People suck.

So I meander over to the sales department today…

“So Sam, how’s the giiiiiiiiiiiiirl?” I pause for a moment, trying to find reason behind their repeated and idiotic attemps to get me to fit into some cliche.

“Uh…my friend is fine.”
“Friend? Right. Seemed awfully cozy.”

I swear, why can’t people mind their own business? Why can’t a guy hang out with a close friend of the opposite sex, have a good time, and not be forced into some cliche of how people THINK I should be?

One thing I’ve learned over the course of the past 10 years is that relationships suck. They build you to immeasurable heights only to drop you down on your head so hard you break wind in China. The way I am now, and have been for pretty much the past 2 years, I’m happy, I’m content, I’m happy, I’m content. I never hit any extraordinary highs, so I never really fall to any extraordinary lows.

I think what annoys people the most is that I can defy definition, reject labels, and how I feel about some people is more real and true than anything they could ever comprehend.

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