Oh this just keeps getting better by the minute.

So we got a pair of new PowerEdge 2850 servers here at the office, I started to set one up the other day and one of the CPUs failed. Dell shipped out a new one within 4 hours, but the tech who was to install it wasn’t going to be there on time, it was late, so I cancelled the dispatch and went home. This morning I swap it out, try to boot the system, still no luck. Dell ships out a new mainboard and backplane, as well as a drunken tech.

Yep, you read it, I said it, a drunken tech. When he first called I heard it in his voice, then when he got lost following very simple directions (ie 84 to 17 to 17a) and called back, I was even more concerned. The guy had to be cocked. Slurred speech, he was wobbly, kept blabbering on nearly incoherently and cracking inappropriate jokes. When he finally leaves, the machine boots, but he takes the battery for the RAID controller with him, and forgets to plug in the damned redundant power supply. That results in ANOTHER call to Dell to get everything sorted out one last time. Best part, the guy has to come back to bring me the original battery.

Sigh – I just want to install the damned battery, get the server built, and be done with the project.

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