes who not only dominate the lot now take over the main exit. On top of that, the UPS guy takes up half the street with his truck. Finally after 15 minutes and contemplating a dive out of the car with my baseball bat to clear a path, a carlength opens up behind me and I immediately put the Dodge’s fat ass into the road. At this point I don’t care if I’m holding anyone up. I see some woman in an SUV flipping out because now she can’t cut around the UPS truck. On top of that, a minivan across the way has seized the opportunity to pull out and is trying to get around me. I decide not to move, to hold my position trying to get out of there. Course, that apparently pissed off the moron in the minivan who proceeds to start backing into me. I nail the gas and get out of there only to be stuck behind 10 more cars trying to leave the lot. They seriously need a 2nd entrance to that place, or a bigger central parking lot.

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