Man I just sat down, turned on the TV, and caught the Russian Roulette scene in Deer Hunter. I’ve never actually seen the whole movie before, but I know that scene is my favorite.

Today went pretty well considering I was up at 5:30am to be in the office at 6. It was one of the less hectic days but for the most part I just found myself getting irritated at little things. I’m going to pick up some heavybag gloves, the one at the gym has been looking at me funny and I think I need to beat the shit out of it.

So I’m on the machine at the gym today, mind you 2 months ago I couldn’t touch 150, now its part of my warmup. Today I put up 210lbs 8 times on the thing. Slowly but surely.

Good thing about going in early, is I get out early. Got a pre-dawn trip to Elmsford planned for Wednesday which should be oodles of fun. I’m hoping I can beat rush-hour, maybe I’ll hit an IHOP on the way. I think I’m officially man enough now to say Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity.

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