Crap…where’d the weekend go?

I think we’ve definitely hit the point of complete reality television saturation. There’s no way to escape it on any channel on the dial. I’ll admit I’ve been sucked in a bit… Surreal Life always has me laughing, and frankly I’d love to see Janice Dickinson fall flat on her face at this point. I don’t see the point of her ego, I’ve checked out some of her photo spreads via Google, and she’s nobody that Cindy Crawford couldn’t still trounce to this day as far as models go. I tell ya, one more lift and tuck, she’ll look like Michael Jackson with his original nose and a pair of tits.

Friday night I’m walking through my apartment around midnight and it happens, WHAM, I managed to catch the leg of my coffee table between my pinky and index toe on my right foot. I’ve smashed my toe before, this time was different, I actually jerked this steel and glass coffee table that weighs a good 60lbs about 3 inches, and the side of my foot and pinky toe began to swell… Pinky toe also hung a 45 degree turn away from the other toes, I figured I broke it, or dislocated it… Wasn’t anything a trifecta of Gin, Cran, and OJ couldn’t fix.

Saturday I hit up the “Eastern Garden” a Japanese/Chinese restaurant with some friends and had some fried tofu with teryaki sauce, was very tasty. Most people gag when the topic of tofu comes up, but if it’s made right it’s actually quite satisfying in a meal. Filled up the VW at the Gulf station, asked for Premium, got a tank of regular, so I slowly made my way over to Advanced Auto Parts for some of that 104 octane boost stuff. Apparently my car can run on regular, but I’d rather not chance it, and frankly the power is pretty addicting. Seemed that the octane boost stuff had a noticeable effect on the acceleration, can’t wait to try it in tandem with a tank of premium. Tell ya, I almost jumped through the damned window at the kid who filled the tank, he must have been so used to pumping $2.99 gas that when I said premium he completely missed it. Still, the guy shoulda been paying fucking attention. What if I needed diesel? Seriously! Glad to see gas coming down in price again, all the gouging and knee-jerk pricing will hopefully come to an end, just the same I think this all should start a serious dialog on the energy policy of this nation. More refineries and drilling in areas that aren’t subject to hurricanes would be a start. Sure, my opinion doesn’t call for new sources, but trust me folks, we will *never* run out of oil. It’ll be too damned expensive eventually to use, thus justifying the use of other technologies. Free-market conquers all.

Speaking of free-market, did the Renniasance Faire thing today after I got an impromptu invite from an old friend, so my girl and I went down to Sterling forest to blow a few hours pay. Besides coming to the realization that the cornering ability on my GTI was probably a result of someone selling their soul… we had a pretty good time. Checked out the Birds of Prey exhibit, I’ll have some pics up soon of that… Tell ya tho, that place was designed for one thing and one thing only, to inhale the money out of ones wallet… Had to scoot early to take care of some work and make my next pie (peach this time).

Had absolutely no idea how juicy the peaches were, as the first slice I cut after the pie was cooled was immediately filled with the caramelized sugar, peach schnapps, and peach juice… I figure I’ll toss it into the freezer, might make it easier to keep in one piece. Was damned good on that Edy’s Slow Churn Vanilla ice cream… I’ll figure out this baking thing at some point.

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