Just call me Mr.Pink

Last night I met up with some friends at the diner, I tell ya, if I had known the reaction I’d get from people I don’t know by a green shirt, I’d have worn a pink one. Seriously, the picture on my blog here, is the same shirt. It’s a nearly flourescent green shirt I picked up, its as loud as I am. Last night, I had everyone giving me looks, oddly enough girls right next to their boyfriends were staring the most. As I’m walking out the door I see one little hillbilly shmuck give me a dirty look, so I say “Thats it, I’m getting a pink shirt. I just want to be able to see someone explain that they got layed out by a guy in a pink shirt.” So then we’re walking back to the cars, and this one girl is just staring at me and pointing. So I turn around and wave at her. She had this whole look of ‘oh shit’ on her face. I think that settles it. I was going to wait until I could bench my weight before I wore a pink shirt, now I’m just gonna get one and see if I can pick a fight with it. Besides, I’ve already been told on numerous occasions that I look good in bright colors, so not only will I piss off complete idiots, I’ll get their girlfriend’s phone numbers as well. HAH.

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