Taking 5 minutes…

I’ve been trying to update my blog here for at least a week now, always ending up caught up in another project…so here’s a 5 minute run through of ME lately.

For starters, go see War of the Worlds while it is still in theaters, if you don’t you’ll regret it. The movie is fantastic, terrifying, and disturbingly real. If you think the ending sucks, read the book, it makes perfect sense. WOTW is truly a film to be experienced in a theater, even the best home theater system wouldn’t do it justice.
I had to put my vacation off due to a few more doctors appointments, and may have to put off my ‘rain-date’ as well. At this point I may just drive to the shore as it looks like any vacation I will take this year will be very short notice and I need to park my ass on a beach STAT.
Suresky’s in GOSHEN are a bunch of crooks, cheats, and absolute morons. I’m not much better for taking my car there. Summary: Recommended brake replacement 15K miles before they were due. I swap the brakes and find pinholes in my front piston boots requiring new calipers. The pads had more than enough material left, but the defect would have been easily spotted had they not CAUSED IT. Recommended timing belt swap at 75K miles. It’s supposed to be done at 100K, but that didn’t stop the shmuck at the counter from trying to convince me it should have been swapped at 60K. Latest and greatest, I bring the car in for a balance and alignment, they balance the tires but refuse to align the wheels unless I pay them $520 to replace my inner tie-rod ends…possibly $720 if they have to do the outers. Now the car all of a sudden is making a few odd noises up front. I’ll have Warwick Dodge look at it and see if anything was tampered with. DO NOT LET SURESKY’S IN GOSHEN WORK ON YOUR CAR. I’m telling you, they’re crooked. Good dealerships wouldn’t have had a Dodge Durango driven through their showroom window, cappice?
Picked up some new Columbia sneakers, these things are grippy as hell I can’t wait until I can use them on the trail. I can’t weightlift for another 3 weeks, I’ve lost any definition I had from working out (this has gone on for nearly 3 months now) so I need to get my ass in gear and do something. I finally enjoy exercising and working out, and can’t. RA.
I’ve also made the decision to buy a condo, I just need the fucktards to return a phone call. For a little more than what I pay to rent I get my own bathroom and central a/c, I’d be stupid to stay here. I had initially offered to pay $250 for a new wire to be run, plus another $50 a month in rent to cover the electric for an A/C unit. When the landlord realized I intended to cool my entire apartment with a 10,000btu unit, he suggested even higher rent. Enough. I’m not going to pay to modify this guys house so future tenants can benefit from a/c and he can benefit from higher rent. I’ve done enough work to pretty the place up, and its about time I started pouring money into something that is mine and mine alone. Eventually I will get a house, but for now I feel a condo will fit me just fine, and later on I can either sell it or rent it. Either way, times are a changing.
Ok this took longer than 5 minutes but who cares. It’s better than typing half a friggin post and losing it cos I never post it. Later kids.

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