Ok, Bad Bad Bad Day.

I’d have to say if I had a choice, I’d like to have skipped today. Started well enough. I caught up on most of the piddle projects at work so I had a chance to get some real work done. Then I go into the server closet and see a warning light on the mail server. The one of the RAID drives has failed. So I let everyone know I’m taking it down, shut it off, swap the drive, and boot. The drive isn’t detected, and the RAID controller immediately begins to rebuild the array as a RAID-1. Not only does it do that, it blows away the data, completely. So I have to waste nearly 3 hours rebuilding the RAID, and restoring it from backup, and then getting the fucking thing to boot without hanging (turned out to be part of the virus scanner. Best part of it all, was calling Dell and hearing from a top-level technician that what has happened, has never happened before with the server or RAID controller we use. Tomorrow better go better or I’m just gonna become a professional drinker.

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